Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies Recipe

Peanut Blossom Cookies

A holiday cookie exchange favorite! Peanut butter cookies topped with a chocolate candy kiss are always a hit, and peanut butter cookie recipes don't get much easier than this.

45 min. prep time
48 cookies
88588 Ratings


1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1/2 cup Land O Lakes® Butter, softened
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 cup sugar
48 milk chocolate candy kisses, unwrapped


Heat oven to 375°F.

Combine 1/2 cup sugar, brown sugar, butter and peanut butter in bowl. Beat at medium speed until light and fluffy. Add egg, vanilla and salt; continue beating until well mixed. Add flour and baking soda; beat at low speed, scraping bowl often, until well mixed.

Shape dough into 1-inch balls. If dough is too soft, refrigerate 30-60 minutes. Roll balls in 1/4 cup sugar. Place 2 inches apart onto ungreased cookie sheets.

Bake 8-10 minutes or until very lightly golden brown. Immediately press 1 chocolate kiss in center of each cookie. Remove to cooling racks.

Nutrition Facts (1 cookie)

Calories: 100

Fat: 5g

Cholesterol: 10mg

Sodium: 70mg

Carbohydrates: 12g

Dietary Fiber: 0g

Protein: 2g

Recipe #7946©2001Land O'Lakes, Inc.

Recipe Comments & Reviews

I have found if you don't refrigerate before hand they are to soft and they cook flat. Still taste good though. Just remember to put the dough in the fridge for awhile.
This is the best recipe ever. Third time making it and i always douvble everything, as far as the flour i use 2 1/2 cups and works great. My daughter loves helping with rolling them in sugar and , putting the kisses on. Thank You and God Bless...
I have never had a bad batch with this recipe. They always turn out light and fluffy, and people at work beg me to bring more. A couple things I do differently-I always bake at 350 degrees instead of 375. I do this for every kind of cookie, 25 degrees less than what the recipe calls for. If you guys have flat cookies, the dough is probably too warm. Refrigerate before rolling into balls or use a cookie scoop to get the right amount, and then quickly roll into balls. Great recipe.
These cookies turn out perfectly every time! I sometimes use dark chocolate kisses, which is a great variation.
Followed recipe exactly...chilled dough for a short time before rolling onto balls...PERFECTION!
This gets a 4 star because it is rather flat, not puffy like the picture. I had to find this recipe online also, since I misplaced my Christmas recipes in my move, and used this Land O'Lakes one here. The ones I make are fluffier, like the picture here. I am sure I would not have used shortening so I don't know what's different about this recipe from mine. However they are tasty. But I want them to taste AND look great.
Can I use crunchy peanut butter?
Test Kitchen Comment


Hi Jody, crunchy peanut butter will change the texture of the cookie, but it should work just fine. Happy baking!
Posted December 30, 2015
Can you use the dark chocolate Kisses?
Test Kitchen Comment


Hi Kevin, if you'd like to use dark chocolate candy kisses, that would work just fine! Happy baking!
Posted December 21, 2015
my wife likes to make these cookies topless. I always say, nothing goes better with peanut butter cookies than milk! Ah, the holidays!
the cookies turned out a bit flat. In the past when I have made peanut butter blossoms they are fat and prettier....not sure what recipe used previously or the difference. The flavor was good.
Jacks, two times 1 3/4 IS 3 1/2, so you've been doing it RIGHT all these years!
I have been making this recipe for years and it's perfect. I always double it. Today I realized that all of this time, I've been doubling the 1 3/4 cups flour to 3 1/2 cups. Which is wrong. Should be 2 1/2. However, it works. The cookies don't need to be refrigerated before I make them and they are perfect and chewy. I
My local coffee shop had a similar recipe but they used "crunchy" PB and caramel in the center and called it "salted-caramel" peanut butter cookies. Super tasty. Will purchase caramels, half them and try it out.
Thank you for this recipe. Some use part shortening. We all know shortening coats the tongue and we cannot really "taste" then. Love these!! 10 stars!
Delicious! I used dove chocolates in place of kisses and they came out perfect!
Just perfect!!
Just moved recently and haven't found my recipe box yet....not good at Christmas time, so I had to look online for substitutes. This recipe is fantastic! Quick and easy to make and I got 49 cookies out of it. I followed it as is and had no problems with perfect results. One change though, is that I use miniature peanut butter cups instead of kisses because I am a peanut butter addict! This will be the recipe I use from now on.
This was a nice recipe! My son enjoyed helping - lots of things for kids to help with, from unwrapping the candy to making the balls and rolling in sugar. We used colored sugar to make them festive. A double batch was the perfect amount for the family size bag of kisses.
I used 1 -2 tablespoons less flour than the recipe called for and refrigerated my dough for 30 minutes before I baked them. Preheated my oven for 20 minutes while I mixed up the recipe and cooked for 8 minutes on parchment paper. Cookie perfection! I pushed the kisses in deep and went back and gave each a slight second nudge to make sure that they were secure. With 4 kids the first batch was gone in 5 minutes.
This recipe is better than my old one with shortening. To Adriana I would say also to make sure you press the kiss deep enough into the dough because they don't ink o much a the cookie rise around them.
In the directions it says 'add egg in the recipe it doesn't have egg listed ???? Also to store , weather in plastic zip bag or in a plastic container add a piece of white bread amazing how they stay so great not hard . also use white bread I find they pickup the flavor of rye or wheat. Now Eggs or egg ???? Thanks
Test Kitchen Comment


