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Severe Weather Alert ...This Sandwich Saves the Day!

Severe Weather Alert ...This Sandwich Saves the Day!

August 04, 2011
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It is a thousand degrees outside right now! Who honestly feels like cooking anything in this heat? The ultimate sandwich, the Turkey Cobb Salad Sandwich to the rescue! Want to hear something else crazy? No air conditioning in the kitchen.

Before you say ‘who lives in a house without air conditioning?' This is our third relocation within 10 years. Remember the saying - location,location,location? We’re close to a major city. Commute to work, good schools and a nice neighborhood were all very important to us when we were looking for homes. Well in this area, that means... ta da... older homes! Our home is over 85 years old, the neighborhood has trees arched over streets. We have holiday carolers and families walk to the local firehouse for the 4th of July parade. No brainer - great neighborhood to raise a family. Downfall? No air conditioning on the main floor of the house. Kitchen ceiling fan - no exhaust fan on the range. Oh wait.... There is an exhaust fan - I OPEN the door and turn on the overhead fan. Oh well, either way not effective when we are having a heat wave outside.

I can't even think about turning on the oven. It'll be minimal cook-ahead type of meals for our family this week. I am extremely thankful we have a great garden and for...bacon! Who doesn't like bacon? So when faced with a no-cooking type of scenario, and still wanting a GOOD meal, the Turkey Cobb Salad Sandwich is a great lunch or dinner time go-to! Check out how quick and easy this is to make! The cobb salad is one of my favorites, so putting it all together in a sandwich - brilliant!

The only item to prepare is the bacon. We are a bit bacon- crazed in this family - so we always have some cooked up and keep it in the fridge for salads, sandwiches, etc.

What really makes this "not your momma’s white bread sandwich" is the ciabatta bread. Great bread = great sandwich!

Take the blue cheese salad dressing and spread on the bread - with the strong flavor of the dressing, we only put it on one side. I have also used different low fat or fat free versions of my favorite dressings to change it up - still a great taste and a healthy option for the family and me.

Next is the lettuce - the recipe calls for shredded, but I already had some romaine leaves in the fridge which I used.

Layer on the turkey - don’t be skimpy!

Layer on your bacon, and then slice up your tomatoes and place on the sandwich. These were from our garden - AMAZING!

Slice up the avocado like this-

Add the slices to the sandwich, (we were a little light on adding them - some of the slices didn’t make it to the sandwich!)

Last is the provolone cheese across the top. You can also use muenster cheese.

Finally place the top half of the bread back on the sandwich.

Slice into portion sizes, secure with a toothpick so the individual sandwiches don’t fall apart and you are good to go!

For our family, a great sandwich like this is the perfect answer for a good meal on the go and when we don’t really want to "cook". I hope everyone is staying safe in this weather! Drink lots of water and if you know of anyone without air conditioning - suggest this Turkey Cobb Salad Sandwich as a meal so they don’t have to cook. If you know of any other quick no-cook recipes for our family, let me know!

Come back in a few days when Bridget shares a recipe with fresh, summery vegetables.

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looking so testy . want to test right now but after couple of day is my birthday so will definitely try out this one.. great. thanks for sharing this kind of recipe.

Posted August 08, 2011 by Idealchef

Oh yummy...I am a 'sandwich lover' and this will be a great meal for hubby and me on these hot days.

Posted August 05, 2011 by Rosemary H.
Test Kitchen Comment
From: Alex
We love them too! Enjoy!
Posted August 08, 2011

looks good!!!

Posted August 04, 2011 by Rebecca
Test Kitchen Comment
From: Alex
Thanks! It was so easy to make and VERY tasty!
Posted August 08, 2011