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Welcome to Tip Jar

Restaurants give us more than delicious food. They create jobs and support families. They’re part of our communities. We tip to show them our appreciation and support. Today, they need your help.  That’s where Tip Jar comes in.

Here’s how it works:

  • Dine at your favorite restaurants.
  • Log your tip amount here.
  • Throughout June, we’ll match tips with a $25K donation to the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation to support restaurant workers.

Don’t forget! Enter for a chance to win one of ten $100 gift cards.

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Make sure to share photos of your meal and use #LandOLakesTipJar to encourage others to join the movement.

Keep eating at your favorite restaurants and logging your tips throughout  June.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Here are some answers.

  • What is Tip Jar?

    Tip Jar is a donation matching initiative meant to help restaurant workers everywhere. How does it work? Land O’Lakes will match every tip you give with a $25K donation to the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. It’s a national organization that supports foodservice pros and helps keep them working. Join us. Leave a tip, log your tip and help restaurant workers everywhere.

  • Why are you supporting the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation?

    We chose to support the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) with a matching donation based on their dedication to providing people from all backgrounds the training, education, financial resources and career development they need to build pathways to meaningful jobs and careers in the restaurant and foodservice industry. The Foundation and its supporters share a mission to attract, empower and advance today’s and tomorrow’s restaurant and foodservice leaders.

    To learn more about NRAEF and their offerings, check out their website.

  • I logged my tip, what do I do next?

    Thanks for participating! Now is a great time to share the program on social media to get your friends and family involved. Share a picture and use hashtag #LandOLakesTipJar so we can see!

  • How can I support my local restaurant in this program?

    Tips are the lifeblood for many in the restaurant industry and how we as customers show appreciation for the service we received. Support your local restaurant and be sure to leave a tip. By leaving a tip and logging it in the Tip Jar program you are not only supporting your local restaurant but restaurant workers everywhere.