Raspberry Almond Shortbread Thumbprints

Raspberry Almond Shortbread Thumbprints

Thumbprint cookies with a buttery base, filled with raspberry preserves and drizzled with an almond glaze. These raspberry thumbprint cookies are special to serve, yet easy on your baking budget.

45 min. prep time
42 cookies
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1 cup Land O Lakes® Butter, softened
2/3 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon almond extract
2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup raspberry jam*


1 cup powdered sugar
2 to 3 teaspoons water
1 1/2 teaspoons almond extract


Combine butter, sugar and 1/2 teaspoon almond extract in bowl. Beat at medium speed, scraping bowl often, until creamy. Add flour; beat at low speed, scraping bowl often, until well mixed. Cover; refrigerate at least 1 hour or until firm.

Heat oven to 350°F.

Shape dough into 1-inch balls. Place 2 inches apart onto ungreased cookie sheets. Make indentation in center of each cookie with thumb (edges may crack slightly). Fill each indentation with about 1/4 teaspoon jam.

Bake 14-18 minutes or until edges are lightly browned. Let stand 1 minute on cookie sheets; remove to cooling rack. Cool completely.

Combine all glaze ingredients in bowl with whisk until smooth. Drizzle over cookies.


*Substitute 1/2 cup of your favorite flavor jam.

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Nutrition Facts (1 cookie)

Calories: 90

Fat: 4g

Cholesterol: 10mg

Sodium: 45mg

Carbohydrates: 13g

Dietary Fiber: 0g

Protein: 1g

Recipe #7730©1995Land O'Lakes, Inc.

Recipe Comments & Reviews

We didn't make the glaze for these and didn't miss it. These are the best shortbread cookies that I have ever eaten. I am a huge, HUGE fan of shortbread and have a dozen recipes that I use regularly for different desserts, like for lemon bars, for example, but this recipe—hands down, without a doubt—takes the win for cookies. From a foodie and frequent baker with very high expectations (a bit of a food snob, some may say), I really recommend this recipe. Try using European butter, too. You will be glad you did.
My husband's favorite cookie. I make them every year at Christmas. Love them and so easy to make
These cookies were a big winner. Everyone had to take some home. The cookie recipe is a good base for other goodies too. I'll be using this again and again.
I've been making this recipe every year since about 1998 (maybe even before then) and they come out perfect every time. I've made these both by refrigerating the dough first or just making them as soon as dough was done and have never had a problem with the cookies spreading or cracking.

I love to watch people's expression when they first bite into these it's like they're in Heaven. These are definitely my go to cookie.
This is a simply delicious, sophisticated cookie and so attractive they make the perfect hostess gift. The recipe was crumbly so I added 2tsp water and did not refrigerate. The dough held a thumbprint nicely. In my dual fuel electric oven on bake 350* they were ready in 12 mins. The icing recipe makes too much and I discarded almost half. I made both raspberry and apricot and everyone loved them. This will be my go-to thumbprint recipe from here on.
My husband's favorite cookie. I make them every year at Christmas. I'm sorry some folks had trouble with the cookies spreading too much. Try refrigerating the dough overnight and use a cool cookie sheet.
This is my firs time making shortbread cookies; is the mix supposed to be crumbly initially? Does it harden once I chill it? And can it be chilled in the freezer to speed up the process? thanks!
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Hi Ange, initially the dough will look crumbly. It should come together after mixing. If it still looks crumbly, it could mean that there may be too much flour (which can happen if you are a heavy measurer). The dough will harden after chilling, and you can speed up the process in the freezer if you're in a hurry. Happy baking!
Posted December 30, 2015
Everyone loves this cookie!!! I refrigerate the dough quite a while, and make sure I have enough cookie sheets so the dough always goes on a cool sheet. People with flat cookies are probably not using pure cane sugar. Generic or store brand is not cane sugar and is known to cause flat cookies! I also make sure I stir the jam well, so it easily spoons into the indentation. My husband would eat these without jam or drizzle since he loves shortbread cookies....the drizzle makes them a little too sweet, so I plan to really cut down on that and just use a few stripes for decoration. Oh, and the kids can eat the dough since it has no eggs!
I tried doing this recipe and i followed all the directions, but my cookies spread out over the entire pan and didn't stay in the perfect form that I had put them in before I put them in the oven. Would be helpful to know that they should be in the fridge for at least 2 hours prior to baking. Big disappointment.
Made a double batch of these for the first time today and I'm really pleased with them so much so that will definitely make again! Tips: I used unsalted butter (not specified in the recipe), refrigerated the dough for 45 min. then put each pan of prepared cookies in the refrigerator for maybe 10 minutes to "set" before putting in oven. I made pineapple & poppyseed & they're wonderful. Plus for the grandkids didn't make the thumbprint, instead baking "balls" & when they came out of the oven placed a Hershey's Kiss in each one. My husband said the "cookies" are little crispy on edges but SOOOO yummy/buttery inside. Thanks Land O' Lakes!
This recipe was a flop - waste of time and ingredients. I followed the directions to a tee and my dough was super crumbly. I was able to form into balls but when I tried to add the indent for the jam, they just crumbled apart.
My entire family LOVES these cookies and they are a must have at the holidays. On occasion, mine do tend to flatten out in the oven and I am wondering if I am over-mixing the dough to incorporate the flour. Even so, they are delicious and evoke wonderful Christmas memories.
I loved this recipes fast and easy. One hour is not long enough in the refrigerator, I would do it longer next time. Also I had almost 1/2 the glaze leftover - I would cut the glaze recipe in half.
This cookie always comes out delicious, This is only the 3rd year making these but they're so popular in my house at Christmas now!
I followed the recipe exactly and refrigerated the dough well over an hour. Same problem as Margie, they lost their indent, turned flat and jam went all over the place. Google a different recipe and save yourself time, money and aggravation.
This is my *absolute go-to only thumbprint recipe I'll ever use* and I've been baking these for decades. My only change is I don't like raspberry, so strawberry, peach, marmalade or lemon curd. The cookie is delicate, delicious and so easy and I usually make 3-4 batches. I rotate cookie sheets so they are cool before the dough touches them and I roll 1 inch balls.
People love these !!
These are so insanely popular.
I made this dough yesterday and left in fridge all night can it still be used. I t is really hard just was wondering if I left at room temp then rechilled if it will still work. Thanks in advance
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Hi Robin, you can definitely still use this dough. If you let it come to room temperature, they will bake just fine. Enjoy!
Posted December 29, 2015
One of our must haves at Christmas! Delicious every time. We usually have to make two batches because all of the neighbors clamor for them as well.
easiest cookie I ever made and they came out perfect! Important to refrigerate the dough!
Mine didn't hold their shape, went flat and so the jam ran all over. Waste of time and good ingredients.
I would like an explanation why some had good luck and some didn't.
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Hi Barbara, sorry to hear you had some issues with the cookies spreading. It could be that your dough was too warm. We'd suggest refrigerating the cookies before baking to ensure that they don't spread. Happy baking!
Posted December 21, 2015
Where is the egg? Other recipes for this exact cookie call for at least 1 egg.
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Hi Mary, the egg isn't necessary in this particular recipe since it is more of a shortbread. Happy baking!
Posted December 21, 2015
I've been making these cookies for 16 years.One of our favorite cookies for the holidays
The dough needs to be well mixed and chilled for at least an hour. Turn out perfect every time..
I have another twist that adds agreat taste to an already great tasting cookie After making the little balls of dough take some fresh almonds crushed or diced into little pieces and roll the dough balls in the crushed almonds then make the little indentation with your thumb and add jam just like the original formula I swear you will love them my kids don't let them get cooled off before sneaking a bunch of them great with a glass of milk after cooling off
I was looking for a soft cookie to make for the Seniors that can't get out at Christmas and this recipe was amazing! It had that old fashion cookie taste that my mother used to make when I was a child. I wouldn't change a thing about this cookie!
I have made these for years and they are my favorite, but this time they turned out flat and burnt on edges as others had mentioned. I used LOL butter and all fresh ingredients. Do you have any suggestions for my next batch?
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Hi Margie, it sounds like your dough may have been too soft. We'd recommend refrigerating it before baking to ensure the cookies don't spread. And watch the timer carefully to make sure they don't get too dark around the edges. Happy baking!
Posted December 21, 2015
no stars. Turned out flat and made a mess. Probably needed more flour. What a waste
Hit or miss. Made them one year, perfect. This year they were flat and made a mess in the oven. Unpredictable
Awesome!! I made these and they were delicious. Doubled the recipe for a cookie swap and used raspberry preserves. Made sure the dough was always chilled between batches and mine were cooked at 13 minutes!
I have made these cookies for many years. I use vanilla instead of almond extract, sometimes. I usually sprinkle with powdered sugar over icing. They are my most requested Christmas cookie.
Made these tonight for a cookie exchange tomorrow at work. Followed directions exactly and turned out terrible. Flat, burnt on edges and falling apart. Now I don't have any cookies to take. So disappointed.
Awesome! My mom and I fight for them!! Our favorite of all cookies during the holidays. Easy to make,.
I am making these cookies today in memory of my son, Joel, who passed away 4 yrs. ago. Today is his birthday , and these were his favorite cookie! One year, he and I even made them on Christmas Day! Unfortunately, the last ones I got to make for Joel, were, in his words "a bad batch". The reason was because I put them in the frig. overnight and they got too hard. Everyone loves these! A delicious cookie with warm happy memories !
This is our family's Christmas favorite. It couldn't be easier to make, just little time consuming. And well worth it.
I use cherry jelly, a perfect combination with the almond flavor. I have also used lemon curd.
I double the recipe usually. And we always run out.
Mine also are flat and the dough was very crumbly. Guess ill go searching for another recipe
My absolute favorite holiday cookie. I hoard them! :)
Real shortbread flavor and texture in delightful cookies that disappear quickly. Next time I will have to make more! Easy, delicious and 5 stars!
Just made these and they are delicious! I used a cookie scoop and then rolled them - I started to use the 1" scoop but thought they were too small so I used the next size up which was almost 2". I should have followed the directions because the cookies did spread and the 1" would have been just right. I will definitely make again and make them 1". Delicious combo with the almond extract and raspberry jam. Another great recipe from Landolakes!
Do I need to refrigerate the cookies after I make them since there is jam in them?
Just made them and they turned out PERFECT.
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Hi Dani - these cookies don't need to be refrigerated. We'd suggest storing in a container with a tight-fitting lid with a piece of bread to soak up extra moisture. Use a layer of waxed paper in between layers of cookies to protect them. Happy baking!
Posted December 16, 2015
these cookies are terrible. all they did was ran all over the pan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The only problem with these cookies is that EVERYONE keeps asking for them each Christmas. Once Thanksgiving is over with I have people knocking on my door to see if I made them yet! I have made these for our neighborhood cookie contest and exchange. I won, hands down! Would totally recommend these if you want to make new friends. :)
I made these thumbprint cookies and they turned out like pancakes. What went wrong. So disappointed.
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Hi Karen, sorry to hear you had some trouble with these cookies. It sounds like your dough may have been too soft. Sometimes, refrigerating dough for 1-2 hours or until chilled can help so they don't spread.
Posted December 16, 2015
I've made these for many years with various flavors of jam. Once icing is drizzled and sets (dries), I have covered with waxed paper, placed in freezer bags and frozen them successfully.
I have been making these every Christmas for years - to make the well for the jelly someone suggested using the top of a clothespin which works great and I use a small cake decorating tube to fill the well it works great.
These are melt in your mouth good! You can use any flavor jam, which is nice. And they're so pretty upon presentation.
Didn't have a problem with recipe at all.
Would love to make these but, do I have to use the almond extract since a family member is allergic. So, can I leave it out or can I substitute? Thanks!
I make these every year at Christmas time. My favorite of all cookies. I have also used blackberry preserves to make these too. Absolutely delicious. Everyone always wants the recipe. I like to give them as gifts.
I have made these cookies for years and always get compliments on them. I have found that the jam is key on how they come out. I have also used lemon extract and used lemon pie filling, awesome lemon cookie!
Can these cookies be frozen?
Test Kitchen Comment


