Sandwich Bread (Gluten-Free Recipe)

Sandwich Bread (Gluten-Free Recipe)

Gluten-free bread that's perfect for your next sandwich.

15 min.prep time 2:40total time
16 servings
55555 Ratings


1 cup warm milk (about 110ºF)
1/4 cup sugar
2 1/4 teaspoons active dry yeast
2 1/2 cups Gluten-Free Flour Blend (see below)
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup Land O Lakes® Butter, melted, cooled


Combine milk, sugar and yeast in bowl; set aside 10 minutes.

Combine flour blend and salt in large stand mixer bowl; beat with stand mixer on low speed, gradually adding yeast mixture until well combined. Add butter and eggs; beat, scraping bowl occasionally, until well mixed. Increase speed to high; beat about 3 minutes or until batter is very smooth.

Cover, let rise in warm place 1 hour.

Grease 8x4-inch loaf pan. Stir dough; pour into pan, leveling top. Loosely cover with greased plastic food wrap; let rise 20-30 minutes or until just above top edge of pan.

Heat oven to 350°F.

Bake 42-50 minutes or until top is golden brown. Remove bread from pan; cool completely on cooling rack.

Recipe Tip

Gluten-Free Flour Blend: Combine 2 cups rice flour, 2/3 cup potato starch, 1/3 cup tapioca flour and 1 teaspoon xanthan gum. Use appropriate amount for recipe; store remainder in container with tight-fitting lid. Stir before using.

This recipe was developed using alternative flours and products labeled as “gluten-free.” The best source for additional information is the ingredient listing on product packaging. Learn about gluten-free baking.

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Nutrition Facts (1 serving)

Calories: 140

Fat: 4g

Cholesterol: 35mg

Sodium: 190mg

Carbohydrates: 25g

Dietary Fiber: 1g

Protein: 3g

Recipe #14896©2010Land O'Lakes, Inc.

Recipe Comments & Reviews

I have been struggling to find a viable GF bread recipe that tasted like 'real' bread. Just eating my first slice and it's fabulous! More to come :-)
This is such an easy recipe, and my girls LOVE it. They hate it when I have to substitute store bought gluten free bread. My oldest, who is 9, can make this recipe with very little assistance. We even have our nanny eating this bread and skipping her traditional sandwich bread. I do add a little honey to the recipe, and decrease the sugar a little.
This bread was fantastic, and even better the next day, which is a rare in the GF bread department. Its soft, has good flavor and made excellent sandwiches. And worked for french toast as well! I'm thinking it would make great hamburger buns.

Due to allergies to dairy and eggs, these are the changes i made. I used 2 tsp of The Vegg+1/2 cup of water = the 2 eggs. Used vegan 'butter' and soy milk, and exchanged the xantham gum for psyllium husk powder.
My 12 year old son loves to bake, he made this bread,and it came out beautifully. Would love to post a picture, but don't know if we can. Thanks
I found this recipe and i loved the simplicity of it and good reviews, so, i tried it and follow it step by step but the bread never raised? I got a good quality active dried yeast...the taste of the bread is beautiful but the texture is terrible. What could i have done wrong? Thanks.
Test Kitchen Comment


The volume of this bread is not much higher than the top of the bread pan. I do not think you did anything wrong. If you let it raise in a warm place covered it should rise to the top of the bread pan.
Posted September 10, 2014
Just finished mixing this bread recipe - it was so thick. I mean REALLY thick, Added almost 2 cups of water so I could finish mixing. Right now it is raising, hope it is something I can eat when all is said and done.
On Jan 22 2014 Pris left a comment for which no one responded. I too have the same question. My father-in-law is incredibly talented in the cooking and baking field but dispite all of his efforts, the bread either collapses when cooled or comes out dense with a hard crust and too much moisture. I sent him this recipe and his response was:
"Yeast batters don’t work because there is no gluten to give the batter structure. They deflate. They bake beautifully only to sag away as they cool because of no gluten" He uses baking soda, baking powder and vinigar instead of yeast.
What are your thoughts about making the best gluten-free bread? Do you have a favorite recipe that you could share with me?
I look forward to your reply.

