Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gluten-Free Recipe)

Gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe! Make America's favorite chocolate chip cookies in a way that everyone can enjoy.

45 min. prep time
42 cookies
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2 1/4 cups Gluten-Free Flour Blend (see below)
1 teaspoon gluten-free baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon xanthan gum
3/4 cup Land O Lakes® Butter, softened
3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1/2 cup sugar
2 teaspoons gluten-free vanilla
1 (12-ounce) package (2 cups) gluten-free semi-sweet chocolate chunks or chips


Heat oven to 375°F.

Combine flour blend, baking powder, baking soda, salt and xanthan gum in bowl. Set aside.

Combine softened butter, brown sugar and sugar in bowl. Beat at medium speed, scraping bowl often, until creamy. Add eggs and vanilla. Continue beating, scraping bowl often, until well mixed. Gradually add flour mixture, beating at low speed until well mixed. Stir in chocolate chips.  

Drop dough by rounded tablespoonfuls, 2 inches apart, onto ungreased cookie sheets. Bake 9-12 minutes or until light golden brown. (Do not overbake.) Let stand 1-2 minutes on cookie sheets; remove to cooling rack.

Recipe Tip

Gluten-Free Flour Blend: Combine 2 cups rice flour, 2/3 cup potato starch, 1/3 cup tapioca flour and 1 teaspoon xanthan gum. Use appropriate amount for recipe; store remainder in container with tight-fitting lid. Stir before using.

This recipe was developed using alternative flours and products labeled as “gluten-free.” The best source for additional information is the ingredient listing on product packaging. Learn about gluten-free baking.

Nutrition Facts (1 cookie)

Calories: 130

Fat: 6g

Cholesterol: 20mg

Sodium: 100mg

Carbohydrates: 18g

Dietary Fiber: 1g

Protein: 1g

Recipe #13588©2006Land O'Lakes, Inc.

Recipe Comments & Reviews

thanx this is amazing
Fantastic. Can't tell they're gluten free except that my tummy feels good
Wonderful recipe! They turned out awesome! So happy w/the result. <3 Best chocolate chip cookie I've made gluten free! A+
If using a GF baking or all purpose flour that already has gum in it is it necessary to add whats called for in the recipe?
Test Kitchen Comment


Hi Patricia - we haven't tested this recipe with other blends, so it is hard to say. Just to be on the safe side, we would say to add the extra gum. Happy baking!
Posted December 21, 2015
Delicious! Made at high altitude(Denver, CO) and didn't even have to change the recipe! Cookies came out perfect :) I used a Gluten-Free Baking Flour for the flour blend(and it already has xanthan gum in it, so I didn't need to add any extra.) Thanks!
The flavor and texture was good however, it had "gritty" feel to it. I used the suggested flour by Land of Lakes. Anyone else?
I just took these out of the oven, and am thrilled with the results. Instead of using the chocolate chips I made them into macadamia white chocolate chip cookies that I have not had in years, slightly crisp on the outside and a tad chewy in the center, to me a perfect cookie. I gave one to my husband ( who does not have to be gluten free) and his eyes lit up and he said wow these are really good, and then he requested me to make some more to bring to work and share. I will be serving them for thanksgiving as well. Thank you so much I have finally found my go to gluten free cookie recipe. This ones a keeper.
Wow! So easy to make, and they turned out perfect just as written.
But... because I am always working on new ideas, I had to turn this one into an additional recipe, which I call "Mocha Crinkles".
My husband brought home some mini chocolate chips - the tiniest I have ever seen. I knew that if I used them in place of the more chunky chips, I would be disappointed. So the next batch I made by reserving 2 T. butter and 1/2 C of the mini chips, and adding 2T. instant coffee crystals. I melted these ingredients together in the microwave. Then, after making the batter from the original recipe, I mixed the warm butter/ chocolate/ coffee mixture into the batter until it was fully incorporated. And there you have it.... Mocha Crinkles! Yum!!
Is there a modification for high elevation for this recipe? Every time I try it the cookies turn out very flat.
Test Kitchen Comment


Hi Lisa, sorry to hear you had issues with this recipe. Many factors can affect how your cookies turn out, including elevation. Other factors can include how soft your butter was while baking, if your pan was hot when placing the dough on it, and the ratio of butter to flour. The gluten-free flour blend can also cause this if it isn't measured quite correctly. If you try again, check to make sure these factors are addressed, and let us know how it turns out for you. Happy baking!
Posted October 12, 2015
Great recipe!
5 stars!
Just made these dairy free, substituted butter for coconut oil and chocolate chips for dairy free "chocolate chips"! Best recipe yet!
They turned out perfectly, and I received compliments on them from folks who assumed they were made with wheat!