Hi Brenda, we would suggest freezing the unglazed cookies. When you're ready to serve, remove from the freezer and let them come to room temperature. Once they are thawed, you can glaze. Hope this helps - happy baking!
Posted December 08, 2015
I rolled the dough into a log shape before chilling and cut off slices to roll into balls - seemed to keep the dough cooler and firmer for a longer time. No cracks in the cookies! Also, I used the back of a 1/4 teaspoon measuring spoon to make the dent which made it nice and round and was the perfect size for the 1/4 tsp jam.
I made this recipe for a church function that required a dessert to be 2 in. X 2 in. in size. I followed the recipe as written and I also put the cookies in the fridge for 10 min. before baking. I used a small cookie scoop and they spread out a little but were still shaped nicely and held the jam without running over. I did add 1 additional teaspoon of water to the glaze and put it in a ziplock bag to pipe on the glaze. I made them the day before and they turned out really pretty, as the white piping took on a pink hue where it came in contact with the jam but the rest stayed white on the rest of the cookie. I'm not a huge fan of almond but these are good-not too much but enough to add a nice flavor.
Amazingly easy to bake and so flavorful! I used homemade strawberry jam & raspberry jam. Nice, light, buttery flavor. My husband said he could eat them all but baked them for a dinner party that evening. I will keep this recipe and try apricot jam next time!
I have made this recipe for many many years and people RAVE about them!!!
I made these cookies first time and they came out perfect.
I had no problems with this recipes. All cookies spread if the dough is room temp before baking. If you don't want your cookies to spread, after filling them with them the jam, place the cookies in the refrigerator for about 10 mins to firm before baking them and your cookies will not spread.
I made two types, one with a very expensive & really thick bitter-sweet orange marmalade and one with an inexpensive red raspberry preserve. I had no spreading with the marmalade, but some with the raspberry preserve, so maybe those that had spreading problems had to do with the juiciness of the filling. Both were delicious!
As others mentioned with the same problem, the cookies were disturbingly flat although i scooped 1/4 tsp. jelly in each one. In addition, there is not much to the dough, it tastes mostly like butter which is yummy but not exactly what I am looking for in a cookie.
I've made these cookies for years and have found that if too much jam is place in the cookie, the cookie will spread and flatten. Place only 1/4 of a teaspoon in the center. I don't roll the dough into a ball; I use a small cookie scoop and they come out perfectly every time. The dough must soften a little in order to make an indentation in the center without the outer edge cracking. I heat the jam in the microwave for several seconds to soften and pull the jam up into a children's medicine dropper, which makes it very easy to fill the center of the cookie. For those saying they will never making these cookies again, try making them one more time using these tips. :-)
Came out perfect and tasty! I did as another reviewer suggested and placed balls in freezer while I finished rolling out the balls for the second tray. Check bottom of cookie for light brown "done-ness" or they will get quite hard. Overall, loved it.
Very disappointed. They came out flat!! I was surprised because the dough was very crumbly after taking out of fridge. I have followed a different recipe in the past that came out great.
The best recipe I have found for thumbprint cookies! Thank you.
Cookies spread......not very pretty
How do I keep from spreading? I followed directions exactly. 9 minutes in they totally spread and were brown around the edges. HELP
I make it exactly as written, roll the balls in slivered almonds, make a thumbprint in the middle, fill with preserves, then put the whole cookie pan in the freezer while I make another cookie sheet full.
they come out perfect!!!! I make dozens and dozens of them for work for myself and my husband.
EASIEST cookies ever! Not to mention a huge crowd pleaser. I had classically trained pastry chefs asking my recipe (literally) and I almost didn't want to tell her how easy these are! They're pretty hard to mess up. DELISH!!
Best cookie recipe ever!!! You MUST refrigerate the dough and only use a 1/4 tsp jam in each cookie. Less is more, people! Don't overthink this one. My family requests this holiday cookie year after year!
I have been making elaborate cookie trays for the holidays for the past 20 years, so I am not a novice at this. Every so often I decide to include these thumbprints in the selection, because they are so pretty and universally liked. However, mine never come out looking as they should. The cookies spread wildly and resemble little volcanoes. I have tried allowing the butter to soften only briefly, refrigerating the dough overnight, using fresh parchment, increasing the oven temp, and refrigerating the dough a second time once the cookies are shaped. No matter what, they always spread. The basic problem is that the dough is too firm and crumbly to make nice circles, so that you need to soften it with your hands while shaping in order to form neat balls. Once they have been thus softened, even a second refrigeration will not keep them from collapsing. The cookies are delicious, but are embarrassingly flat and suitable only for home consumption. I will not make these again.
I've been making this recipe since my roomate made these in college (going on 17 years ago), and they are super simple and delicious! If these cookies do not turn out properly, it's because the directions weren't followed carefully. Rest assured the recipe is correct and works beautifully even for an inexperienced baker as I was 17 years ago when I first made them. They are classics and are made every year at our house during the holidays!
I just finished baking these cookies, have to frost them, but my test cookie tasted yummy. However, after baking the test cookie I decided to roll the cookies into balls, then flatten them between my palms. For the jam divit, I used a plastic wine cork, it was just the right size. The cookies came out quite uniform, the jam stayed in it's mold and not much crumbling on the edge. I also used a few drops of pure almond oil instead of extract so added milk to make up the missing liquid. I would definitely make them again.
I followed exactly...total flop. Cookies spread. Very upset.sigh.
I have a question. I have almond extract, but what is almond flavoring? I hope someone can answer soon, as I was preparing to make these! Thank You!!
Test Kitchen Comment


