Sugar Cookies Recipe

Blue Ribbon Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies everyone will love! Decorate these buttery, crisp sugar cookies with colored sugar for a special touch.

45 min. prep time
72 cookies
62562 Ratings


1 cup Land O Lakes® Butter, softened
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
Decorator sugars, if desired


Heat oven to 375°F.

Combine butter, powdered sugar and 1/2 cup sugar in bowl. Beat at medium speed, scraping bowl often, until creamy. Add egg and vanilla; continue beating until well mixed. Add flour, cream of tartar and baking soda; beat at low speed until dough forms a ball.

Shape dough into 1-inch balls. Place 2 inches apart onto ungreased cookie sheets. Flatten to about 1 1/2 inches with bottom of glass dipped in sugar; sprinkle with decorator sugars, if desired. Bake 7-9 minutes or until edges are lightly browned. Let stand 1 minute on cookie sheet; remove to cooling rack.

Recipe Tip

If cookies spread too much, chill dough about 1 hour.

Nutrition Facts (1 cookie)

Calories: 45

Fat: 2.5g

Cholesterol: 10mg

Sodium: 35mg

Carbohydrates: 5g

Dietary Fiber: <1g

Protein: 1g

Recipe #11160©1999Land O'Lakes, Inc.

Recipe Comments & Reviews

This is a wonderful sugar cookie recipe. Everyone loves them and they never last long. This is the only sugar cookie recipe I will ever use.
Amazing recipe! i opted to roll and color the dough to make spiral red white and blue Fourth of July cookies. Not only was the dough the perfect texture(not sticky at all!), but it held the colored dyes great! My new favorite recipe!
This cookies are absolutely delicious! This is the only sugar cookie recipe I will ever use, ever again, no matter the occasion, period! Decorates beautifully! So most and chewy and hold their shape well.These cookies do not last long at my house! This recipe is definitely a keeper.
These are the only sugar cookies I make now. No rolling, easy to prepare and they look festive with the sprinkles no matter the holiday.
Very good recipe - I had no trouble at all, these turned out quite well, I added a few squirts of lemon juice also, just because I like a hint of lemon. These are very yummy cookies, I don't understand the couple of negative comments, they must have made a mistake, however, these only made about 40-45 cookies for me and I too used a 1 inch cookie scoop. This recipe is very tasty!! But does not yield anywhere close to 70 cookies, that I have to agree with one reviewer on.
The BEST sugar cookie recipe. The only one I use anymore.
I have been making these sugar cookies since 1993, I found a tiny insert from BHG magazine that had all the classic EASY cookie recipes. I use it every christmas to make my batches up, well this year i went to get the little book out and it was gone! no where to be found! I was so upset...and then i got onto my computer and TO MY EXCITEMENT HERE IT IS!!! I can only say make extra of these because they will disappear quickly!!
I am truly sorry.. this is the WORST recipe for sugar cookies.. and I have been baking since I was 5 years old.. should have stuck with my traditional ones.. but thought to try something different... this came out so dry... unflavorful... just VERY disappointed...
I have made these cookies since July of 2000 - always a winner! My son is a sugar cookie monster and still, after all these years, swears these are the best. I love them because they are easy to put together and do not require cookie cutters.
Simple delicious and can be decorated for any holiday.
I really don't care for sugar cookies. My feeling is that if I am going to indulge in the carbs/calories it had better be something sinful and chocolate; however, I really liked these cookies. They were easy to make and turned out beautifully. The only thing I noticed was that even though I used my 1 inch scoop (which made a lot more cookies than the recipe stated) the cook time was almost 13 minutes per batch. I thought my oven might have been running cold but the cupcakes I was cooking at the same temp just before were done 4 minutes earlier than their stated time. So just start with a low cook time and keep track how long your test batch takes. Otherwise, these were easy and I was baking on a hot humid day. I just kept the dough in the fridge between trays. All of my guests loved them as well!
Love this easy to make recipe .. Oh so good!!
Yummy! The cookies are delicious!! They have great flavor, consistency, and were easy to make.
I love this recipe! After shaping, I dip the dough in the colored sugar. Then, sugar side up, I flatten them slightly and they come out perfect every time!
