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Pancakes 5 Ways...From Scratch!

Pancakes 5 Ways...From Scratch!

April 04, 2013
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How is it that a few basic ingredients – flour, egg, sugar, baking powder, and buttermilk – can create one of the most satisfying breakfasts (or lunches, or dinners) in a matter of minutes? I am of course referring to the humble, yet majestic pancake. The number of variations of pancakes is only limited by your imagination, but may I suggest my 5 favorites below.

Number 1: The basic

You need to find yourself a great base recipe. If you don’t already have one may I suggest our Buttermilk Pancakes recipe? After making it just a few times don’t be surprised if it gets committed to memory! If you don’t regularly have buttermilk at home but really want to make these on Saturday morning without a trip to the store you can make a buttermilk substitute by measuring 1 tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice plus enough milk to equal 1 cup. Let stand 5 minutes to thicken. And if you are one of the many who needs to eat gluten free check-out our Good Morning Pancake for your basic recipe.

Number 2: The basic + add-ins

Take your favorite basic pancake recipe and mix it up! I find nothing more delicious than adding in berries to my pancakes. You can either gently stir-in about 1 cup of berries (thaw and drained if frozen) to the basic recipe above or sprinkle a few berries on top of the batter while the first side is cooking on the griddle. And don’t stop at berries - pancakes are equally delicious with nuts, chocolate chips, sliced bananas, heck I would even through some cooked crumbled bacon in there for a sweet and salty combination!

Number 3: Top it off

Not only are pancakes tasty with things stirred in but also (or maybe even more so) with things on top. Try making a fruit sauce to use in place of the standard maple syrup – Fresh Strawberry Syrup is a good place to start. A family favorite in my house is the combination of peanut butter and maple syrup. If you haven’t tried that our recipe for Multi-Grain Pancakes includes a Peanut Butter Maple Spread to get you headed in the right direction!

Number 4: Puffy from the Oven

Who says a pancake can only be made on a griddle or in a skillet? Puffy oven pancakes are like magic. Mix it up, put it in the oven and pouf! Sure the puff does fall but that just leaves room for piling on all kinds of delicious toppings. Try any one of our puffy pancake recipes for a weekend treat –Fruit & SausageBerry, or Apple & Bacon.

Number 5: All mixed up

Every once in a while it feels great to stray from the basics. Set that basic, tried and true pancake recipe aside and invite something a little different to the table. Lemon pancakes made with sour cream and topped with berries? Yes, please. Pumpkin pancakes with maple cream? A pancake dream comes true! Potato-Apple Latke? Pass ‘em over here.

What is your favorite way to make pancakes?

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Dear Land O' Lakes Do you have a fabulous recipe for Swedish pancakes? No longer have my great-grandmother's recipe and hers were perfect!

Posted June 09, 2015 by Terri M.
Test Kitchen Comment
From: mallory
Hi Terri, believe it or not, we don't have a Swedish pancake recipe on our website. We have some crepe recipes, which are somewhat similar to the texture of a Swedish pancake. If you search "pancake" or "crepe" on our website, you'll find some great recipe ideas! Good luck on your search.
Posted June 18, 2015