The oven temperature listed turned out a bit too hot, so I lowered the temp to 350 for the second half of the batch, and they turned out just right.
Would be brilliant if you could measure in grams (or pounds/ounces as per USA) as the consistency of GF cooking is very sensitive to the exact quantities I have found, now baking GF for over 8 years, and least the range if flours now is so much better than things were!
These cookies are great.! I did add an additional 1/4 cup of butter. They were very moist and not at all crumbly. I am excited there were so few ingredients. Just like a regular cookie!
I just made this following the recipe exactly. They came out fantastic! This is a great chocolate chip cookie recipe even if you don't have to eat gluten free. My husband has celiac so obviously I avoid gluten when cooking for him, but I would eat these even compared to "normal" chocolate chip. They are light and crispy on the outside and chewy and moist on the inside. The perfect cookie!
Absolutely delicious! Melt-in-your-mouth yumminess. Will make these again!
I made these for a friend today and they were AMAZING! Mine came out crispy...but that is the way I prefer my cookies anyway. I also added walnuts to the the cookies. Even though I am not on a gluten free diet, I will still use this as my quick go to recipe. :)
I used Pillsbury's Best Gluten Free All Purpose flour in place of the recommended blend as it has the same ingredients with the exception that it also includes pea flour. Other than using dark chocolate chips, I followed the rest of the recipe and wow, did these cookies taste AMAZING! They puffed up and turned golden and crisp around the edges but remained chewy throughout. My husband said he was surprised how chewy they were and was delighted at how good they tasted. Between how good they taste and how EASY they were to whip up, I definitely recommend this recipe...only problem is that you need to stop yourself from eating too much! LOL
I made this recipe and used the recommended flour blend. The flavor was excellent , but for some reason, my cookies looked way different. They were very smooth on top and not very thick and chewy. Thoughts on what I did wrong?
Test Kitchen Comment


Hi Sara, glad to hear you enjoyed the flavor of the cookies! Sometimes oven temperature can influence the way cookies look after they are baked. Also, everyone measures flour differently - sometimes even a bit too much flour blend can cause the cookies to look different. Hope this helps!
Posted January 28, 2015
Finally, a recipe that my family loved! We had to exclude gluten this year because both my children have celiac's and my son gets violently ill if he gets even trace amounts of gluten. I've made some pretty bad cookies this year. But this recipe was so great the first batch disappeared before the second was out of the oven! Thank you!
I made this recipe tonight with GF flour. I used 1/4tsp of zanthum gum as the recipe shows. I used 3 eggs instead of 2 (by accident). I also poured in a little almond milk because my batter seemed to be dry. Maybe 2-3 Tbs of almond milk. As far as sugar goes, I used organic pure cane sugar and only used 3/4 cup. My cookies were beautiful, soft, fluffy, and slightly crunchy around the edges. My children loved them!
I made this recipe today and it was very good according to my kids. I thought it was good. However, these are the puffiest chocolate chip cookies I have ever made. They also seemed a little dry compared to other cookies. I used gf mix and then added a little more than 1/4 tsp of xanthan gum since there wasn't any in the mix. It seems like something needs to be added so they are not as dry.
Test Kitchen Comment


The cookies are dry if inadvertently too much flour or GF flour blend was used. They could also be puffy if the dough was beaten a lot and if too much gum was added. The gum gives the dough elasticity and takes the place of gluten in the flour.
Posted November 28, 2014
I have made this recipe three times. First time it turned out fantastic. The other times the cookies didn't spread enough and turned out fat and crumbley. Have I used too much baking powder? I used the same flour mix each time.
Test Kitchen Comment