Your simple recipe is perfection !
Finally a GF free that tastes, feels, and behaves like normal bread! Our daughter had to be put a GF 4 weeks and I have been trying to get a half decent loaf of GF bread baked at home from scratch and have been failing at every attempt. This one is fantastic! The only alteration I made was with the xantham gum, I didnt add any to the flour mix. To replace it I use 1tsp of dry chia seeds per cup of flour mix and mix them with 3 times the amount of boiling water, let it thicken and add to the dough, batter mix. (so in this recipe I used 2.5 tsp(dry) chia seeds mixed them with 2 tbs + 2.5 tsp of boiling water and once it makes a thick paste like substance addded it to the mix along with the eggs and butter). GF bread is so incredibly expensive to buy ($5 per loaf, which are really half the size of a normal loaf of bread). One question. do you know how well and how long this bread will keep in the freezer or in th fridge? Thank you!
I neither have a bread maker or a big kitchen aid with a bread attachment.
Can this be mixed with my hand held kitchen aid?
I so miss good bread and want to try this.
Test Kitchen Comment


Hi Margaret, This recipe will work with a hand mixer, but it will take much longer for the dough to come together than if you used a stand mixer. Happy baking!
Posted June 18, 2014
I have a one pound bread maker. What are the ratios for that size loaf
Test Kitchen Comment


I would use half the amount of each ingredient. We have not tested this recipe in a bread maker at this time. But, from my experience using a one pound bread baker, this is what I would do.
Posted March 28, 2014
Made with lactose-free milk and it was delicious!
Hello Cindy. Thank you for this easy to follow recipe. This was the first GF bread recipe I've ever made, so I have a few questions for you. I followed your recipe (including the given GF flour blend recipe) to the letter. I timed everything exactly, and I made sure to check the loaf's temperature for doneness (205 degrees F.) It looks great, but it smells like beer! After it cooled completely, I cut a slice: The inside looks fine, but it smells like beer! The mouth-feel is fine, tastes like beer! (Sorry for my repetitiveness.) Did I over-proof the dough? Is that smell to be expected with GF breads? It's odd because when I did the final stir the dough smelled like mashed potatoes. Though I'm new to bread-baking, I am familiar with the behavior of yeast in gluten bread doughs; and this has never happened with any of those recipes. Can you offer any insight as to what I may have done wrong? Also, is this bread safe to eat? The thought of throwing away something made from expensive ingredients makes me crazy ;-) Thanks in advance for your help.
Test Kitchen Comment


The insight I might offer is that you are working with yeast and possibly the yeast may have over proofed the dough for it to smell like beer. It is difficult for me to replicate this problem. But, this is what I suspect may have happened.
Posted March 28, 2014
Haven't baked yet, but rated according to previous reviewers. However, in lieu of milk, using potato water in bread gives a nice texture and flavor. When you next boil potatoes for dinner, save the water. The thicker the 'broth' the better tasting the bread.
I don't give out the 5 star lightly. But, I've tried numerous GF bread/roll recipes, and this bread recipe is SO good that I was concerned I had used regular flour (which I didn't). So, it's a winner with us!
I have a Zojirushi bread machine & used that to make the loaf (GF bread setting). I warmed the milk, beat in the egg (to warm them up), added to the machine, melted the butter & added that, and then added all the dry ingredients. Used King Arthur GF flour. Ooops, forgot to add Xanthan Gum, but it didn't seem to matter!
Most GF bread recipes are also dairy free & Vegan. I think this makes for dense and/or crumbly breads -- not the tastiest, best textured stuff. People with Celiacs often need dairy free, too...but, we don't. When I searched for GF bread recipes that had eggs, butter, and milk, this came up & I'm glad I tried it!
I've made this twice and have been very happy with the results. Best tasting gluten free bread I've made so far Thank you!
Great recipe, tastes just like gluten bread. It also makes an excellent dinner roll if you bake it in a cupcake pan. My family said the dinner rolls made with this reminded them of King's Hawaiian Rolls.
I have made this recipe three times now. I used Pamela's Artisan Flour blend. The batter comes our very thick and dough-like, unlike any other GF bread I have made. The first time I made it, I got excellent oven spring, and beautiful loaf, but it was undercooked and collapsed when I removed it from the loaf pan. The flavor was delicious, though. The second and third times I have had very little oven spring and a very dense, disappointing loaf. I don't understand why it sprang so beautifully the first time but never again.
Do you use UNSALTED or SALTED butter? Can you use Lactose-Free Whole Milk?? I am guessing UNSALTED since salt is another add in ingredient. Please advise.
Test Kitchen Comment