Hi Wanda, there is 1 egg listed in the recipe ingredients, so you should use 1 egg in the recipe. Thanks for sharing the tip about the bread!
Posted December 17, 2014
I was visiting my mother and did not have my recipe for this, so I used this one. It's better than the one I have at home! I will use this one from now on.
this is the best recipe .I made some with the buttered Crisco and it is nothing like this recipe .these turned out the way I remembered them.
My MIL/SIL have made this recipe for about 20+ years! Its very simpleover the years we've added our own personal touched like using peanut butter cups instead of kisses or rolling the peanut butter balls in green or red sanding sugar for Christmas cookie tray.
Good recipe but too much flour. 1 3/4 cups is too much and most recipes use only 1 1/2 cups.
My family loved them. Make the balls a little smaller than one inch otherwise you'll end up with 30 cookies rather than 48.
I made these for Christmas. Very good. Glad to have found a recipe not using shortening. I used a #60 ice cream scoop - this made 37 (2 1/4-inch) cookies.
I doubled my recipe so have over 100 peanut butter blossom cookies. Do you have a suggestion as to how to store in rubbermaids w/o smashing the kisses and cookies?
I want to freeze and store until CHristmas.
Test Kitchen Comment


Last evening I made these cookies. I used a plastic container and placed 1 layer of cookies in the container. Then I put the cookies in the freezer, so the chocolate would get hard. Then I placed a sheet of waxed paper in the container and placed a second layer of cookies on top. As before I froze the cookies and then packed the cookies as I have mentioned above. It worked. You will need to use several containers. Using paper between layers helped so the chocolate would not get marred.
Posted December 23, 2013
How long is the shelf life of these cookies? Could they reasonably be made one week in advance of being eaten?
Test Kitchen Comment


Yes, making them and storing them for 1 week would be just fine.
Posted December 17, 2013
These cookies are delicious. The texture is very soft inside with a little crisp on the outside. My family will devour these!
Yummy! My family loved these cookies and so did I. However, I'm just wondering what I did wrong. They spread out quite a bit so the kisses just sat on top. In all the pictures I've seen they seem to be more pillowy where the kisses sink in. Although they tasted really good, I would like to know what I may gave done wrong. BTW, I live in NM, high altitude.
Test Kitchen Comment


What happened could likely be related to high altitude. But, I would always make sure that the butter is not too soft. If too soft, the cookies will spread more than they should.
Posted December 17, 2013
For Christmas - I use the Brach's chocolate stars instead of the kiss. Love to have the Christmas star in my cookie
Oh so good! I didn't have any shortening on hand for my family's traditional peanut butter cookies, so tried this butter recipe. Wonderful! I love putting the chocolate on after baking--they softened perfectly into the cookie.
I make these into smaller balls and use the miniature kisses found in the baking aisle. They look so cute on a cookie plate and I can justify cheating more than once a day. Just the right size for tea parties with my granddaughters.
These came out great for me. I made them a little too big. One recipe made 30 vs. 48. I used natural peanut butter and added a little milk to the dough and that consistency worked beautifully. Delicious.
Help, I do not know what I did wrong. I followed the recipe to be exact. They are crumbling and taste somewhat like peanut butter. I am doing these for a bake sale and make a double batch. Is there any way to fix the mix so I don't waste it?
Test Kitchen Comment


From your description it sounds like the dough is crumbly and dry. I suggest you add a couple of tablespoons of milk to the dough and knead it in. If you need more, it is ok to add some additional milk. I think that the dough just needs soe extra moisture.
Posted November 10, 2013
I live in the UK where can i get some of the ingredients?
Test Kitchen Comment