Hi Marion, the baking powder could be the issue. Everyone measures flour differently, so you could have measured the flour a bit differently this time, too.
Posted November 19, 2014
this is really the best cookies. My modification next time less sugar.....:)
Excellent cookies!!! I did have to add a little extra flour AND refrigerate dough between baking. But it was worth it!!! Thanks for a great treat!!!
I used a purchased gluten free all purpose flour which does NOT have xanthan gum in I added 1/2tsp of that too much?
Test Kitchen Comment


The 1/2 t. xanthan gum should be just fine.
Posted October 20, 2014
Just learning that a gluten-free diet is highly likely a part of the rest of my life... After baking these, I have hope that it's doable. Absolutely amazing cookies! I now know that gluten-free doesn't mean miserable.
Can I use Bob's red meal gluten free flour mix??
It has garbanzo bean flour,potato starch,tapioca flour,white sorghum flour and java bean flour but it doesn't have xantham gum how much should I add
Test Kitchen Comment


We have not tested this recipe with this gluten free flour blend. I would think it will work just fine. You could add a very small amount of xanthan gum to help with the structure of the cookies. You do not need very mjuch of it, though.
Posted October 02, 2014
Your Gluten Free Flour Blend calls for 1 teaspoon of xanthan gum then you also add another 1/4 teaspoon in the actual recipe, is it correct to add another 1/4 teaspoon?
Test Kitchen Comment


Hi Jennie, Yes, this recipe does call for an additional 1/4 teaspoon in the cookie to help it to keep its shape while baking.
Posted September 12, 2014
the best gf cookies ever!
I have made this several times, I think twice just to eat the dough. Seriously, you would never know it's gluten free. I use Namaste brand GF flour :)
These came out beautifully and all my family enjoyed them very much! They last fresh for at least a week. Would have lasted fewer days but I am on diet!!! I'll have to make another batch! Highly recommended for coeliacs and non- coeliacs alike!
This is by far the best recipie for GF chocolate chip cookies I have found. They always come out perfect. Chewy just like it says. I used chocolate chips this time and the husband liked better than the chunks. Also, I use Bob's Red Mill All Purpose Flour and these were perfect.
These cookies spread completely flat! Followed exactly what happened?
Test Kitchen Comment


Hi Cathy, There are a couple reasons why your cookies could be spreading. First- the dough could be too soft. Try refrigerating it for 15 minutes. The butter could be too soft, as well - make sure the butter you are using is softened, but not too soft. Lastly, everyone measures flour (or in this case, flour substitutes) differently. Try adding a tablespoon or two of flour blend if your dough seems too soft. Hope this helps!
Posted August 15, 2014
Best GF Chocolate Chip recipe. Made mine with Coconut Oil...Not butter. And used Pamela's Artesian GF Blend. Modifications were 1/2 C Brown Sugar, 1/4 C white sugar, 1/2 C coconut oil, slightly rounded 1/4 tsp xanthum gum. All other ingredients stayed the same as original recipe. Baked for 10 min. These were plenty sweet : )
Delicious, but did not brown up like the ones in the picture. Next time I will try using a dark cookie sheet...will that help? Any other suggestions?
Test Kitchen Comment


Hi Paula, Using a dark cookie sheet will help the cookies brown a little bit more, but be careful not to overbake the cookies, either. Happy baking!
Posted June 13, 2014
Delicious. I didn't have potato starch so used corn-starch instead. Came out fantastic and will be perfect for the favours at my sister's baby shower. Prefer these to wheat flour 'normal' choc chip cookies actually. Scrummy. Will be making them again and again!
New to the Gluten Free journey, my 8 year old daughter and I were convinced we could still make yummy chocolate chip cookies... We are happy to share that our family rate this recipe with 5 Stars!
We used brown rice flour with a gluten free pancake mix from Bob Mills... Very happy with the results and knowing we can still bake family memories together
Best gluten free cookies ever.
These were good! I wound up using Trader Joe's gluten free flour instead of the blend mentioned in the recipe and it worked well. I changed the amount of xanthan gum to 3/4 t since TJ's flour did not contain any. The cookies were a slight bit grainy, so next time I'll make it 1 t of xanthan and see what happens. Overall, outstanding and I am most certainly making them again!
I made these exactly as written and they were FANTASTIC!!! They tasted exactly like regular CC cookies. I brought them somewhere and didn't even mention they were GF and everyone raved about how great they were and I didn't even have any to bring home. Afterwards I mentioned they were GF and people were amazed.