Either almond extract or almond flavoring will provode great flavor in this recipe. Use the same amount for either. Extract is made by combining almond oil and ethyl alcohol. The flavor of an extract may be more intense than a flavoring but I suggest you use the same amount since the amount is relatively small.
Posted December 22, 2014
These cookies were delicious and very easy to make. I refrigerated the dough overnight and had to let it sit for 30 minutes before I was able to roll it into balls. I will add it to my holiday baking recipes for next year.
Made these for the first time and they came out amazing and tasted delicious. Will be making them again and pretty easy to make!
Delicious. I did not chill the dough. I added 2 tb more flour. Recipe is a keeper. Next time I will use brandy instead of almond extract and apricot jam in place of raspberry. Sweet enough without the glaze. A dusting of powered sugar is perfect. Quick and easy recipe.
The recipe is fantastic. We have made over 200 cookies without a single problem. Some people are just not destined to be in the kitchen. No spreading. No leaking. Easiest and best cookie homemade.
I made these this evening for the very first time, used apricot preserves in place of the jam. Also used vanilla in the dough recipe. These came out absolutely fantastic. I am going to keep this recipe to make for years to come.
Is almond flavoring the same as almond extract?
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It is not exactly the same but each will provide fgood almond flavor to the cookie recipe. Use whichever ingredient you have.
Posted December 22, 2014
FANTASTIC recipe. I have been making these for years and never had a problem. For those of you that have spreading, you are doing something wrong. The BUTTER should be left at room temperature until it's not so hard. NO MICROWAVING. Make sure you use jam ans not jelly. Use exact amounts of what recipe says. Most reviews LOVE this recipe!
I have been baking these for years and they are a family favorite. They take a while to prepare, but the taste is WELL WORTH the time it takes. I'm getting ready to bake them now! Thank you Land O Lakes!
I made this recipe last night and it was a total failure. The cookies spread out too much and never really seemed to finish cooking. Plus all of the jam bubbled up and oozed out of the cookie. I was so dissapointed to have to throw out everything. What a waste!
These are the easiest and best cookies I have ever made! I was not sure they could turn out this good with such simple ingredients but they were amazing! They looked as pretty as they tasted. I will try different jams as well as caramel for the centers just for a change.
Wow! Another home run from Land O Lakes! This is the best new cookie I have found this year. It will be added to the annual Christmas cookie baking, for sure.
A couple of mine spread; I think the jam may have leaked out from the bottom, and that is what caused the spreading; even when they spread, they still tasted good!
I've been making these cookies every year since my children were in preschool. They've become a family tradition at our house! I've read some of the other reviews where people have had trouble with the cookies spreading and I can honestly say that this has never happened to me in the 15+ years I've been making them. After chilling, if the dough is too crumbly to shape into a ball, stop. That signals to me that there's too much flour. I'd let the dough warm back to room temp and add a little butter... little being the key word... until the dough holds together nicely, but isn't sticky. They really are wonderful cookies! My kids still swear they're Santa's favorites!
I've been making these cookies since my first full-time job (I brought them for a party there) and they've always been a huge hit! I routinely make double batches at a time and rarely have leftovers. During the holidays I make so many of these cookies, I have the recipe memorized! For people complaining about the dough being crumbly or too soft, I think you have to use your best judgement to decide how much flour to add. You should be able to roll the dough into a ball without it sticking to your hands. If it's still sticking, add more flour. If your dough is cracking, you used too much flour. I just made a variation of these using rum extract instead of almond extract and caramel for the filling (I baked the cookies first then added caramel sauce made from caramel squares and whipping cream). I topped it with sea salt. I would have used chopped nuts but one of the ladies at the party I was going to had a nut allergy. I had many requests for the recipe!
I used an unsalted sweet cream butterfly this. Then I made the dough and put it in the fridge for what turned out to be a few hours instead of 20 mins, the dough was super hard so I microwaved it for 30 seconds, stirred it up again then made up the cookies. They turned out perfect, not flat at all. I will be sure to make that mistake in the future.
i have been looking for a new thumbprint recipe and these look yummy but i don't see any mention of egg or egg yolks being needed in the recipe is any type of egg needed, thanks
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This recipe does not have an egg as an ingredient.
Posted December 15, 2014
It took me quite a few batches to master this cookie. They are always a hit! I've got a few cookie monsters waiting for me to deliver them:-)
We hate this recipe! We followed all the suggestions to avoid the spreading and disasterous spreading still occurred! Flavor was good but presentation was hideous! Please remove this recipe from your collection and save many busy bakers stress during the holidays!
Chilled dough overnight. Chilled it right before baking. Still spread too much. Jolly no longer filled indentation and had to melt sone in microwave to fill it. Don't waste your tome with this recipe. Try the Emeril Lagasse recipe on Food Network.
I chilled the dough all day, chilled the prepared cookies on the pan before baking and it still spread super thin. Tasted delicious though. I drizzle the cookies with the white candy melts. The glaze in the recipe can take on the color from the jam. Next time I'll try a 300 degree oven. That is the normal baking temp for shortbread.
I agree this cookie spreads right a crossed the pan.... I chilled the dough 24 hours also. I have made hundreds of cookies. I'll never do this one again. A good waste of butter, flour an sugar if you ask me.
I followed the recipe exactly initially. Forced the crumbly dough into a ball that cracked around the edges when I made the indentation. The baked product spread so thin, browned around the edges while still raw in the middle. Adding 2T flour, chilling, rolling, chilling again still produced an awful cookie that fell apart when I tried to get it off the pan. I'm not an inexperienced baker and I wasted much time and my husband's favorite Canadian Blackberry preserves trying to get it to work. Now I'll be an hour late to the cookie exchange while I go to an old stand-by recipe.
This cookie tastes excellent. I made them in a 350 degree oven and they turned out flat. When I baked them in a slower oven (300 degrees) they didn't flatten as much. :)
I made these and the flavor is wonderful but the cookie spread way too much when baking. I refrigerated the dough for 24 hours before I made the balls. The dough was so cold I could barely make balls and it still spread way too much. The taste delicious but they are not pretty.
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This cookie dough is very tender and rich with butter. So, that is why it is important to chill the dough as you have done. Always use a cooled cookie sheet to put the dough balls onto before baking. Otherwise you could "knead" a couple of tablespoons of flour into the dough. I realize you said the dough was hard but I would try this when the dough had warmed up to room temperature.
Posted December 08, 2014
I've made these twice now, and while the flavor is wonderful, they spread both times. The first time, I followed the recipe, the second, I refrigerated the cookie sheet with the prepared cookies for about an hour and they still spread. I've made thumbprints before using egg yolks in the recipe. I think I'll stick to that.
I am fond of cashew shortbread. I have a bag of ground cashews. How would like to adapt this recipe to include the addition?
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Hi John, we haven't tested this recipe with the addition of nuts before so we can't guarantee it would work. However, if you would like to try, we'd love to hear how it turns out! Only one caution - the dough may be a bit too crumbly with the addition of ground nuts.
Posted December 05, 2014
Any suggestions for using a convection oven? I usually follow the oven manual and have great results. However, Thermador did not provide instructions for thumbprints. Just sugar, chocolate chip, bars, and brownies.
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I suggest you follow tips and hints for butter or sugar cookie baking you have received from the manufacturer of your convection oven.
Posted December 08, 2014
I can't stop the cookie from spreading while cooking. I added the extra flour and all. Help
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Adding some extra flour is one option to help to prevent the cookies from spreading. Also, you could chill the dough so it is real cold when you are forming the cookies. Also, after forming the cookies and they are on the cookie sheet, put the cookie sheet into the refrigerator to chill the cookie dough before baking.
Posted November 30, 2014
I have been making this recipe for about 20 years and it is my GO TO recipe when I need a quick snack or dessert. Sometimes my dough is a little too crumbly so I add 1 tablespoon of warm water to make it easier to work. Once you learn to work with it you will absolutely love this recipe.
yeah this is good
Dough is much too crumbly and way too hard to shape into balls.
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Hi Danniell, you may need to continue beating the dough until it comes together. The dough initially looks pretty crumbly, but after beating it for a long while it will eventually come together and not be crumbly. Hope this helps!
Posted August 07, 2014
One of the best cookies ever!!!
I also had the problem of crumbling dough and of the cookies being flatter than what the picture showed. I now make the dough, roll the dough into balls, place them on cookies sheets, make the indentation, fill with jam, and then set the cookies sheets in the refrigerator for about an hour. I then set the cookies sheets out on the counter for about 5 minutes, then place them in the oven and bake as directed.
I got this exact recipe off another site and it said to chill for 2 hours!! My problem is like many others...crumbling dough. After reading this one and some comments i have figured out that it should be no more then an hour! If you did follow these directions and got crumbly dough i would suggest only chilling less then an hour,
I have made this recipe for years and it is a favorite with friends and family. Never had any problem with crumbling dough.
I've made this recipe many times, my family loves these! I substitute vanilla for the almond due to nut allergies. For those who have not been successful, my advise if to make sure you are fully creaming your butter and sugar together. Use un salted butter. Also, when measuring flour, you should stir it with a whisk to aerate it, then gently spoon it into your measuring cup and use the flat side of a knife to scrape across the top to level it. Dipping your measuring cup into a "settled" flour cintainer will result in using much too much flour and cause your cookie dough to be dry.
I've been making this recipe since 1995 for all quick and easy cookie needs. I love it, and have made alterations with different extract flavors. Try peppermint extract, instead of almonds, with broken candy canes in place of the raspberry (of course the thumb print center is not necessary just push the broken candy canes into the dough top. Chocolate pieces are great with almond, hazelnut, peppermint or even a simple vanilla flavored extract. Also pushing a chocolate kiss into the warm cookie top is nice. I found the icing to be a bit extra sweet, so I sprinkle sifted powder sugar over the batch once their cooled, rather than making the icing. As far as the crumbling dough problem goes, warm it by rolling each dough ball in your hands, once your indentation is in, pinch close any cracks that form ( I use a melon ball scoop for a consistent circle shape )
Absolutely AMAZING! I love this cookie and make this cookie yearly for our family and friends. Make sure you follow the directions very carefully and do NOT add too much almond extract as it makes it too rich with almond flavor and burns your tongue.
Delicious, but they were a nightmare to make. Dough too crumbly, tried the suggestions but the dough still fell apart with every ball I tried to make.
I've been making these for years and they are always a holiday favorite. Look wonderful and taste even better!!!
I make these every year and they are always a big hit! I substitute 50/50 shortening because they kept melting in the oven
I have also been making this recipe for years and have never found anyone who doesn't like it. Since I don't like raspberry over the years I have substituted red plum, apricot and cherry preserves. The only thing I don't follow in the recipe is chilling the dough. To me once the butter gets cold and hard it is difficult to work with. I use a cookie scoop and very carefully hold the side of the cookies while using my thumb to make the indentation. They do spread out a bit and the jam does run but as far as I'm concerned that's what makes them good.
