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Serve Up Smiles with Oatmeal Cookies at Lunchtime

Serve Up Smiles with Oatmeal Cookies at Lunchtime

September 27, 2010
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It seems like lunch has evolved quite a bit since I was in elementary school.  I almost never packed a lunch, and I wasn’t overly concerned about what the cafeteria was serving.  Anything was ok with me, and I never complained!  Sure the food wasn’t my always my favorite, but I ate it regardless.

Nowadays, at least in my home, lunch has taken on a whole new role.  Apparently, it’s all about who you sit with and what you eat.  Oh, and packing a lunch is the “cool” thing to do. Or that’s what I hear from my 9-year-old, Sydney, who is in the 4th grade this year.   

So what do you pack; a sandwich, some chips, veggies, a juice pouch?  For the most part, that’s what we pack on a regular basis.  We try to keep it healthy but yummy.  So Sydney was really excited when we decided to try Lunch Box Oatmeal Cookies.  Oatmeal and a little sugar is perfectly fine by me, especially since lunch is so early in the day.  What a great way to serve up some whole grains!

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or snack, these oatmeal cookies are awesome!  I’ve been on a strict diet for months, and even I had a few; I couldn’t resist, and boy was it worth it!
To get started, combine the dry ingredients (flour, baking soda, salt, and oats) in a medium-sized bowl.  Set it aside.

Next, combine the sugar, butter, egg, and vanilla using a mixer. 


Beat it at medium speed until the mixture is smooth and creamy.  TIP: I used ½ cup Splenda Brown Sugar Blend, instead of 1 cup regular brown sugar, to help reduce the amount of sugar and calories, and it worked very well.  I couldn’t tell the difference, and I felt better about eating them!

With the mixer on low speed, slowly add the dry ingredients to the mixture.

After all of the dry ingredients have been added, the mixture should be thick and dough-like.

Add the chocolate candy pieces to the dough.  That’s what makes these oatmeal cookies extra special!

Mix the candy into the dough well.

Using a spoon or cookie scoop, gently scoop dough onto a lightly greased cookie sheet.  I used a Silpat, which is a non-stick baking sheet that lines the baking pan.  You can find them at most specialty cooking stores.  I found mine at Crate and Barrel for less than $20!  I’ve also seen them at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target.  Parchment paper is always another great alternative if you don’t like the grease or spray method on your baking sheets.

Bake the cookies for 9-11 minutes or until the edges are lightly browned.

Using a spatula, gently move the cookies to a wire rack to cool.

What a delicious yet healthier alternative to pack for lunch or snack!  Our family loved them, and I know yours will too. Please leave a comment here or rate and review Lunch Box Oatmeal Cookies.

Up next, Becky will share an indulgent carrot cake with cream cheese frosting!

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Does it matter if you use old-fashioned oats?

Posted August 14, 2011 by Deb
Test Kitchen Comment
From: Cindy
You can use either old fashioned oats or quick oats in this particular recipe. When using old fashioned oats I think the texture might be a little more chewy and not so firm but either form of oats will work just fine.
Posted August 19, 2011

I tried this recipe and it was great!

Posted August 08, 2011 by Pat