These are great questions. You really can use either salted or unsalted butter. If you prefer one over the other use that one. We have not tested with lactose-free milk but I would believe the lactose-free product would work just fine. Use the same amount of milk as is listed in the recipe.
Posted January 09, 2014
Loved the bread, as toast or for sandwiches. I only have I question. Does it matter what type of rice flour to use, white, brown, glutinous, sweet rice?
Test Kitchen Comment


We have only tested this recipe with white rice flour.
Posted January 06, 2014
This recipe looks very promising! I'm trying to also eliminate processed sugar from my diet; could honey be substituted instead?
Test Kitchen Comment


You could try honey in place of the sugar. Be careful with the amount you add since you are adding a liquid in place of the dry sugar ingredient. You may have to adjust the flour to compensate for the liquid ingredient.
Posted December 23, 2013
I made this on Wednesday and was very pleased. Like with wheat flour you do have to watch your indoor temperature and humidity, I did not. The second rise was not significant, however, it was slightly over the top of the side of the pan. After cooking exactly 42 minutes, I looked at the bread and it was a beautiful amber color but the rise had fallen a bit. Since I was baking in 70% humidity,, I am guessing I could have used less milk.? On a positive note; the bread was not gooey, it was actually perfect and did not fall apart at all. This is a great loaf of bread!!!!!! Will be making many more loaves.

Closest thing to regular white bread I've tasted since going Gluten Free! THANK YOU!!!!!
I ended up using Bobs Red Mill All purpose gluten free flour and it came out amazing! I am enjoying a piece right now with a little butter on it- yum. I made the mistake of letting it sit in the pan (before cooking) longer than the 20-30 min stated in the recipe so it spilled over the sides of the pan but, came out easily and tastes great.
This is DELICIOUS! I made it for my daughter (she is gluten intolerant), and we struggle finding a sandwich bread that tastes good. (Most I find in the stores are a bit dry and flavorless from being frozen, etc.) I have never made bread before but just followed the directions and it came out delicious. The bread sunk a bit when I took it out, will have to see how to remedy that but it did not affect the taste. I think this is a winner!
I am new to making GF bread & this was super easy and turned out great. I did, however use purchased GF flour blend instead of the recommended GF flour combo. I'm not sure it will work for sandwiches because it does fall apart easily. Do you think it was the flour that creates this affect? I'm searching for a good GF sandwich bread
Test Kitchen Comment


The structure of a GF bread is delicate. Without the gluten to give the bread structure it is difficult to have a strong structure. Slicing the bread slightly thicker may help to give the bread more substance.
Posted November 25, 2013
I am trying this bread this weekend and am very excited about it. I was curious what kind of milk was used. Can I use my Unsweetened Almond Milk or do I need to use 2%?
Test Kitchen Comment


Yes, you can use almond milk in place of the 2% milk. Just make sure you use the same amount as what is called for in the recipe.
Posted November 25, 2013
This is the best bread ever! Even my non GF family loves it! I find it very easy to make and it makes the house smell wonderful. Nothing like the smell of bread in the oven! Thanks for great recipe! I would encourage everyone to try the Land O Lakes GF butter cake. It's great!
I just got a 2lb breadmaker and was wondering if I make the bread in a breadmachine. Do I have to alter the recipe at all?
Test Kitchen Comment


You do not need to alter the recipe ingredients. The recipe just makes one loaf and so in the 2# machine it may seem like a small amount. I think it would be best to mix the ingredients using the bread machine and bake it in a bread pan in the oven.
Posted September 11, 2013
Is the serving size/nutritional info for 1 traditional size slice or 2 slices? I just made this, looks great. It's cooling and waiting to slice.
Test Kitchen Comment


The nutrition is calculated/slice.
Posted August 27, 2013
I can't believe I have never rated this bread recipe. I've been making it for several years and it is a lovely loaf. Lovely flavor, slices like a dream. Best part is I can make it in my bread machine too! I use the quick cycle that finishes the loaf in about an hour.