TIP: if you don't buy extra fine rice flour take it and blend it in the blender for few to get it extra fine.. that helps with the grainy texture that is normally associated with gluten free desserts.
I made these cookies today & made the following adjustments. I used 1/2 cup soft butter & 1/3 cup of soft coconut oil, flattening down the dough before baking also helped not make 'em so puffy. I used guar gum instead of xanthan gum. Good cookie recipe :-)
I have tried many different GF chocolate chip cookie recipes and this is the best so far. I like the fact that they are made with butter instead of shortening. A lot of recipes I've tried use shortening. My whole family loved these - even those who don't have to eat GF.
Awesome! I used the Bulk Barn's GF all purpose blend and used 1 tsp xanthan and 2 tsp's baking powder because I was out of baking soda. A hit with everyone!
Perfect every time! We omitted the chips, added raisons and cinnamon and just like the chocolate chip cookies, we had perfect oatmeal cookies. Thank you LOL!
My whole family loved these, and we are non GF. Ours spread out great, were not crumbly and were full of chocolate. I would recommend these to anyone. Easy to make and taste great!
I can't tolerate grains so I didn't taste these, but both my gluten-eating husband and gluten-free and dairy-free 7 year old love these cookies. My husband usually complains, no matter how good gluten-free is, but not with these cookies. When I asked, he confirmed these looked and tasted as good as "regular" chocolate chip cookies.
Rather than butter, we used a little less coconut oil straight from the jar than the amount of butter called for. The sugar never creamed up completely like it does with butter, but I beat it for a long time and it was fine. I did the usual gluten-free subs based on what was in my pantry - sorghum flour for half the rice flour, corn starch for the tapioca/potato starches.
These cookies didn't spread out, which made them look cute and like you're not being quite so indulgent. If you want them a little flatter, you'll need to shape them that way.
Thanks for an easy gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe that produced great cookies! I was very impressed, I used all purpose gluten free flour instead of the blend you suggested and they turned out great!
I just made these for one of my granddaughters who can't eat gluten, and they were very good. It made 54 cookies from rounded teaspoonfuls. On my last sheet of cookies, I flattened the cookies with the back of a wooden spoon, and they were bigger. My husband and grandson pronounced them good!!
I added two cups of toasted walnuts, coarsely chopped and chilled the dough before baking.
The first time I made these they were pretty good but they were kind of crumbly. This time I added a bit more xanthan gum and they turned out really well!
This recipe is awesome my kids love them.
Great Cookies! Finally found a good recipe after trying several different ones. They were a bit crumbly however still tasted delicious!
These cookies are amazing!! No one would ever know they are gluten free. I followed the recipe exactly and they came out perfectly brown in 9 minutes. A keeper!!
WOW! These were sooooo good!
Made these cookies with my daughter in mind. Use the flour blend recommended with great success.Cookies were soft and chewy. Non GF folks would never know if you did not tell them.Excellent recipe will keep in my recipe file. looking forward to trying more GF recipes from here.
I've made these twice and they are delicious. I definitely don't feel like I'm missing out when I eat these cookies. Even non gf folks love them.
I've made this recipe several times using Cup4Cup gluten free flour blend. One time I use Earth Balance sticks instead of butter (for a family member who is dairy free), and twice with butter. I also add about 1/2 a tsp of orange extract in addition to the vanilla. This is really a fabulous GF cookie recipe. The taste and texture is great. No one would ever know they are not "regular" chocolate chip cookies. We always make cookie dough ahead of time and refrigerate. Then we scoop out and bake 12 at a time and have warm, freshly baked cookies.
I made this recipe for a friend of mine who is celiac and can't have dairy. I substituted the butter for 3/4cup Shortening and 5tsp of water, and the chocolate chips for M&M's because there ok for her. These basically turned out like larger sweet marthas cookies, and I have no issues with that. Awesome!
Goodness, gluten free, and fantastic!
Excellent cookie recipe! Best GF chocolate chip cookies that I have made!
After making at least a dozen attempts at GF chocolate chip cookies, the reviews here encouraged me to try this recipe. Unfortunately the dough turns out too soft and sticky when the recipe is followed as is. I could tell before I had even blended all the flour that the consistency was too soft. I immediately put the dough into the refrigerator for 30 minutes and I still ended up adding about 1/2 cup more flour. The results were okay - they were soft but more reminiscent of shortbread cookies. Flavour was good, but these are still not as good as regular chocolate chip cookies. I'll still be looking for that perfect recipe.
This is an excellent GF chocolate chip cookie recipe. The cookies are delicious. My kids could not tell the difference from regular cookies. I highly recommend this recipe.
I followed the recipe EXACTLY as instructed and they were awesome! The outside was slightly crispy and the side fluffy - almost cake like. Everyone loved them. There are the 1st gf cookies I made that taste like "normal" cookies :)
I made two batches of cookies today, one traditional and this gluten free recipe. Hands down these were preferred by my entire family, including two teenage boys who don't like anything gluten free. These are the only chocolate chip cookies I will make going forward.
I made these as muffins and made some with blueberries and raspberries. As cookies, they were a little sticky but as muffins, they're perfect! Just bake them for about 20 minutes unless you're doing mini muffins. Thanks for the recipe!
I used all brown rice flour, coconut oil and coconut sugar and also added walnuts! So delicious! Thanks!
These are the best gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipes! Excellent! For more recipes very similar to this one, you guys need to check out this video:

I have tried several gluten-free recipes for chocolate chip cookies but this recipe is the best! I followed the recipe just as it is written and they came out delicious and taste just like "regular" chocolate chip cookies. I will definately use this recipe again and will definately refer it to my other gluten free friends.
I've made these 3 times now. The first time the batter was very soft and the cookies came out extremely thin but the taste was great. I used M & M's instead of chocolate chips. The 2nd time I made them I added more flour and chilled the dough. They did better but were still on the thin side. The 3rd time I chilled the dough for a while and added a little more flour and they came out cake like. The taste is great. I used 2 different AP blends and baked at 350.
I just started trying the gluten free diet about a week ago. Started to get depressed because I felt like I would never be able to fnd things gluten free that tasted like the real thing. Decided to give this a try, and was SOOOOOOO pleasantly surprised. My 4 boys all like these cookies even better than the traditional chocolate chip cookis I have always made. I had already purchased a large bag of a GF flour blend which included All Purpose flour, which has the same basic ingredients as the recipe for the GF flour here, so I used it, but added an extra 1/2 tsp of baking soda instead of the 1/4 tsp of xanthum gum. They did not spread, and literally turned out more picture perfect than my regular recipe. Thank you for making this whole process easier! : )
Excellent ! Dont mi the batter too much or they come out cake like! Add some coco for double chocolate - of course thats if you like chocolate!
Excellent cookie! Tastes just like a regular chocolate chip cookie. Also freezes well.
These are fantastic! Just as good as the gluten free version. I used Cup 4 Cup as my flour blend, and the results were perfect - even better than C4C's version of gluten free chocolate chip cookies. No one would know these are gluten free - the texture, flavor, and chewiness is all there! Delicious!
After reading the reviews, I did one cup gluten free flour and one cup almond flour and 1/4 cup coconut flour . I also added a third egg. And subbed one cup coconut sugar. My family LOVED them!
I have been gluten-free now for two years, and I have been on a mission for a chewy gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe. I find they always turn out with a grainy texture.
However, THIS recipe was phenomenal. A lot of flavour and a great chewy texture. I froze the dough for about ten minutes before I put it on the pan. Definitely my favourite cookie recipe now! I highly recommend it.
These cookies stuck to the baking sheet. I would consider oiling it first. Also they seemed a bit sweet. They spread a lot so make sure you space them between one another.
I was quite reluctant to try this recipe. I have been gluten-free for all of five weeks, and finally the urge to splurge on something sweet was too much! I have read so many cook book 'forwards' where the author had to go through untold numbers of trial recipes before finding the 'perfect' result. Words like crumble factor, texture, flavor, density and mouth feel terrify me! So, when I got the itch, I happened upon this recipe with its wonderful reviews and thought, "Why not? I'll give half a batch a try!" As a practicing vegan, I did use Earth Balance and a flax egg. You know what? They were absolutely great to me and to my "store bought" cookie kids! Thank you for de-mystifying the gluten free cookie for me! What a wonderful first experience! You KNOW I'm coming back for more!
Just made these for the first time and they look and taste fabulous! I'm very new to gluten free cooking and it's such a relief to find a recipe that tastes like 'real' food! I used Melinda's gluten free SR flour so left out the baking powder and soda. As well as gluten, I'm dairy and egg intolerant so I used olive dairy free spread and no egg (sorry the website won't let me put in the brands as it thinks they're misspelled words!) I made 12 giant cookies so let them cook for a couple more minutes. Thanks x
My son is a new Celiac and I wanted to make these but didn't have all the ingrediants so I used the following: instead of the "flour blend" I just used GF all purpose flour and corn starch instead of xanthan gum (will buy tomorrow) and they turned out great! I added a little smidge of oil to keep them from drying out but was very good!
We are gluten free and dairy free (so I sub Earth Balance in for the butter). These are BY FAR the best GF cookies/bars ever! I make these for every party we go to, so my kids have a dessert to eat and inevitably, other folks want some of our dessert too! Awesome!
By far the best gluten free chocolate chip cookie! I have made it at least 10 times. No one even knows they are GF cookies!!
Test Kitchen Comment