A family favorite! Recently requested by my sister who lives out of state.
I don't understand why at the top of the recipe it says 72 cookies! I followed the recipe, including making them the correct size, and I got only 47 cookies. I was annoyed, because I needed 50 cookies to deliver to a church dinner for the homeless (okay, maybe they don't count each cookie), so I picked this recipe because the yield was so high, I thought I'd get my 50 and some leftover for the family. Since I packed up all 47 for the dinner, I didn't even get to sample one, so I have no idea how they turned out. I will try to bake them again for my family sometime, but I think whoever publishes these recipes should change the yield!
My husband is the cookie monster. He is a connoisseur of cookies. I make over 4,000 at Christmas time (8 different kinds) to give to friends, family, neighbors and teachers. They do not leave the house until they are tested by the taster and perfect. He has never liked sugar cookies because everyone uses the cut and bake from the grocery store. My youngest son wanted to make some this year. I scoured the web and came across your recipe. My husband absolutely loves them. The boys all dug into them. He finished them off after they went to bed. My youngest was upset when he got up because he planned on taking them with his lunch. He came home from school and we had to make a double batch. My husband keeps proclaiming "these are the best sugar cookies ever!"
The best melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookie recipe. Works great with a cookie gun. I spice them up with cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and nutmeg.
I have been looking for the perfect Christmas sugar cookie recipe because they are expensive when you buy them from a bakery or even the bakery section of a supermarket. Also, they are never available outside of the holidays. Well, I can now have my cookies year round and I will make them year round because I loved the taste of these. They were very soft and not really rich like some sweets. A+
I made these using 100% whole wheat flour for my "high fiber" family. I had no vanilla and used almond extract. My family loves them! They are looking forward to having them again with vanilla. Super simple and super delicious.
Fast, easy and light. Perfect for summer.
i make these for the holidays, one of my favorites:))
This has to be the BEST sugar cookie I have ever made!!! I couldn't make enough of them. I make them for almost every occasion. I have also used different extracts, like lemon or orange. They are awesome!!!
Cookies are great. I prepare them and then freeze them before baking. Bake straight from the freezer. Be careful they spread alot.
I made this cookies for Christmas last year and will be making them again this year. I use my cookie cutters and makes trees, bells, stars and gingerbread people. I sprinkle red or green sugar on them. My family consists of all adults and they love these cookies.
Delicious!!! Easy to make and easier to eat every last one!
I have made these cookies a few times now since last Christmas! I just made today on a cool fall day in Chicago and my son will love to have the cookies after school! I did not roll into a ball today just spooned on the pan and pressed with the bottom of the cup. It worked well-I was trying to finish the cookies quickly! The powder sugar really makes the cookie! It does remind me of a Christmas cookie!
This has been a favorite of my friends and family for decades! I have tried other recipes, but this one is the best. Great as a light snack with a glass of milk, a treat after lunch, or as a gift to friends who don't bake and love the taste of home baked real butter cookies!
These are the best cookies!!!! I make them all the time. I don't roll them into balls. I use my medium cookie scoop and then flatten with a glass dipped in sugar. Also for certain holidays I divide the dough in half and color it and the mix it with the uncolored dough to make a marbled effect cookie. I did this for St. Patricks Day and took them to work. They were a big hit......Had many requests for the recipe. I also put icing on these. Yum!!!!!!
I make these every year for Christmas for a friend. I was in a hurry last year and used a prepackaged mix, she pulled me aside and said I thank you for the cookies, however, you know and I know these are not the ones you make for me, so I get double batches this year. These cookies are awesome and really easy to make.
Taste is amazing. I bake these cookies year round. i change the sprinkles' color based on the season.. These cookies are always a hit!