I just made grilled cheese and tomato on it, yummy!
Hi there,

This recipe looks great. Can you use almond flour instead of the GF blend of flours above?

Test Kitchen Comment


You could experiment and use the almond flour in place of one of the flours in the GF blend we use. The recipe was developed using the GF blend of flours which highlight qualities from each of the flours in this bread recipe.
Posted August 19, 2013
My husband and I LOVED this bread!!! I made it in my bread machine (settings: gluten free, 1.5 lbs and medium crust). I mixed the milk, sugar and yeast and set aside for about 10 min. I mixed the melted (cooled) butter with the 2 eggs. I added the butter and egg mixture to the bread machine, and then I added the flour mixture and made a large well and added the milk/yeast/sugar mixture. I did use a spatula to help in the mixing process (to make sure all the ingredients were well blended). This will my be my go to gluten free bread!!
I made this in my bread maker. I used my gluten free setting on my machine and mixed the flour with the eggs and butter before I put it in the machine. Then I added the milk/sugar/yeast mix and helped it blend in the machine. The only change is that I used bread machine (RapidRise) yeast. The top of the loaf isn't very smooth, but the taste of the bread is excellent. If you come up with a bread machine version that would be good to see, too.
I am making this bread right now! :) I'm curious to know what everyone has done about storage. Is it better to keep this bread refrigerated and hope to eat it quickly, or has anyone found that freezing is a success?
Test Kitchen Comment


I suggest that once the bread has cooled you cut the bread into slices. Then freeze the bread in a plastic freezer bag or plastic freezer container. It will keep much fresher longer that way.
Posted August 14, 2013
After being told my husband needed to be on a Gluten-free diet, I was amazed at how bad food was from the store bakery. This was such a pleasant surprise. It was delicious, the whole family loved it including my 2 year old granddaughter. I guess I'll be making more homemade bread all the time.
Instead of using the Land O Lakes All Natural Egg, can I substitute for a regular egg?
Test Kitchen Comment


Hi Margaret, Land O Lakes Eggs are farm-fresh, all-natural, and produced by hens that are fed a premium, all-vegetable, whole-grain diet. Since the quality of Land O Lakes Eggs are so great, you can be sure that when you use them to cook or bake, you'll end up with something delicious. Because our eggs may not be available in your area you may use any large egg in our recipes.
Posted July 31, 2013
Just finished making this recipe with my son.. We were hopeful, but kept our expectations in check since we were first time bakers. Surprise, surprise, surprise - the bread came out perfect and tasted amazing. On another note, we used a convection oven and the bread was finished at 40 minutes with a beautifully brown outside and well cooked inside.

I am in the process of baking this bread and it smells great! From the looks of it, it'll turn out well, but my only issue was when I poured the dough into the pan and covered it with plastic wrap, when the dough rose, it stuck to the plastic wrap and I ended up peeling a little bit of the top off. I don't know how this will affect the crust, but I am wondering what I can do differently to keep this from happening. I did grease the plastic wrap, but my dough still stuck, I think because it was pretty wet. Would you suggest adding more flour to thicken it?
Test Kitchen Comment


This bread is a good basic GF bread. I have a suggestion to help with the dough sticking to the plastic wrap. Besides spraying it with no-stick cooking spray you can lightly dust the plastic wrap with some GF flour blend.
Posted July 08, 2013
I am new to the Gluten-free community, and I was wondering if brown rice flour works the same as regular rice flour. I want to to use only whole grains.
Test Kitchen Comment


Brown rise flour should work just fine in this recipe. The bread may result in being a little darker in color but it should not be an issue at all. If you try it, let me know how it works.
Posted June 28, 2013
I have a gluten sensitivity and been trying all sorts of recipes. I was happily surprised, this was very good! Mine did rise nicely but when cooking it deflated some so the top was flat. I think it has to do with the calibration of my oven. Can this recipe be modified by reducing sugar? It was just a little too sweet for sand which bread.
Test Kitchen Comment


Yes, I would experiment and try reducing the sugar slightly. Since the bread deflated slightly on the top, you may need to adjust the the amount of yeast a little bit as well.
Posted June 24, 2013
Recently had our 7 year old diagnosed with Celiac and this is the fifth bread recipe that I've tried.... and it's a WINNER!! It is easier than several other recipes I've tried and not as heavy so we are IN LOVE! Don't waste your time on other bread recipes!