Most of the ingredients are found in the supermarket. The chocolate candies are like candy drops found in the candy section.
Posted June 05, 2013
I love using this recipe. The butter (not shortening) version is much more gourmet and tasty. I use the kisses with caramel in the middle. Make sure you have plenty of milk around!!
These were very good, after i added the kisses I put them back in the oven for 30 seconds to sit the kisses so they do not fall out and it makes the candy softer, will make again, thanks
Delicious and easy... Pinning this!!
These cookies are a family favorite! They are so delicious we always make a double batch!! My daughters and I love making them together, it's always more fun and easier to do! I use Brach's chocolate stars instead of chocolate kisses. After cookies cool on the racks I put them on a cookie sheet and place in the refrigerator to set the chocolate. This makes them easier to store.
The taste of these cookies is absolutely delish. However I used Skippy natural peanut butter (with reduced sodium & sugar), i don't know if that's what made them break apart when i added the kisses. I guess i would try regular peanut butter next time & see if that improves the consistency.
Test Kitchen Comment


We tested the recipe with a national brand of peanut butter but we did not use the natural variety which could be slightly different. We used regular creamy peanut butter.
Posted December 31, 2012
I've been making these cookies for over 30 yrs! It's one of my families favorite Christmas cookie :-)
I made this recipe today and it was perfect! I doubled it, and used real Land-o-Lakes butter. I probably made bigger balls, because the double recipe made about 60 cookies......but that is ok, no one is going to be disappointed!
These are a huge favorite in our house. They are a must to include in your Christmas cookie batches. My kids cannot eat them fast enough!
We have always called these cookies "Jaz's cookies" after our oldest daughter :-)
The only substitution I made was using soy butter, instead of peanut butter.
This is a truly perfect recipe. I would suggest doubling the recipe, using JIF reduced fat peanut butter, and cooking them for exactly 10 minutes. The cookies look perfect and I can't get people to stop eating them! EXCELLENT!
Fabulous. The kids have so much fun making these. My ten year old daughter follows the recipe no problem! They are delish. ;)
I was looking for a low-cholesterol recipe for peanut butter cookies. Since I couldn't find one I liked, I decided to make these but change it up a bit. Super delicious! I used Best Life spread instead of butter. Still tasted the same. Kids loved them!
I made this recipe with Land O Lakes margarine instead, which is what I prefer to use for baking. Truly excellent.
These are awesome on their own! I was after a recipe for plain peanut butter cookies that did not require the dough being refrigerated overnight, and these were a hit! Excellent soft baked peanut butter cookies, or blossoms if you desire:)
I love peanut blossoms because they are so easy to make and the family loves them too. The Land O'Lakes recipe is the best.
Excellent flavor and easy to make. My family really enjoyed them. Me too!
i make this recipe and use the little reese's minature peanut butter cups instead of the kisses and man does everyone go nuts over them. not as pretty, but the peanut butter lovers sure come out of the woodwork for them.
These were great!! Made a Quadrupole batch and they turned out great. Did everything exactly as said 8 mins at 375 and they were perfect.
Very easy to roll. Great recipe.
Love ie
I didn't alter any of the ingredients. However, I baked the cookies at 325 for 9 minutes. These cookies came out AWESOME!
i used this recipe for my Christmas Cookie Sharing, they loved them 5 stars
This is the BEST recipe. The cookies are BEAUTIFUL and absolutely delicious. I added 3/4 c. peanut butter (instead of 1/2c.) and changed nothing else. The dough is soft and easily rolls and stays in ball form. My children can't stop eating them and think they are just amazing. A keeper...for sure!
I made this recipe for my family that is gluten and peanut free. I used Gluten Free all purpose flour and sunflower butter to substitute for the peanut butter. They turned out amazing!!! They tasted just like the cookies my husband and I had growing up without food allergies. I also love this recipe because I always have these ingredients on hand and it's a crowd pleaser allergy sensitive or not.
Excellent recipe. The cookies were very moist. My kids said they were the best ever.
My grandkids love this recipe. They ask me to make this alot. I made a double batch for back to school. Also add this for a bake sale or having a yard sale. Your customers are apt to buy something from you.
For a variation, I made the cookies exactly as written, but made an indentation on the top on the top of the ball with my thumb and filled it with jelly before baking. I've used raspberry and grape jelly with equal success. Very good, and a solution for those people (however few they may be) who do not like chocolate!
Nothing beats the combination of peanut butter and chocolate!!
These turned out wonderful! I used the store brand peanut butter with honey since that was the only PB I had at home and just subtracted a bit of the sugar the recipe calls for. They turned out exactly as pictured, wonderful recipe, I will be trying this again!
