Gluten-Free Flour Blend

Gluten-Free Flour Blend

When you want to bake without gluten, use this gluten-free flour mix for a variety of baking recipes such as cookies, cakes and quick breads.

5 min. prep time
3 cups
40540 Ratings


2 cups rice flour
2/3 cup potato starch
1/3 cup tapioca flour
1 teaspoon xanthan gum


Combine all ingredients in bowl; stir.

Use mixture in baking recipes. Store mixture in container with tight-fitting lid; stir before using.

Recipe Tip

This recipe was developed using alternative flours and products labeled as “gluten-free.” The best source for additional information is the ingredient listing on product packaging. Learn about gluten-free baking.

Nutrition Facts (1/4 cup)

Calories: 140

Fat: 0g

Cholesterol: 0mg

Sodium: 0mg

Carbohydrates: 33g

Dietary Fiber: 1g

Protein: 2g

Recipe #13589©2006Land O'Lakes, Inc.

Recipe Comments & Reviews

This is my go to flour blend. I have used more complicated ones, ones from famous test kitchens etc and I always come back to this one. My baked goods rarely flop when I use this blend and only having to keep three flours on hand is a plus!
We are new to the GF world. We love the Land O Lakes apple pie recipes but we need a GF crust. Can this flour be used to make a pie dough like the Blue Ribbon Apple Pie recipe?
Test Kitchen Comment


Hi Robert, our Gluten-Free Pie Crust is a great option to use in recipes such as our Blue Ribbon Apple Pie. Just search for "Gluten Free Pie Crust" in our search bar and the recipe will show up in the search results. Happy baking!
Posted May 04, 2015
This was perfect for some carrot muffins I made. I used brown rice flour, and added some almond flour, maybe 3/4 cup, just so I could get rid of it.
Do you have a version of this flour blend that uses weights instead of cup measures? It seems a cup isn't always a cup. Or is this recipe flexible enough so as not too be that precise? Thanks!
Test Kitchen Comment


Hi Carolyn, we have done testing on this recipe to make sure we account for variability in weights of flours, so it should work for you!
Posted January 21, 2015
I've used this recipe to make two very different baked goods (Christmas sugar cookies & gingerbread loaf cake). Both were perfect & will be made again & again. I did use more flour in the Christmas cookie cut outs than had been called for, but it was easy to tell when the texture was correct (not sticky). I followed the recipe to the letter with the gingerbread loaf and it was perfect. I personally prefer using 1 c white rice flour & 1 c brown white flour for the rice flour ingredient, and the other ingredients as directed. So very happy with this blend! Thank you!
Will it be okay to omit the xanthan gum ?
Test Kitchen Comment


Yes, you can. Just keep in mind as you use this blend for baking that you have eliminated the xanthan gum.
Posted January 12, 2015
Awful. I want a gluten free flour blend that actually mimics real wheat flour. This made gummy, mushy, awful, gluten free coffee cake and gluten free donuts. I am throwing what is left away, just as I threw the baked goods away. Very disappointed.

Can I use an all purpose GF rice flour blend for making crepes instead of this? heres the recipe

1 cup of GF flour blend
1.25 cup org. 2% milk
1LG egg + 46G liquid Egg White
1 tbsp organic flax/olive oil butter mix
1/2 tsp salt
1 and 1/2 tsp stevia
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/8 tsp baking powder (should this be gluten free?)

Thanks a million for this site.
Test Kitchen Comment


Yes, you can try another GF flour blend for baking. About the baking powder... yes you should use a GF product here.
Posted December 15, 2014
Could I use this gf blend to make pizza crust? I found a recipe and it calls for an all purpose gluten free flour mix? Will this work?