I just finished making these and wish I would have read the comment from Karen N. prior to making them. I would definitely suggest wrapping them in 2 or more smalls balls and keeping them in the refrigerator until needed. Mine came out flat. I should have stirred the raspberry jam prior to filling the cookies, the constancy would have looked much nicer. (I will try the preserves next time) I did make the icing as above and placed it in a plastic bag and cut a small opening in the corner and this part did work out very well. My cookies look like a flattened mess but they do taste very good. Next time I will try these other suggestions to have them look more presentable. :)
I just finished baking this recipe and mine look just like the photo. They are beautiful and delicious. For the person who is finding the crumbing dough...warm the ball in your hand a few seconds before rolling the ball. I actually just chilled if for 45 minutes and did not have any crumbling.
This is an annual favorite of ours since I first found the recipe on the inside of the butter box in 1996!
For those of you who have had trouble: use room temperature butter, mix very well with sugar then proceed. Once mixed, chill very well. When ready to roll, use small batches (after mixing I wrap the 3 to 4 sections of dough in plastic wrap) so that the cookies don't flatten out too much while baking. I make small cookies and repair any cracks in the dough after making the thumbprints so the jam doesn't ooze out the sides. Lots of other good tips listed by others here!
I've been making these for about a decade now - we love them! I like to drizzle melted white chocolate on them instead of glaze.
I've been making this recipe for years. The only people who don't absolutely love them are those who aren't almond fans. I always make the recipe exactly as written and they come out great. Over the years I have learned a few things that ensure perfection.
Make sure the dough is very well mixed. It should be smooth and kind of creamy. If it isn't't, it won't hold together.
Chill the dough very well, and keep it cold. I break it up into 2 or more small balls and work with one at a time. If the dough gets warm before you bake it the cookies will spread too much and the thumbprint will flatten out.
Be careful that the thumbprint only goes about halfway into the ball. If it goes any deeper, the filling will go through the cookie and come out the bottom as they bake.
Stir the filling preserves until the pectin is broken down and the preserves are smooth. This will allow the filling to be a perfect little puddle instead of looking chunky and separated. In my experience, preserves work better than jam, and anything with chunks of fruit (like strawberry) comes out measure. Jelly doesn't work at all.
The best thing about them is that even if they come out looking less than perfect, they always taste fabulous!
This is a favorite...it's requested every year....very easy to make and it makes a lot....
I have made these cookies for years and everyone loves them. The measurements are not off, but it is a shortbread recipe so the "batter" will be dry. If you work the batter with your hands somewhat, and/or let it sit out for a while after refrigerating, you shouldn't have a problem. Mine spread more than the ones pictured but I'm hoping the reviewer's suggestion to refrigerate the dough for 10 min before putting in the oven takes care of that. They are yummy!
Easy to make, and very delicious. Everyone I shared them with loved them too. I will add them to my Christmas cookie list.
This recipe has been a staple in my families Christmas cookie making for at least the last 15 years if not longer. I remember cutting the recipe out of a magazine in a doctor's waiting room when my kids were young. (youngest is now 33). We adore these cookies and I have to wonder if the people with the negative reviews did something wrong. They always come out fine for us. This is such an elegant looking and extremely tasty cookie. One reason I originally chose it was because it had such a few ingredients compared to some thumbprint cookies. I will never stop making these at Christmas.
The measurements are off on this recipe. I used 1 1/2 cups of butter vs just 1 cup, it worked out much better than my first batch.
I whipped up a batch of these tasty raspberry almond shortbread cookies for my co-workers as a holiday treat. What a hit! It was my first experience with a "thumbprint" cookie and I would highly recommend this recipe. I chose this recipe in particular as I loved that it incorporate the almond extract within the dough as well as was an ingredient for a glaze to top it all off. Thank you Land O' Lakes!
This is the messiest cookie recipe I have ever made and I am usually a very good baker. I refrigerated the dough for the allotted time indicated and yet it was still a crumbly dry mess. The cookie split when I made the indention and then I had to go back and reshape each one. Even though I used a 1/8 tsp of jam it still ran down the sides onto to the baking sheet. The strawberry jam ran down the sides and it just looks like a sad mess. They taste wonderful but I won't serve these again.
A friend made these cookies last Christmas and I loved them. Just tried to make them myself today. What a disaster! They don't look at all like the photo. After chilling the dough for 1 1/2 hours, the dough just crumbled in my hand. I still managed to get 20 fragile 1" balls on a cookie sheet, only to have them explode into crumbs under my gentle thumbprint. I dumped the whole tray back into the mixing bowl, consulted some similar recipes, and added 2 T milk. I read and re-read this recipe and am positive all the right ingredients were mixed in there. Even went back to this website to see if someone corrected the one I printed out from here last year. So, after adding the milk, they balled up okay and didn't explode under my thumbprint, but when I baked them, they melted out to lacy blobs. What did I do wrong?? I so want the cookies as pictured. I remember how absolutely delicious they were.
I have made this recipe for the last couple of years to bring to various group functions, and they are always a huge hit! One variation I have is instead of using the almond glaze on top, I drizzle melted white chocolate instead. The combination of the almond, raspberry and white chocolate is so good!
I used strawberry jam and lemon extract instead of almond. Super yummy, melt in your mouth, delicious!
I made these cookies and considering I left them in fridge much longer than an hour they still turned out delish!!!!
This cookie is GREAT! it reminds me of a Linzer cookie but without all the labor. Delicious. i used a small ice cream scoop for the "balls" and made my indentation with a 1/2 teaspoon. I used both raspberry and strawberry preserves and both were good.
These are really good!
I've been making these cookies since I found them in a mini cookbook almost 20 years ago. They are amazing and taste fantastic. The recipe is easy to follow and I've NEVER had a problem making them and I've made them in a travel trailer, in a toaster oven, and in standard oven.
I LOVE this recipe. I make it every year for Christmas cookies and other times during the year. They are beautiful and everyone requests them. They are by far the favorite of family and friends. I usually refrigerate the dough for more than an hour before I form them and then I refrigerate them for 10 minutes before I bake them. I have never had a problem with the dough not sticking together. Trust me, everyone will love them!
Just a fabulous cookie
I attempted this today for a gathering tomorrow....after the chilling step the dough was not dough, it was like flour, dry! So I had a difficult time trying to form the balls. So though I followed the recipe and the steps, this was a heap of frustration. SO I dumped a portion of the dough into a baking pan hoping I can at least make bars out of it...AND that it doesn't crumble when we try to serve it! Flavor is great though!
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This is a favorite cookie recipe. I would encourage you to mix the dough until it is well mixed but also "comes together" which means the butter coats the flour and holds the dough together. It could take about 5 - 7 minutes of mixing to accomplish this.
Posted December 03, 2013
These cookies are excellent from beginning to end. The dough comes together so easily and smells wonderful and the finished product is light and crisp with a wonderful blend of flavors. This will be a go to Christmas cookie recipe for me from now on.
so easy and fool proof, I used strawberry jam this time because I didn't have raspberry, They came out even tastier!
I have made this recipe for about 15 years. It is my most prized cookie. I have never had it not turn out and it is the cookie that everyone asks for.
I make these cookies every year,by request. Everybody loves them! They are my favorite too! I've never had a problem with them yet. I fill the center with whatever jelly or jam I have in the fridge,but I always get requests for lemon curd. Delicious!
HORRIBLE!! I WILL NEVER ATTEMPT AGAIN! It turned into a pile of mush within a minute of putting it in the oven!
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I am sorry that you had problems with this cookie recipe. I have found that this cookie dough needs to be chilled well before forming cookies and I even will put the cookie sheet with the cookie dough on it into the refrigerator so they can be even more chilled before baking.
Posted October 31, 2013
I have been making these cookies for years. They always turn out perfecta and I have never refrigerated my dough to this day. Also, these cookies ship well. Last Christmas I baked about 60 dozen and shipped them all over the US.
These are wonderful cookies! You can also substitute pure lemon extract for the almond and add some finely grated lemon zest to the dough. I use seedless raspberry jam which I stir until smooth and then put it through a funnel into a plastic squeeze bottle (available at Sur La Table or even at your local grocey store as a mustard or ketchup bottle). It takes about ten minutes for the jam to slip through the funnel but it really makes it easy to fill the cookies! I also use a thimble to make the indentation, dipping the thimble about every third cookes into a little flour.
For the sake of avoiding a flat cookie (given my tendency to overwork the dough) I formed the balls and imprinted before putting them in the fridge to cool. Added room temp blackberry preserves before popping them in the oven and they came out perfectly!
These easy to make cookies are a pleasure to serve.
I made these cookies for my friends, family and neighbours for Diwali....And they were instant it....My husband loved them. If you follow the instructions well and makes sure the butter is at room temp, they should come out perfect. I have made them with apricot jam because thats what I had on hand.
i dont know what I did wrong. I refrigerated the dough for two hours and still ended up with a cooking sheet spread with flat cookie dough/jam.... was making them for a gathering today, guess i have to go but something from the bakery as I have no time to make something else. What a disappointment.
The cookie are really good! I did make the mistake of over refrigerating the dough. It made it difficult to roll into balls and to imprint.
These are Awesome. I have made them several times and yes you need to refridgerate the dough prior to baking.
I have filled them with Raspberry Preserves and Lemon Curd. They are yummy.
People request them all the time.
Like many on this website, I have been making these for at least 20 years, and not just at the holidays. They're terrific for wedding showers, baby showers and to encourage a friend. For those who think the recipe is not right because the cookies spread, the recipe IS right - there is another reason for the spreading. There are alot of good suggestions in these reviews, but one I didn't see (I read about 50) is to use an insulated cookie sheet (basically two sheets welded together with an air pocket in the middle). Use a couponand pick one up for less than $20 - it will improve all your cookies, as the sheet doesn't get so hot (which could be a factor in the spreading). Also, I used to cut corners on softening the butter (I'd microwave on a low power level until soft), but I have learned it makes a huge difference to leave the two sticks of butter on the counter overnight. If time doesn't allow, try not to microwave the butter - hopefully you'll have time to slice it thin and let it soften at room temperature. Another tip is to dip the back of the 1/4 tsp measure in flour before using it to make the indentation in the cookie - otherwise, it will stick and pull up some of your dough. Lastly, I skip the glaze - they're sweet enough and I don't want anything to detract from the pure enjoyment and simplicity of butter, almond and raspberry. So keep trying until you get these mastered - once you do, your cookie will be the first to go at the holiday party - guaranteed!
Just made this recipe for a valentines day gift. I tried a cookie and couldn't stop smiling while I was eating it. These are simple and delicious.
Let the preserves sit at room temperature long enough to take the chill off, them mix vigorously until they are a smooth consistency that will pour.