Loved the recipe! We cut it in half and made the cookies a little bigger -kids loved it! Definitely a five star.
Well, there is a reason that these are Blue Ribbon - they taste fabulous! I made the recipe exactly as stated except I did double the vanilla to one teaspoon - you really can't have too much vanilla in a cookie. I tried really hard to keep the dough balls at one inch and I did end up with 90 cookies. The beginning batch were my largest and spread more than I wanted, so I tried even harder to watch the ball size because I really only wanted small one bite circles. I rolled them in plain white sugar, which wasn't noticible in the end, but may have added to the end flavor. I flattened the first few batches slightly with a glass, but then forgot on the fourth batch and they came out the same, so I am thinking you can skip that step. I will put a nice swirl of vanilla buttercream frosting on the cookies that is tinted with the party colors and a sprinking of coarse white sugar for shimmer. You won't be disappointed with this recipe!
I've made these cookies several times and my family loves them. They don't last long in my house , but no problem they are really easy to make.
I dipped the top of the rolled ball into the decorator sugar before I put them on the cookie sheet. Then I used the bottom of a small glass to flatten them. Since the balls already had sugar, no need to dip the glass in sugar. Much easier than sprinkling the sugar on after flattening them and getting sugar all over the cookie sheet. These are my new favorite Christmas cookies to make!
I was in search for a non-rolled sugar cookie recipe.(the kind you sprinkle the colored sugar on) My search is over!! These cookies are FABULOUS!!!! I tried this recipe out for my Christmas cookie baking this year, and between my husband and myself we must have eaten over a dozen on our own in one day! I did not get 6 dozen out of it, but I think my 1 inch balls were more like 1 and a half. They spread well, so you don't need a lot in each ball. I did manage to get 4 dozen though. This will be my go to cookie recipe!!!!!
I've never been impressed with sugar cookies; they're rather bland to me. Yet, many of my friends and family love them at Christmas. I've tried dozens of recipes but the end result is the same: floury, tasteless orbs. Until this recipe, that is! These are easy to make, wonderful in taste and package well. I recommend this recipe wholeheartedly!
I love sugar cookies, but don't like rolling out the dough. These cookies are so easy to make and my family loves them! I have to make several batches at a time as they get eaten quickly.
From the Test Kitchen... You could refrigerate the dough 30 to 60 minutes to firm the dough and make it easier to handle. Otherwise, you could add a small amount (2 tablespoons at a time) of flour to the dough to make it more firm without making it hard.
How long do you have to beat the dough before it can be rolled into balls. My dough is extremely soft and sticky - not able to roll into balls. Its now in the refrigerator. Hoping that helps.
My sister found this recipe in a magazine last year and I tried it. EVERYONE in the family loved it. Its become my "go to" sugar cookie recipe. Also, it works better than any spritz cookie recipe that I've used in my cookie gun!!! I bought a new cookie gun last year which had a disc for a snowman. They come out beautifully in just plain white cookie dough, using red and green mini-M&Ms for buttons down his body. My grandson and great-granddaughter loved them.!
these are the best cookies i ever had
my family couldn't believe that i made them
they are delicious
We love these simple cookies. Always on my list of cookies to keep in the cookie jar. So quick. So easy. So delicious.
got the recipe from a magazine, can't remember which, look easy and tried it, is just terrific !!! will make it again.
I made this recipe was similar to my Mother's recipe. I also had to make it gluten free w/flour blend because son can't handle wheat. My daughter tried could not tell the difference. This is a keeper.
I tried these cookies for the first time during the Christmas holiday and they are delicious. I made them twice in five days for three different people. I received great reviews from all that tried them.
This is indeed a "blue ribbon" sugar cookie. I was looking for a good tasting, easy recipe that I didn't need to roll out. This fit the bill. It was easy to make and tasted good besides. Was loved by all who received my cookie trays this Holiday season.