BYW - I used this mix with the land o lakes gf chocolate cookie recipe - Wow! So, so good! Very soft and chewy. My whole family loves them!
Test Kitchen Comment


Hi Lisa, We haven't tried testing our flour blend in pizza dough, but you could try. Let us know how it works out for you!
Posted December 03, 2014
This flour blend is wonderful. I made the GF chocolate chip cookies tonight and they were absolutely fantastic. Even my 17 year old son who insist on having his gluten version of everything loved them. He told me I no longer gave to make the regular Tollhouse version for him. I will not try another GF flour.
Could this flour be used for making a roux in a mac and cheese dish?
Test Kitchen Comment


Yes, you should use this GF flour blend for making a roux for a mac and cheese recipe if you need to make a GF mac & cheese.
Posted November 24, 2014
The two cups of rice flour, is that white or brown or a combo of both?
Test Kitchen Comment


I typically use white rice flour when I put together the GF blend of flour.
Posted November 10, 2014
Can this be measured one for one on regular all purpose flour recipes?
Test Kitchen Comment


Hi Evelyn, Yes, the gluten-free blend can be used in a 1:1 ratio in recipes. Happy baking!
Posted October 29, 2014
When baking cookies with this blend should I also add additional xanthan gum?
Test Kitchen Comment


We tested the recipes we have on our site without adding any extra xanthan gum. We used the flour blend as is and made each recipe as written without adding any additonal ingredients. Happy baking!
Posted October 20, 2014
The best GF flour blend! Thank you so much for sharing!
The other day I made two batches of banana bread, 1 batch GF flour mixuture using this recipe & the other batch w/AP flour & tested it on friends, no one could tell the difference :-)
For health reasons my husband needed to go GF, this combo of flours is the best I've found & I'm sticking w/it! Others seemed to have a bit of an after taste, thank you for a great GF flour recipe :-)
I used this flour recipe to make imperial cookies. I did not have the tapioca flour on hand so I used more potato flour and the cookies turned out amazing. No funny taste, the dough held together very well. This will be my flour of choice!
This is THE BEST GF blend I have used, and I have tried at least a dozen. for the first time ever the chocolate chip cookies taste like tollhouse kind - won't use anything but this for baking!
Best GF flour I have used! I have used MANY! Most of the other blends are heavy and are so different than regular white flour. This bakes up light and holds together well. I use ALL brown rice flour, and it works VERY well. You many not even need half brown - half white! The trick is to either buy FINE brown rice flour, or mill it TWICE yourself. I grind my brown rice flour twice, and it makes it so it is not 'gritty'! I mix up a huge batch at a time, and have had no problems mentioned about the xanthan gum. However, we do go through ours pretty fast. I quadruple it, and use it in about a month. The GF pie crust from this site is amazing, better than ANY wheat kind I tried. My banana muffins are lighter and fluffier than when I used to make them with white flour. Pancakes, crepes, muffins, cupcakes, even bisquits, AWESOME!

I buy the brown rice from costco, it is 'organic short brown rice' which is suppose to stick together better than long grain. I use the 'WonderMill Grain Mill' and send the rice through, and then the flour through again. It really makes a difference in the 'grainy' texture.

I wish everyone who is baking GF could find this recipe. It is SOOO wonderful. It bakes most things really well. Yeah for land of lakes!
Is that true about the Xanthum gum not good to be premixed with flours and stored? I am so new to this. Last night I made up a 9 cup batch of flours for an all-purpose flour blend and put it in a rubber maid container to store. Hoping it would last me for my baking for the next month or two. HELP!!
Test Kitchen Comment


Linda, One suggestion is to keep that container in the freezer. It helps to keep the flour blend fresher longer.
Posted August 14, 2013
I'm usually skeptical when it comes to online recipes, but I must say that this was amazing ! I used the recipe while making a batch of banana bread and all turned out well. The flour mix should be useful for many other recipes. Thank you very much !
I used this blend for my very first attempt at GF bread. It is amazing. I followed the sandwich bread recipe on this site but added an additional egg (3 total). Amazing, and delicious. Finally, bread again :-)
I have a similar recipe that works great as well.. Thanks for sharing.
Marty ....You said you use this mixture for all but yeast breads. What do you use for yeast bread. Thank you for the help.
Is it white or brown rice flour that is to be used?????
Test Kitchen Comment