Use the back of a round 1/4 teaspoon measuring spoon to make the indentations in the cookies. Be careful that you don't make the indentation too deep, or the jam will soak through during baking.
This has become my signature cookie. We do a Christmass cookie exchange in my office every year and I find myself in a lot of trouble if I make anything other than these. My family would be perfectly happy if I did just these for the holoidays.
One suggestion that shold be included im the recipe is that you should stir the raspberry jam or preserves until they are a smooth consistency before putting them in the cookies. This will help the jam spread into a lovely pool while baking. I have friends who said the cookies didn't work when they made them and that turned out to be the problem.
I have used several different kinds of jams, preserves, jellies and butters in this recipe. Everything i have tried has tasted wonderful, but some were more successful than others. Jellies were disappionting because they don't melt and spread well Preserves with large pieces of fruit don't work well because the syrup around the fruit melts and soaks into the cookie dough before it gets baked. All the jams and butters I've tried have worked very well. I especially like Cherry Butter, but everyone else I know likes the Raspberry Preserves (not the seedless Raspberry Jam) best.
I love this recipe so easy and tastes great! I would reccomend testing out the length of time on cooking. My first batch was baked for 10 minutes, same temp, came out perfect. I tried it for 8 minutes and it was soft and really great. I suggest, to play around with that a bit. Enjoy!
I love these cookies, just perfect ! Addictive! Want to try them with other jams but just love em the way they are !!!! You won't be disappointed !
Cookies are delicious but most times I make them they fail and I have a puddle of shortbread on my cookie sheet.Time for another thumbprint cookie!
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This cookie is very tender and rich! It is important to make sure the dough is not too soft. I suggest you chill the dough 30 - 60 minutes before baking the cookies. If the dough is too soft the cookies will spread.
Posted December 24, 2012
The best cookie I've ever made. These are melt in your mouth good!
I began making these cookies in 1998, when I was newly engaged to my husband. I remember seeing this recipe as a print ad in Yankee magazine, and it looked completely doable for a novice baker. I was eager to please my new family. They have certainly done the trick for fourteen years now! They are always a staple of my now-vast cookie collection.
Like other reviewers, I make this cookie every Christmas. I like to use half a maraschino cherry for the center--it looks so festive with the drizzled white glaze.
This is probably my favorite cookie to make and people always ask me for the recipe. It's extremely easy to make and always comes out great. I wouldn't change a thing in the recipe!
LOVE these!
5 stars aren't enough! These are beautiful and delicious. My friends want the recipe. I didn't have almond extract so I used vanilla extract in the cookie and just water in the glaze. Marvelous!
I would give it 10 stars if I could. These are by far my most favorite cookie (and I am a HUGE cookie lover!!!!). They are a must have for my holiday cookie tray!!
These are one of my favorite holiday cookies to make and very simple!
Baking this cookie is one of our Christmas traditions. They are simple to make, taste like heaven and are always a hit. They are so pretty and festive looking too! If you are looking for a great cookie to take to a party or cookie exchange, you can never go wrong with these!
I love love love these cookies. I make them every year at Christmas and they are gone within a day. My husband requests these and the Swedish coconut cookies, from this site. They are buttery and melt in your mouth and then there's the jam center, yummm. I usually use either strawberry or raspberry jam and sometimes blackberry. I think the raspberry is the best though.
so good they immediately became the must-have Christmas cookie!!
These are AMAZING!!!
I have made these cookies for years. Every one loves them, even the guys. My daughter wants four batches for her baby shower.The cookies are so tender and light.
The dough was too dry and crumbly to form into balls, so I added an egg which provided just the right amount of moisture. Next time I make these, I will use the Cherry Preserves, because I think the cherry and almond would be fantastic together.
Oh LOVED them!!!! Shortbread and Jam does life get any better? Didn't have raspberry so made it with my favorite berry jam which is marionberry. I am sure would turn out the same way if you used blackberry since I know I couldn't get marionberry when I lived out east. I am saving this recipe because it was so simple and I love shortbread!!!! I refridgerated overnight and it was good but a little harder to work with to make the jam prints.
I love these cookies and am asked to make them all the time. They have become one of my "signature" baked goods. I originally got the recipe from my Grandmother who saved it from a box of butter years and years ago. They have stood the test of time. Thanks.
I've been making these cookies at least twice a year (at Christmas and for Teachers Appreciation Week) for over a decade now. The recipe is easy to follow, doesn't call for a lot of ingredients, and the outcome is out of this world! The combination of raspberry jam and almond shortbread is perfection. One note, though: Allowing the cookie dough to cool in the refrigerator for an hour before forming and baking is vital to the tender, flaky texture that makes these cookies a knockout (so don't skip this step).
I've made this recipe dozens of times and past it along to even more friends and family members. The cookie is so light and elegant. It's super easy to make. Only takes a few ingredients, that I always have on hand. One of my favorite cookies to make and eat.
raspberry cookies
This has become the new favorite cookie among my friends and coworkers.
I have made this recipes dozens of times and they have been perfect everytime! No, they do not need an egg, it is a shortbread cookie! To the people that are having trouble with them spreading too much, are you chilling the dough? Using a cool pan? I have never had this problem once and am not sure why you are. It is one of the simplest and lots of bang for your buck recipes ever!
ABSOLUTELY ADDICTING!!! Sandra below who rated it one star, The cookies will turn out flat if you us certain cookie sheets. I always have to use the Wilton, non stick cookie sheet to have the cookies stay in shape. I used an aluminum sheet once and the cookies did indeed flatten out.
This recipe is crazy good.
Everyone loves these. I make them ahead and freeze them with the jam and the glaze and they come out of the freezer just fine.
I was very disappointed in the results of the cookies. I checked numerous recipes and they all apparently use eggs (yolks) in the recipe. Is it possible you forgot to put this into your recipe. I made them twice with the same results. The cookies came out flat instead of staying in a ball with a thumbprint. Thank you, Sandra
Easy to make. Always a hit. The only cookie recipe I make (I'm not much of a baker) and I don't do the glaze usually. They're delicious enough.
Yummy cookies!
You will need more water in the glaze then it calls for.
LOVE LOVE this recipe!!! Soo good and easy!!!
Found this recipe on a butter box several years ago and they have been a family favorite ever since! I usually chill the dough first to help prevent spreading of the cookie while it bakes. I make them with seedless jam in raspberry, strawberry and blackberry. Always a hit!!
I havent made this recipe yet but I will make it for christmas I noticed that on other recipes of this cookies they add an egg yolk could that have something to do with their cookie not spreading. Could anyone tell if this is right thanks!
These have been a holiday tradition in my family for years. My brother always requests these when he comes home from Florida. They are so easy and sooo good.
I have made these cookies for many years. Adding a tablespoon of flour helps to keep them from spreading too much. I also chill the dough and make the cookies small and use the end of a wooden spoon to make the "thumb print". Everyone LOVES THESE COOKIES
I gave this recipe 3 stars because the flavor and overall texture is wonderful; unfortunately this recipe made for a very "spready" cookie, not at all well composed as the picture would suggest. I made the recipe exactly as directed; also- my kitchen was cool and my oven was well pre-heated, my dough was well chilled (for over 1 hour), I formed my cookies - then chilled them again prior to baking. i ended up with flat, fairly unattractive albeit tasty cookies. not a good choice for gift giving.
Excellent recipe!!! This is the second year I am using it for the cookie exchange I always receive many compliments when I make these.
Found this recipe on here about 3-4 years ago, and they are my favorite cookies, mmmm could eat the whole batch myself !! Sooo I make them for Christmas plates to share and everyone loves them, of course I keep some for myself !!!! Easy and I give them a 5 star rating!!!!!!!!
I make these every year for Christmas. Everyone who tries them LOVES them. I was never a big fan of thumbprint cookies but made them because the recipe was so easy. These are the best cookies I've ever had!
Beware: One friend calls them "evil cookies" because he can't stop eating them.
(I use seedless raspberry jam).
Our family and MANY of our freinds love these cookies!!! They are a "must have" for Christmas!!
To the cooks that had questions about the butter. I run a bakery wholesale route, part-time, and have worked with butter since I was young. It is important to not let the dough sit out and to make sure the butter is softened. Using butter that is even a little stiffer than it should be causes the cookies to spread out when the heat meets the pan, and this can also cause burning around the edges. Here is what I do: I make a batch X4 up and handle only 1/4 of a batch at a time, refrigerating the rest until use. Since I cook Amish and Mennonite recipes, I use veyr little mixers, and i find that using my hands to mix the dough makes it easier to tell what consistency that my dough is at. I can tell if I need to work in a little more flour, or if I need to add a dot or two of butter. Lastly, unlike non -Land O' Lake margarine, which had a lot of oils and preservatives in it, recipes using real butter sometimes require a decrease in the oven temperature. For example, if using margarine in the test kitchen ( commercial ovens), I cook the same shortbread cookies on 350 degrees; however, if I'm using butter, I cook them at 325 degrees.
The almond makes this butter cookie a great treat & softens the sweetness of the jam. I change the flavor of jelly based on the season or desired flavor. I omit the almond icing since it makes the cookie too sweet. It is a great treat with tea & easy to make.
My family loves this cookie. I do increase the almond extract to 1 teaspoon. They are good!!!
I found this recipe on the inside of a Land O Lakes butter box probably 20 years ago! When I baked every Christmas, this was ALWAYS on the 'must make' list. Delicious, tender, buttery cookies that hold up well to packaging & sending or piling on a plate for serving. I think they would be great made with apricot jam & have thought about making a variation, but the raspberry is so good, I just never change them!
These are absolutely delicious and always a crowd-pleaser
There is NOT a person around that dislikes these cookies!! MEN LOVE THEM!!! I've been making them ever since I found this recipe on the inside of Land O Lakes butter box. YUM!!
I make these every year. I love raspberry but you can also use strawberry. I have found if you chill each tray of formed cookies before baking they retain their shapes much better.
The cookies did not hold their shape. They spread out all over the pan to little pancakes. Other similar recipes use less butter. This could be the problem with this recipe.
I make these every year, they are a hit!
I found this recipe on the butter box about 6 years ago and have made them every year. A real family favorite.
Loved these! Many people asked for the recipe!
I love this recipe! This cookie is so delicious, very pretty and festive looking. It is a winner. People request this from me for my office parties. I use the jam with seeds and it does not make a difference.
This is our favorite cookie~~~I love it with plum jam~also red raspberry for the holiday~I have never had anyone not like this cookie. I only use land of lake butter and I think if you didn't that could make a difference.
Absolutely Excellent! I used this recipe for the cookie exchange at work and everyone loved them. So I'm using them again this year. I also tried making a different variation and used maple flavoring instead of alland was still good
I have been saving your recipes for the last 5 years they really are OUTSTANDING
These cookies are wonderful! I made them for a cookie swap, and they were the talk of the event.
I have made this recipe for twelve years since stumbling upon it in a Land O'Lakes cookie baking contest. This was the winner and I immediately knew why. My family demands these every winter!
I have been making these cookies since I found the recipe 15 years ago. This is my most requested recipe!!..It's such a gem, I almost hate to give it away. I love the traditional raspberry but have substituted with apricot as well. Another really good change is lemon! I use vanilla or lemon extract, lemon curd, and lemon juice in the glaze. This is a nice change for the spring at Easter.