I assume the taste that you are not enjoying is the garbanzo bean (chickpea) flour that is used in Bob's Red Mill All Purpose... It is an acquired taste, and while I love chickpeas, I do not love the flour (and neither do a large majority of GF people I know). Try omitting the chickpea flour and see if that changes the taste at all.
Hi Shirley, Thank you for sharing the recipes with everyone.I have a question and would be grateful if you could guide me. My boyfriend recently developed gluten intolerance and tried to find a Gluten-Free bread for him, so I tried couple of G-free recipes in my breadmacker (including the one suggested by my bread machine, and some few others with different flours). All results turned out looking great (high rise, beautiful texture etc.) but they had “AWFUL” taste and smell! I just had to throw them out! Though I had bought and tasted prepared G-free bread (like Udi’s white sandwich bread) and I thought they tastes wonderful to me! So I was wondering what is the matter with this awful result that I get!!? all my ingredients are Bob’s Red Mill and I tasted them in my mouth to see if I can realize which ingredient has that bad taste?!!

The recipes I used combined these ingredients:
1.Rice Flour (I used whole grain brown rice flour)
2.Potato starch flour
3.Tapioca flour
* In one of the recipies I used 1cup rice flour and replaced the other cup with Bobs redmill G.Free whole purpose flour.

I would appreciate if you could help me with this issue.
I found this recipe when my first try of making my own version of gf bread ended up as bird food. I'm not sure if the birds or squirrels actually ate it though LOL. This recipe is easy and wonderful. I will only make this recipe as it is sooo good. Since my dtg found out she is gluten and lactose intolerant it has been a real challenge to
Has this recipe been converted to use in a bread machine? Thank you
Test Kitchen Comment


At this point we have not converted this recipe to a bread machine recipe. This recipe quite likely will work just fine.
Posted March 25, 2013
By FAR the best soft gf soft white bread recipe out there. Tender with that 'stretch' we miss in most gf baking. I ahve made thsi recipe 4 times now and it is my go to recipe. Thank you for a perfect formula for successful bread and rolls.
Amazing! I baked this for Christmas brunch and all really enjoyed it, and I admit it is as good if not better than my wheat version. I did add an extra egg which is really not necessary. Also-be sure to bake for teh ful time as the crust will be brown and center could still need more time if you go by look of the crust alone. Mine was baked perfectly at 50 minutes, but another 2 wouldnt have hurt. I removed it from the pan after 5 minutes and cooled on a rack, but we couldn't wait to try it so slinced into it while stil warn. Spread with sweet butter and had our first taset of heavenly bread.

Thank you Land O'Lakes.

Next time I will make a cinnamon swirl bread...let yiur imagination be your guide. I am thinking pepperoni bread, cheese bread, herb and garlic bread. Maybe cranberry orange swirl bread for New Years. Yum!!
It was a hit. I made this bread for my fiance last night. He had two sandwiches made from it, when I asked him it how the sandwiches were. He said, ... great! Better than that frozen bread we usually have. He was very surprised to find out I Baked it! Yay!
I just made this recipe and am eating the delicious bread as I write this review. This is the best gluten free bread that I have found. Thanks for posting this!