These are excellent, and my husband who is a little picky about peanut butter cookies says these are "award winners" and "better than his gramma's" (but we won't tell her that). I decreased the flour by 1/4c after seeing this recipe elsewhere, and they came out nice and soft. I took them out when they were cracking but a little underdone and they were perfect. They hit the spot, delicious!
This Peanut Blossom Cookie recipe is soooo Delicious & easy also !
This is a simple recipe. It is a good one for kids
Really yummy
I really like these peanut butter blossom cookies because my friend Annie made them for Christmas last year. And they really turned out really good.
I LOVE these cooies, they are just great! Making them for my classes how to speech in high school this week :)
I have never made Peanut Butter Blossom cookies and chose this recipe because it was made with butter vs. shortening. This is a fun cookie to make with kids! I made them with my 6 yr old and he had a blast roll the dough into balls and into the sugar. I used JIF peanut butter and my batch only made 36 cookies. I don't think I have ever made as many cookies as a recipe states.....I guess I naturally make them bigger. I only cooked for 8 if I made them smaller, I probably would only bake for 7 minutes. They are hard cookies after a few days.....but I love the sugary (texture) peanut butter taste.
Perfect! No problems and easy to make.
I rate this recipe with 5 stars. It is one of the best peanut butter cookie recipes I have ever used. Have recommended it highly to friends.
These are my family's favorite Christmas cookies. I have made them for years and they always turn out great! I make them the same way all the time! We always use Jif Peanut butter. Gooooooooood!
These are very good. I did have to put batter in refrigerator about 45 minutes and that really helped
shape the cookies although they didn't actually look like balls. They held up, though, through baking.
I would make again.
Tested this recipe out and it turned out sooo fabulous! Going to make this as giveaways for my husbands workplace.
I didn't have shortening so I looked for a recipe with butter. I was making it for school and when the
cookies came out of the oven they all broke and crumbled when you added the kiss. What good is
taste when you can't take give them away. The presentation is definitely not like in the picture.
Very disappointing!!!!!!!
Tasted ok, but the texture was too dry and sandy.
??? How many grams of sugar per cookie ???
my husband likes these so did a search and came up with yours. I baked a double batch and took a pan to work for the guys and athe other half to husband. Everyone raved about them except for the 3 guys that didn't get any because the other guys ate them all, I allowed for 5 each. So thank you for sharing the recipe.
I make these cookies with crunchy peanut butter and roll the dough in plastic wrap ( tube shape ) and freeze it. the dough is easier to cut evenly semi-frozen and I always have a quick family favorite on hand to pop in the oven! My kids use all sorts of different candies on top, m$m's, hershey miniatures, you get the idea! And they are just as good topless..wet a fork with water, dip it in sugar and make a criss-cross design on top. PS. we are handing out frozen cookie rolls at our family's Thanksgiving dinner with recipe cards attached. talk about "brownie points" LOL
Recipe does not specify that the peanut butter used should be a SUPERMARKET brand for instance, Jif or Peter Pan, which is a big mistake. Maybe the author was reluctant to specify a "non-natural" ingredient? In any case, the emulsifiers, extra sugar, etc. are important to the recipe, and using natural peanut butter makes cookies that spread much, much more than the ones in the photo. Very disappointing.
Very tasty and easy. They have a mild peanut flavor, which I
think is okay since you have the chocolate kiss there too. I
just made these tonight. I doubled the recipe and got 72
good-sized cookies. Since they're for Christmas I also
sprinkled colored sugars on top, as well as rolling them in
granulated sugar.
Delicious, foolproof recipe, as all the LOL recipes have been for me so far. I keep my house cold in the winter so I never have any problem with them setting up and am able to stack them for storage easily.
I have been making these cookies for years, at Christmas and they never let me down! They are a crowd pleaser with family, friends, co workers-everyone! Delicious and easy to make.
This is a family favorite and my co-workers love them too. Substitute chocolate stars Brachs milk chocolate stars for the kisses and you have a festive-looking treat during the holidays.
Best Peanut Blossom cookie recipe that I have found. Recommend that you double the recipe.
A standard favorite, delicious and easy to make. For a variation, put the balls in mini muffin tins and invert the kisses. These are much easier to pack!
Once you cool for a few minutes on wire rack, I recommend placing cookies on dinner plates and placing in freezer for 15 minutes so the kisses will harden. Then I transfer to cookie tins or freezer bags & store in freezer until ready to serve (allow time to thaw - 15 minutes).
These are very tasty. The only complaint I have is that the kisses don't set up, so they have to be stored in a single layer which takes up a lot of space.
I usually make a recipe that calls for shortening but I didn't have any. I did have butter and found this recipe. I think I may replace my old recipe with this one. It was very easy to make and tastes wonderful!
This is really a great recipe. The taste is delicious and would certainly make again.
these are a easy and very tasty cooking. these are amung the first to go when we make them

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