I see some have trouble with the cookies keeping their shape. One thing I recommend and have found helpful over the years...keep the dough cold in the fridge between batches and do not handle the dough too much. It will get warm in your hands and sitting out on the counter.
you feel bad because it is so bad for you, but they are insanely delicious
The first time I made this, it turned out fine. However, my last few tries have been a disaster..the cookies kept burning! I didn't do anything different each time...followed recipe to the t. Does anyone know what's wrong?? Thx!
Simple to make, and so yummy.
I have been making this cookie for several years, and it is by far the most requested recipe I have. They are delicious, easy to make and beautiful. My go-to cookie recipe.
Hands down the best cookie recipe I have ever come across. Absolutely delicious and beautiful to look at! Huge hit at family get together. Great if you are trying to impress! But very easy to make!!!
I was looking for a short bread cookie and came across this. I made a batch for home and a batch for work. Even a co worker who "never eats" other people's food raved about this "melt in your mouth cookies". Can't get better praise then that......and oh yes we love them at home. I bake a batch when ever I need a "feel good day".
So simple to make and delicious!
I used vanilla extract instead of almond because I didn't have almond in the house.
I can't make enough of them. Out of all the cookies I bake...and that's ALOT, these are everyone's favorite.
I made this recipe and evetyone loved. My grandson could eat the whole batch at once. He is in the Air Force and shares with all his friends. My Daughter makes these all the time now. I subtituded vanilla extract for the almond extract. I also use pineapple filling.. Great cookie
I really liked the taste of these cookies but for some reason the shape didn't hold. I don't understand what I did wrong but if anyone has any suggestions that would be very helpful! And yes, I did refrigerate the dough for the necessary amount of time.
Awesome cookies!! Everytime I make these, people always insist on the recipe! Delicious!
DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!! These cookies are soo good & instantly became a favorite of my family! There not hard to make either.
This cookie is fabulous! The almond flavor enhances the raspberry flavor and the shortbread melts in your mouth...they are addicting.
I absolutely LOVE these cookies and my family wouldn't dream of having a Christmas without them! It always makes me smile when I take them to work, a party, or cookie exchange and people think they must be really hard to make because of the beautiful presentation. I just laugh, tell them how super-easy they are, and then share the recipe! Why keep a good thing to yourself, right?!!
This is the recipe that others request from me the most. Very good and very easy!
I love this cookie. It is easy, tasty and has a beautiful presentation.
These cookies were great ! I used baking parchment paper on the cookie sheets. I put 2 sticks of ubtter in the microwave for 20 seconds. The cookies took 16 minutes to bake. Appx. 36 cookies.
Excellent. I have made these for about six years and use Apricot jam as well as the Raspberry. Delicious. I color the icing to coordinate with the Christmas season, red on apricot and green on raspberry. They are a favorite. I misplaced this recipe during my move, so was delighted when I found it on your site for this year. It's after Christmas, but I'm making them anyway. Yum!!!!
If possible, I would rate these 10 stars! Love these cookies...everyone in my big family loves them! I've made them 2 years in a row and will always make them for Christmas from now on!
My favorite by far! It's always a hit when I bring to a party or give as a gift!
It is very easy to make and the cookies come out great! Everyone at home and at work just loved them!!!! I will be making them again for holidays to come.
This is my" FAVORITE" cookie!!! It is a" MUST HAVE" at Christmas!!
i have made these cookies for over 25 years. i love them.
I use lingon berries preserves instead of jam and my family calls this holiday favorite "Norway in a Cookie."
Wow- why do I only make these at Christmas? I'll have to remember to make them all year. I lke using cherry preserves best.
This a family favorite I make these very often. I use whatever jam I have on hand most of the time. Always Wonderful!!
I have been making this cookie at Christmas time for three years now. It is so easy to make and everyone raves over them! Normally I don't bother with cookies that don't have chocolate somewhere in the recipe, but these little gems are fantastic! Be sure to experiment with many kinds of jams/preserves. My favorite so far is black cherry! Delish!
My family and I love this recipe. These are mighty fine cookies!
I have been making the Rasberry Almond Shortbread Thumbprint cookies for the last 15 years at Christmas. They are hands down the family favorite! They're simple to make, festive looking and absolutely delicious! I definitely recommend this recipe!!
This is my daughter's favorite cookie. I even made 10 batches for her wedding.
I love this cookie, and so does my family. We aren't huge fans of raspberry, so have substituted orange marmalade and cherry preserves with great success and accolades.
These cookies are so good. My 14 year old son lobes them so much I double the recipe! I like to use apricot jam in half of them. Delish!!!
I have made these cookies for several years and everyone loves them! I make them for my husband for his birthday every year!!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful receipe!!!
I have these cookies for the last three years every holiday season. Everyone falls in love with them and requests them from me now! Thank you Land O Lakes for sharing this yummy recipe
i have made this recipe for YEARS from the recipe i found on the inside of the box. If i don't make these during the holidays, my family complains! they are delightful and delicious!
Everyone loves this cookie and it's so easy to make. It looks beautiful and tastes better.
I got this recipe off of the butter box years ago. This has been requested by fellow cookie exchange participants ever since! I love the almond flavor in both the cookie and the frosting. They freeze superbly - which is why they are part of the cookie exchange.
To make the indent I use the end of a thick wooden spoon. I place the jelly in a plastic baggie. This makes it easier to keep in the center and to control how much goes on the cookie. I put the icing in a baggie too.
I have made these cookies for the past two holiday seasons after stumbling on the recipe on-line. These are now my all time favorite cookies, they are absolutely delicious and they now get made year round!
Absolutely wonderful recipe! I was looking for something to freeze and use during the upcoming Christmas season when time for baking is scarce. This was perfect and easy too. I have lots of recipes to pick from as Christmas cookie baking has always been a favorite activity. I see this recipe being placed up at the top to be included as a new family favorite. Who was time to go through ALL of your wonderful recipes to choose the best? I REALLY appreciate knowing this is a favorite of your test kitchen staff. Thank you Becky!
A favorite cookie out of all the cookies I make. I use a small ice cream scoop for the dough so you don't have to roll the cookies into a ball. I also put the jam in a zip lock bag and cut a tiny hole in the bottom. Makes putting the jam in the cookie so much easier.
I have been making this recipe for years. My eldest son Christopher loves these. When he was younger he called them the little danish cookies. He is now 28 and must have them at Christmas. It is a family staple for all the holidays. I have added raspberry extract to the glaze instead of the almond, delicious! This is a must have cookie!!!!
I now have to bring these to all our family events. Everyone loves them. I leave out the almond extract in the glaze as I find it too be too overwhelming with the almond in the cookie and the glaze. The almond extract in the cookie seems to be the right amount for our taste. These cookies are very easy to make. I like to make the batter the day before the event and then I make the cookies the day of the event. It's just nice to break up the task when I have a lot of other things to make as well. It's a keeper!
These cookies are fabulous!! Well worth the work. I added a little extra jam after baking and did not use the icing. The cookies were flavorful enough with out it. Will definitely make again... and again!
I made these buttery cookies for Christmas 2009 and I am making for Easter as well. Our of all the Christmas cookies I made, this was the favorite!
I used both aN apricot filling as well as the raspberry filling. Instead of using my thumb to made the indentation, I used a wine bottle cork. It worked really well!
Called "Excellent" by the church ladies & a family favorite. I use seedless raspberry jam and apricot jam. I also add more when removing from oven & jam looks skimpy. Now I always have ingredients on hand.
I made this recipe at christmas and my family loved it, I used vanilla extract instead of almond in the glase, as I had run out of almond extract. This recipe is now added to my list to make at christmas, easy to make and oh so good.
There is no a sole who doesn't love these cookies!!! Esp. the guys!
Delicious...but very sweet!