Thanks, Amanda. So glad to hear you like these cookies!
Posted April 26, 2013
probably the best GF choc chip cookie I have tried, including the much more complicated one where you have to refrigerate the dough. this lacked some of the flavor of a "real" Toll House choc chip cookie with gluten, but didn't have the unpleasant grainyness that some GF cookies have. definitely my go-to choc chip cookie recipe from now on unless I find something better.
Great recipe almost the same as the one I usually use I add two tablespoons of olive oil to prevent the cookies being to dry and crumbly.
My cookies came out too flat. Good flavor though!
What did i do wrong???? All the reviews are great, but my cookies came out grainy and crumbly...felt like there wasn't enough moisture in it. Not sure if my kids will even eat them.
First time trying gluten-free cookies...won't be making the other kind anymore! Thanks for this :)
I am gluten free my husband is not, so when he came home yesterday with his favourite Subway cookies I went on the hunt to find a nice gluten free alternative to satisfy the sweet craving I was now having. These were soo easy to make and I already had all the ingredients in my kitchen. The batter tasted just as good as non GF batter and so I knew these were going to turn out just perfect. They don't look the same as the picture (my cooking never does) but the taste and texture is wonderful. Now I just have to hide them from my husband who can't stop eating them!
I just made these they are great cookies I know my granddaughter will love them. I am knew to gluten free baking so these really surprised me. I am trying to find a good hamburger bun . I have tried two different recipes but my granddaughter didn't like either one.
This was my first attempt at baking anything gluten free from scratch (I have purchased mixes and used them before) and the cookies came out amazing. The recipe is super easy and the ingredients easy to find. My husband could not tell the difference, and I think they are even better than those I make with my regular flour recipe. I did find the baking time to be very quick, just 9 minutes. I will probably never use my regular recipe again.
I was looking for a gluten free chocolate chip recipe that wouldn't spread too much. These filled the bill. I used m&m's instead of chocolate chips. My daughter says they taste like the real deal (wheat). Definitely a keeper!
This recipe was simply delicious! I did not hax xantham gum so I substituted it with corn starch. Turned out awesome! Thanks for sharing.
I added 1/3 cup ground flax for fibre....still turned out great......but slightly crisper.
I used about 80grams of M&M's for the chocolate, and - having to avoid Eggs - replaced the 2 eggs with 4 tsbs of Orgran No Egg and added 4 tbsps of water - they mixed up nicely but cooked more like cakes than cookies. Also took about 20 mins at Gas Mark 5, but still tasty. I call them cookie-cakes!
I loved this recipe. I did substitute the brown sugar and white sugar with coconut sugar. Made the flour mix listed at the end. Baked on parchment paper-- gas oven.
too much butter
I updated the recipe slightly using a mixture of GF all purpose flour that already included xanthan gum. so i didn't add that ingredient. Making these for Christmas for our grandson Ciaran. My husband was wary to taste them. He loves chocolate chop cookies and these were unproven to him. I demanded he be the taste tester and he has declared them better than any chocolate chip cookies he has ever tasted. Yay! Thanks so much for this recipe.
I made these and they are as good as my Mother made,
and for gluten free this is saying how great they are.
I am so happy to find recipes that are good.
They don’t fall apart they have a good texture in the mouth
and that is hard to do with gluten free.
I would be so happy if landolakes test kitchen could come up with a
Firm Biscotti cookie, that was my favorite before being diagnosed
3 years ago at 63 with celiac disease.
Thanks againe.
I made these following the recipe exactly, and they are fantastic! My family, who don't usually like my gluten free treats, ate most of them and asked me for more. One trick I learned a long time ago with chocolate cookies to give them the yummy chewy middle, is when you remove them from the oven and they are done cooking, drop the pan onto the counter or stove top from about 6 inches. It makes them "fall" in the middle and keeps them crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle. (This works with any choc chip cookie recipe)