I have been baking for years and really haven't found a sugar cookie recipe that I really liked. Well, my search is over! These are excellent cookies. I used the suggestion from another reviewer and made them bigger so they would be soft. YUMMY
I actually rolled them out, and cut into shapes. The best sugar cookie recipe I have ever made and tried. I have been baking them for 2 yrs now, I make them for all of the holidays so the little ones can decorate them. They have become a staple in my house. THanks for making such great recipes.
Since I was 16, I made cookie shooter butter cookies. That's 36 years!!! I was tired of the extra time, clean-up and pain saking decorating. Last year a friend and mine were searching for a NO roll sugar cookie. We tried one that was ok. This year I discovered I already had this LandoLakes one in my "want to try" recipe pile. It is titled blue ribbon SUGAR Cookies Tulsa OK State Fair Winner. I am glad I did. I don't like crispy cookies, so I made them thicker and boy are they wonderfully delicious. So easy to press with a highball/shot glass that is already dipped in colored crystals. I am now printing this to pass it along to that same friend. Happy Holidays to all!
Awesome cookies! I a made theses for a group of my friends and they were all gone within minutes they were so good!
My husband and grandkids love this recipe. I have made it
many times. It is always a hit!
excellent - light crispy and delicious
Best ever cookies. For someone who has baked cookies for over 40 years, these were so good
These are the best sugar cookies I have ever made! Delicious
especially when warm. Some changes that made the
cookies even better- using high-quality salted butter omit
the salt in the recipe and extra vanilla about 1 tsp vs. 1/2
tsp. Absolutely fabulous!
they are so simple to make, my husband wants
a double batch every few days. this recipe
is now number one in our house.
This recipe was a real winner. A light delicate cookie with wonderful flavor. I made these at Christmas and decorated with red and green sugars. Looked beautiful and saved so much time by not rolling and cutting. I do a lot of holiday baking and this was by far one of my favorite cookies.
I have made this recipe twice. Yesterday I made it with my 4-H group and it was so easy for the kids and they were happy with the results.
I have been making these cookies for over 2 years. Children and adults alike love these cookies.
I tried these cookies because they had simple ingredients that I had on hand. They have been a huge hit at home and everywhere I bring them. My kids love to help make them. They are simple, fun and delicious.
Easy to make with common, on hand ingredients. I got loads of compliments on them. I had to come to the website, to print out copies of the recipe for all those that "just had to have it"!!
These are the easiest, best tasting sugar cookies I have made. One thing to remember is not to make them too thin. The only problem I found was having the cookies last longer than one day. Yummy!
The taste of the cookies is excellent, but this recipe made 33 cookies. Nowhere near 6 dozen. I was making them for my kids' Christmas party and am on my 3rd recipe, just to make a decent showing.

A one inch ball of dough would make a mini cookie.

I don't know if I would make these again.
Wish I could give it 6 Stars. It could not be better.
Yummy! This is a terrific sugar cookie. I didn't get 6 dozen cookies, but I may have made them a bit bigger than 1 inch, and of course the boys and I ate a little of the dough! This will be a popular cookie recipe in our house from now on!
I've made these cookies several times and they have turned out great each time. I've also received complements on their taste from friends I've shared them with.
This is one of my favorite recipes. My friends can't believe such a simple recipe can be so wonderful. The only thing I don't like about it that it doesn't really allow you to shape the cookies into a holiday form. But, with how it takes, I don't really care! The perfect snack or light dessert.
This cookie has very good flavor. Because it's a sugar cookie we assumed that we would be able to make cut out cookies. The dough was way to soft to roll out. We refrigerated it for about an hour and the dough kept sticking to the roller, etc. We ended up making them as the recipe directed. If you are looking for taste they are great. If you are looking to make cut out cookies find another recipe.
I sent these cookies to my daughter inlaw last year for Easter, they are now her very favorite and I've been making them for hersince whenever I send a birthday or holiday package.

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