I baked this recipe on parchment paper. I made the hole in the cookie with my thumb. I only baked them for 16 minutes at 350. I let them cool for 10 minutes. Made about 36 cookies in total. I did chill the dough in the refrigerator for an hour. I made the glaze it was very easy to make. I drizzled the glase with the whisker onto the cookies.
What I did with the 2 butter sticks was to melt it a little in the microwave at about 20 seconds it was easier to handle in the electric mixer. I poured the strawberry preserves with a 1/3 measuring spoon.
i made this recipe for the first time at christmas 2009. it was an absolute favorite rich almond flavor and raspberry filling combine to make this a sure crowd pleaser i will make this all year long for sure : even my mother was shocked at how simple the recipe was !
Have flour taste at the end of cookie. What can you do, to use less flour in cookie, without hurting the recipe? thanks
I followed the recipe to the t, these are easy to make and yummy! My friends and family loved these.
Make it gluten free by substituting 2 cups + 6T gluten free
flour mix for the 2 cups regular flour, and also add 6T
almond flour, which adds texture. I refrigerated the
dough overnight so it was very firm and wouldn't spread
too much. Be sure to use parchment paper on the cookie
sheet. After making the 1" balls, I used the handle of a
wooden spoon to make the indentation. If you put the
raspberry jam in a ziploc bag and snip off a corner to
squeeze into each indentation, it is much faster and less
messy. Follow the rest of the directions finding the best
baking time for your oven took exactly 14 minutes in my
electric oven using an insulated cookie sheet. Be sure to
let it stand 1-2 minutes before moving to a cooling rack -
just slide the whole parchment with the cookies onto the
rack. The only other adjustment I made to the recipe is I
used a little heavy cream in place of the water for the
glaze. They turned out beautiful!
I have made these for years and years, very easy, and loved by all. I vary the jams with peach preserves, blackberry jam and raspberry jam for 3 colors of cookies, I have also drizzled chocolate instead of the icing, great with cherry jam! I have also filled with my homemade cranberry sauce with great results. This and your Ginger Crinkles are the only two recipes I ALWAYS make. I try new recipes every year, and these are the only ones I repeat. Anyone know of any other great standbys that I am missing?
I have been making this recipe for quite a well now. I think its been maybe 5 to 6 years easily. I love it. I made it a few years ago for a good friend and he brought it to a christmas gathering and two people was fighting over the last cookie. These cookies I will make again and again and again. Absolutely delicious!!!
I found the dough hard to shape into balls then to thumbprint them on the cookie sheet....any suggestions?
these cookies are the best, try using lemon curd for a change. Yummy!
These are great. We used homemade cherry jam because that is what I had in the pantry. They were awesome.
I lost my LOL recipe, found it here...these cookies are incredible, melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and this is the only recipe I could use! This is the 3rd Christmas I have made these, my family loves them, this year I'm mailing a couple batches to family 600 miles away!
Family and friends look forward to this cookie every year. It is one of my all time favorites. The glaze is a must!
These cookies have become one of my most asked for Christmas cookies!
Everyone loves them!
I've been making this recipe since I first saw it on this site at least 10 years ago! LOVE it! It's very similar to the cookies my Swedish grandmother made us growing up. I substitute vanilla extract for the almond and don't put any extract at all in the glaze. You definitely need a heavy duty mixer to make this cookies.
These are scrumptious although I have tended to overbake them and they are still wonderful. I dont put the jam in before baking I add it afterwards and I used homemade strawberry freezer jam and they were SO yummy! I love the glaze on them but will try them with 10X sugar next time.
This cookie is so easy to make. Chill the dough for at least an hour or the result of the cookie will not be as desired. I make these every year and they are to die for!
My family loved these cookies and my husband ask if we could have them again.
These cookies are sooo good! I make them every Christmas. Be careful not to over fill the thumbprint because when they bake, they bubble over the sides of the cookie. Not too nice looking, but still oh so good!
OMG! What a great recipe. It is so delicious and easy! I will make this again and again and AGAIN!! I took this to my work where we were having an Easter luncheon and everyone was asking, "Who made these cookies?" Needless to say recipes were asked for and gotten. One of the best cookie recipes ever! Thank you Land O' Lakes.
Everyone I've made these for absolutely loved them. I got the recipe from a Land O Lakes holiday baking cookbook. Sometimes instead of making a glaze for the cookies, I just dust them with powdered sugar. That's a bit faster and makes the finished cookie less messy.
I make these cookies for holidays and special occasionsi.e. weddings, etc. They are a hit with everyone. They are delicious. I originally got found the recipe on a Land O'Lakes butter box and had it for years, but recently I lost the recipe. I was very disappointed, until I tried the Land O'Lakes website hoping to find it again. Am I glad it was here! I would recommend this cookie recipe to everyone, especially if you like the taste and flavor of almonds. Thank you Land O'Lakes!
If I could only make one cookie for the rest of my life....this would be it!
Love it!
These cookies came out perfect ! I think I almost ate the whole batch myself. They taste as good as they look, everyone in my house loved them. I will keep as a favorite of mine.
I have made these cookies for years and everyone loves them. No one can believe how incredibly easy they are to make. I love most anything raspberry and find homemade raspberry jam to be the best to use in these. I also often use canned pie cherries in this cookie recipe and they are always a hit, too. I use one cherry plus some of the jelly-like stuff in the can in place of the raspberry jam and they are delicious! Also very festive for Christmas or Valentine's Day, though I tend to make these cookies all year round for special occasions. I usually have some on hand in the freezer. I get many requests for these and for the recipe.
I love this recipe!! It's so easy...and my family loves them~~~
My son in college always calls before the holiday and ask me to make these...it's his favorite.
They have become a holiday tradition in our home....thanks land o lakes!!
These are great! A very simple and easy but elegant and delicious cookie. Baking the cookies with the jam makes it just a perfect addition to these cookies. I did find that it did not make quite as many as the recipe states, but we made a double batch and it's very easy to change the recipe ammounts. A Very pretty christmas exchange cookie. If you do not like as much sugar you can easily leave off the glaze, though it adds a pretty touch.
Have been making this cookie for years! It is a top favorite and they freeze wonderfully. I always leave out the almond flavoring in the glaze because I find it too overpowering.
"What do I bake?" It was the first "cookie swapping party" I have ever been to. I'm not a good baker. Cook, yes. Baker, no. I was so nervous. I knew Land o Lakes had a great cookbook. I used it so many times in the past for the "perfect dinner party recipies" So, I decided to search the web for the "perfect & easy cookie recipe". I must tell you, it was the hit of the party. The cookies are not only delicious but beautiful and professional looking. Everyone was surprised that I had the best cookies! Like I said in the beginning, I'm a great cook, not a baker! Can't wait till the next "cookie swapping party". Thank you, Land O Lakes, for helping me out.
These are so pretty and they taste great!!!!
I use a small pastry bag when putting the glaze onto the cookies, OR a small plastic sqeeze bottle with a small opening (Wilton makes these, and they're sold at Michael's)!
I have baked this cookies for at least 4 years. Everyone loves it and requests it at Christmas. Very easy to bake, just takes a little time.
These cookies look so professionally baked when finished but are probably the easiest cookie you'll ever make! I've made these for several years now and always get asked for the recipe. I overfill the indentation with the preserves because when it bakes the cookie spreads out a bit and then it's filled perfectly!
I have made this recipe every year for the last 4 Christmas's and everyone loves these cookies; so do I !
This recipe was almost too easy! I really like the raspberry jam, but the shortbread cookie is so good, you could just eat them plain. I will definitely bake these again!
I make these cookies all through the year and friends can't believe they aren't from a bakery. They look pretty, are a snap to make and I always have the simple ingredients on hand. Make sure you mix the dough till it's almost like playdough. I don't usually put the glaze on them. They are delicious without it.
this cookie was buttery and rich. it goes well with a hot cup of coffee. I made it using the drizzle and without. You could really taste the almond in the cookie. This recipe is a keeper!
Everyone loves these!