I substituted coconut oil for butter. I didnt have any potato starch so my mix was 2 cups white rice flour and 1 cup tapioca flour.
Very good recipe I used King Arthur gluten free flour and made this into hamburger buns. My husband said to save the recipe for thanksgiving to make gluten free Grands biscuits (that is what they tasted like). I did use 1 teaspoon of xanthan gum in the recipe. I also added 1/2 tsp of vinegar as a dough conditioner. I really liked this bread I will make it into sandwich bread next time. I hate using dry milk powder or egg substitue like so many gluten free bread recipes call for. This was very good I just gave it 4 stars because I did adjust the gum and add the vinegar. I will also add 1 tsp of unflavored gelatin next time because the bread got dry quickly and it's suppose to help retain moisture.
I have tried many gluten-free recipes over the last several years for my daughter who is gluten-intolerant. This recipe rates the highest of ANY gluten-free recipe I have ever tried. My husband tried it and he could not tell it was gluten-free. I will be baking this bread each weekend.
Mine sunk after 15 min of baking :(
Test Kitchen Comment


One tip when making a gluten-free bread is to not let it rise when the temperature is too high. If where the bread rises is over about 80 degrees F. the bread may fall during baking. It is also important to not let the bread raise too high over the pan since the pan gives stability to the bread. Hope these tips are helpful.
Posted October 23, 2012
I can't believe I finally made a great gluten free bread! The last recipe I made was a brick! All I can say is awesome.
This bread is amazing! Finally a gluten free bread that tastes like "real" bread.
I will be making this again and again. It did raise beautifully, had a nice texture, and my house had that wonderful smell of fresh bread in the oven. Thank you Land O' Lakes!
can i put this in the bread machine?
Test Kitchen Comment


We have not tested the recipe in a bread machine. But, since the directions state to rise for 1 hour in a bowl and then let rise in the pan until up to edge of pan it seems it might be worth a try to make the bread in a bread machine. You might want to remove the dough after the first rise and then place it into a bread pan to rise as the recipe states and then bake the bread in the oven.
Posted October 29, 2012
I used an extra tsp of Xanthan gum and it was perfect!! Stayed togethes wonderfully.
My only question is how should i be stored? In the fridge, feezer or on the counter in a bread box?
Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe!
I have tried many gluten free bread recipes but I think think this one is the best!
I used Bob's Red Mill all purpose flour blend and the recommended amount of Xanthan Gum, otherwise followed the recipe exactly. At 42 minutes it was exactly 208 degrees internal temp - done to perfection. If I hadn't made it myself, I would not believe that this is a gluten free bread. Fantastic - so good that I am going to cook a small roast so I can have roast beef sandwiches for lunches this week!
Yeah! Really good gluten free sandwich bread and it makes great toast. It has a slightly yeasty taste, like regular bread.
Due to a GF, no dairy & refined sugar diet I made a few subs. 1/4 C agave nectar / sugar. 1/4 C oil / butter. 1 C coconut milk (gave it a slightly sweet scent & flavor). Turned out wonderful. I think I didn't follow the rising instructions properly because i was using my bread machine to knead & then I transferred it to a regular loaf pan. It did raise to level with the top of the loaf pan, but never went beyond that & sinking just a tad bit. BUT it tastes wonderful!

Still has a coarser crumb than glutened breads. Not sure how to fix that.
I tried this recipe this weekend and followed the directions exactly. I wanted to come back and comment on my findings. The bread rose and looked beautiful. The taste of the bread was very good and it did have a nice moistness to it. But the down side is that it is very crumbly. I now have the best ever bread crumbs! I think the problem is the amount of Gum for the 2 1/2 cups of flour is not enough. It would do well to add another teaspoon of Gum to help hold the bread together.

I made this and replaced the xanthan gum with gelatin instead. I can't tolerate the xanthan gum. It still turned out great! Absolutely loved it! Very light, like "real" bread.
For those looking for the perfect gluten-free bread recipe this is it!!! I followed the recipe exactly as written and have to say this is the best tasting bread ever. It's easy to make, rises fast (in case you've made gluten-free bread before you know it takes hours and hours to rise), it was done in onlyl a couple hours. It smells, looks, and tastes like real bread! Try it-you won't be sorry. This is the only bread recipe I will be using from now on!
Made this bread , it rose perfectly , tastes great and slices thinly with an electric knife
Finely a bread that's not a door stop or has no taste
This is an easy go to bread. Thank You so much for a gluten-free bread everybody enjoys !
I rate this five stars on taste and texture but it did not rise to a full size slice. I will be having half sandwitches that taste yummy. Makes great toast with butter on it. Slightly sweet taste.

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