Yes, you can use either brown rice or white rice GF flour.
Posted September 27, 2012
I use this flour blend all the time for my gf baking. This is the standard flour mix that is mentioned most commonly on the web. However, I might mention that it works for everything for me except yeast breads. To add more fiber and nutrients, you can also use part brown rice flour. Half brown and half white rice works well., To Chris, the problem with grittiness is not this blend, it is the type of rice flour you are using. For the best results, you must use very finely ground rice flour. Some brands are more finely ground, others are more coursely ground. Try again with a different brand of rice flour. I get mine at the asian market, and it is very fine rice flour. It is also the most economical place to find the rice and tapioca flours. For the potatoe starch and xanthan, you will have to find those at a large supermarket or health food store. With this flour mix, you can feel normal again, baking all your old favorites.
Do you know how can I substitute the rice flour in this recipe? My kids are allergic to rice, wheat and potato. thxs
Test Kitchen Comment


I suggest you try another wheat-free flour such as sorghum or garbanzo bean flour or even experiment with a combination of alternative flours in the same amount as rice flour. Another suggestion is to use a purchase GF flour blend when baking a gluten free recipe.
Posted March 25, 2012
I rate this recipe 5stars if you use it immediately, because Xanthan Gum needs to be used immediately upon mixing with flour mix. Xanthan Gum does not store well if pre-mixed with flours. Otherwise, mix up the rice, potato starch and tapioca flour and mix in the xanthan gum when you use the mentioned flour mixture. I use this flour mixture daily and non gluten free people say they love my baking and can't tell the difference between this flour and "wheat" flour!
So far, I haven't enjoyed this as much as other reviewers. I've found that the final outcome is either gritty and dry or gummy and mushy. Not a fan. Will look elsewhere for a more versatile flour blend.
Amazing! Excellent! Can substitute this blend with ANY flour recipe and it comes out just wonderfully!
Thank you..Thank you....Thank you.
This is just the best flour blend! I love it and will always keep this on hand. I actually feel "normal" again since finding this. I can take all my grandma's old recipes and still make them and better yet, eat them too :)
I have a big jar of this blend ready to use from pancakes to vanilla pound cake just stir before you use and its easy to make from small batches to large.
This is a great GF flour recipe. And much cheaper than the ones you buy at the store!
Excellent! I have already used it in place of wheat flour in my favorite pancake and waffle recipe and they both turned out like what I remember eating before I went gluten-free. Absolutely wonderful. Next up, that muffin recipe I used to make...
excellent for use in baking sour cream cinnamon coffee cake
I used this flour blend for a gluten-free cake I was hired to make. It turned out well and was popular with the party guests, but I found the cake's texture to be grittier than I would have liked. I can only imagine this is due to the rice flour, so I might add a bit more liquid next time to help the rice become more soft.

Note: I was baking at 7500+ feet and liquid evaporation is more rapid at a high altitude, so maybe I didn't adjust the liquid measurement enough for this particular flour.
Tried this for some gluten free carrot cake cupcakes and they cooked up great! Taste is very similar to the regular cake, so I am very happy with the substitution, and now my friend with celiacs can enjoy the cake too!
This is my go-to gf-flour for cookies and baked goods. The baked goods come out light and fluffy (not dense and hard). There are instances when the recipe requires a crisps outside and this flour also delivers. I have also used it for coating chicken wings before the wings hit the fryer - makes for a light alternative to the heavy goopy wings that for me aren't appealing.
Best go to gluten-free flour ever. I use it for everything that takes flour from english muffins to pie crust and a lots of Land O Lakes recipes. I've never been disappointed in this flour, Make double batches and keep it in the refrigerator drawer for a quick go to which is every day.
Everything I have made with this flour mixture has turned out fantastic. I am using in my bread recipe that I had it was just ok now it is delicious. Substitute it with the garbanzo flour ect. this tastes so much better
I have used this recipe for many differnt breads and I love it it is wonderful. Thank you Land o Lakes.
With everything I make now this is my go to flour. Works every time I've never been disapointed. This has been the most consistant mixture I've used since going gluten free. Would rate higher if I could . Thank you Thank you Thank you Peleki
In the past I have experimented with several gluten-free
flour blends and this is the best one.
A perfect blend! We use this and a slightly altered version for my son who also cannot have things from the nightshade family (potatoes) and use more tapioca instead or combo of cornstarch and tapioca.
I LOVE this mix! It is the best tasting and easiest to make GF mix that I have found.
This is now the only Gluten Free flour recipe I use. It stores very well. This is a fabulous multipurpose mix.
This flour blend is great! I mix a big batch of it up and stick it in the freezer for later use in recipes that aren't specifically gluten free

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