I have never made a batch of cookies that get more rave comments or requests for the recipe than these little gems!

I usually make them using red raspberry jam on half the batch and black raspberry jam on the other half. I have also been known to use orange marmalade or even pepper jellies for further variety.

Since the almond flavoring can cause problems for some folks, I always make a separate batch without.

I'm making myself hungry just writing about these fabulous treats! I think I'll go make up a few batches right now.
Everyone LOVED this recipe.
I've made these for the past few years and it's at the top of my must bake holiday cookies. My daughter requests these every year. I use a wine cork to make an indentation in the cookie to place the jam. A variety of different jams works well. All I can say is "They're delicious."
We have been making these cookies for 8 years now. They are a holiday family fav!
I have made these a few times and I love the taste of the cookie! Definte keeper!
These cookies were a hit! Everyone who I gave them to loved them! Had more than one request for the recipe. And they were easy to make. Would definitely make again & recommend to all!
This awesome cookie has been a staple in my Christmas
baking for years. Every year my niece's boyfriend asks me
months in advance if I am making this cookie for Christmas
again. It's also a great choice of cookie for any time of the year.
These little cookies were AWESOME! I wanted to make them for Christmas so I tried a batch before the holidays. I took them to work and to my fiance's parents house and everyone asked for the recipe! For Christmas I am going to try using a variety of different jams.
This cookie recipe is the most requested one at Christmas time. I bake between 10 to 12 different cookies and this one is at the top of my list to have on the cookie tray for family anf friends!
It's not Christmas to me without these cookies which I bake every year. I love the combination of the almond extract with the jam. So good and addictive. I can't wait to make them again this year!
You can't go wrong with these (or any Land o Lake recipe for that matter!) They're very good and quite easy to make.
absolutely delicious one of my favorites, never have enough of them they go fast
They are the first cookies gone!!
I had this one years ago from a printed version..In cleaning out the old books and paper clippings, it got thrown out. I was so happy when I found it on line again.. I used it as one of the cookies at my cookie exchange party last Christmas season...It was a hit!
I have been making these cookies for a few years now for the holidays. They are excellent !
This year I made five different batches of the dough,and used five different kinds of jam and preserves.
Another time saving idea is to use a scoop to make the cookies. Since they flatten out anyway, there is no need to roll into balls. Just use a small (size 100 ) scoop and then make the thumbprint.
Also putting the glaze in a baggie makes it much easier to drizzle over the cookies.
I also love this recipe,and have been making them every christmas.
I roll them in cut up pistachio nuts before baking,and everyone I serve them too wants the recipe.
It is definitely one of our favorites.
A keeper, I make this one every Christmas!
I have been making these cookies since 1998 and my family loves them. I have to make a double batch every time. I make them for Christmas and they never last long. Best cookie ever :)
I found this recipe on this website a couple of years ago. I made them at Christmas time. Now they have become a family tradition. I have to make them every year. Everyone expects them. And it is true they do ship well also. Great cookies.
I made these last year for a holiday party of 30ish year olds. Not only were there none left but I got emails the next day asking for the recipe! The hardest part of making these was finding something in my kitchen to make it faster to put a perfect divot in the cookies. Once I found that, these cookies took no time at all to make!
My family's most favorite cookie. A bit more time consuming but worth it.
I have been making this cookie for years! It is a favorite and the most requested cookie I make.It is impressive, yet so simple to make! You can't get any better than a buttery almond shortbread with raspberry jam! Great combination!
I have made this recipe ever since I found it on the web about 3 years ago. It doesn't make many but they are delicious. The cookie part isn't that sweet but the jam makes it wonderful. I always double or triple the recipe and it works out fine. Gorgeous ccokie for gift giving.
I have used lemon curd and quince for the filling but most love the raspberry
My family and friends can't wait to get these cookies for the holidays. I've given the recipe out to many people. It's just wonderful and ever so tasty.
These cookies are a holiday tradition for my family. My daughter waits for me to make them. When I lived on the west coast, I would send them to her (on the east coast)and she would horde them, Now that I am here I must make them every Xmas, and now my grandkids love them too. It is one of our family favorites, and thank you, it is an easy recipe, and they ship really well.
Very good cookie! My family loved these. Very pretty and make a wonderful presentation.
These are the best cookies! My family loves these & can't get enough of them. I always have to double, even triple the batch. I highly recommend this recipe.
These are a holiday favorite - and any time of the year. They are very easy to make yet look very detailed. I use different flavors of preserves, some seeded, some not. I highly recommend this recipe.
I have been making these cookies for years. I must say this
is the most requested recipe I have. Everyone loves this

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