Followed the recipe exactly. These were really good. I wouldn't exactly call them "chewy" though. They've got a more delicate texture - not like a cookie with all-purpose flour. Nobody would know these are gluten free if you didn't tell them so I consider that an overall SUCCESS!
These cookies came out so delicious!!! I've never eaten a gluten free cookie that was so moist and chewy...amazing! I made these dairy free by substituting coconut oil (3/4 cups) for the butter (3/4 cup) and using dairy, nut &soy free mini semi-sweet chocolate chips. The vanilla cancels out a lot of the coconut flavor, so they taste pretty much like an original chocolate chip cookie. So yummy!
These are the best gluten free chocolate chip cookies! Thank you Land O Lakes! I have made quite a few different recipes and now I have a go-to recipe. Instead of adding xanthan gum to the flour mix I just add 1 tsp total xanthan gum in the recipe. (I did the math :) ) And, I would highly recommend parchment paper. It made a big difference between perfect cookies and crumbly ones. I use superfine brown rice flour and the starches I get from an Asian store.
I just made this recipe for the first time, and it went over really well! My oldest loved the dough, and my youngest loved them baked. We're just getting on to this gf thing, and I'm finding certain things quite tricky. Also, I really suck at baking. I baked them at 325 for 11 min, let them sit on the pan a couple of minutes before taking them off, and they were great. I made the flour slightly incorrectly, forgot to chill the dough and changed some ingredients and they still worked out. I used Becel, because we can't have dairy (in the wrong amount - I had to guess, since I misread the recipe), and dairy/soy free chocolate chips, since my son's allergic to that as well. He's okay with lecithin, but not oil. We're all sorts of fun at mealtime, I tell ya! If this recipe can survive my lack of precision and poor substitution skills, you should have no trouble.
If your cookies go flat or runny use this tip: Use 1/2 of your butter and 1/2 of solid shortening and then be sure you refrigerate your cookie dough a good 30 min and keep refrigerated until you used all your cookie dough. Cook at 325 degrees. I always bake my cookies at 325 and have found all my GF cookies come out best that way GF is easy to burn and harden due to the Rice flour.. I have been baking for 5 years GF since diagnosed with Celiac.
I used a prepackaged flour mix (I want to try with the land o' lakes suggested flour too), but have made this about 5 times and it has been excellent every time! A couple tips: use parchment paper and they will not stick! I used a cupcake pan with liners for a few batches .. this worked well too! Definitely do not over cook them .. error on under-cooking for chewier cookies (I back mine 7-9 minutes)! I use double the chocolate chips, and last time used one bag of chocolate chips and one bag of butterscotch chips .. these turned out fantastic! Oh, and I also use arrowroot powder instead of xantham gum since that was what I had in the cupboard and it is cheaper. I was buying Gluten Free cookies for my daughter who is away at school and now just bake her these .. she loves them! I am newly Gluten Free and still figuring things out but this recipe was easy and delicious!
The taste is good, but mine came out flat. Maybe its because I didn't follow this exactly. I used the eggs I had on hand (EG best) and I could have used more Choc. Chips. The batter tasted good, but when i baked it, it just went flat. I am pretty sure I followed every other part of this recipe. I really had high hopes for it, but it failed. Going to try a different one and see if I like that one better.
I have only been gluten-free for a year (so I remember how good a "gluten" chocolate chip cookie is. I have been quite a baker for years. I made several attempts at GF baking but did not like what I tasted. These cookies were amazing! I ate one while warm and it tasted like the cookies I'd made for years. I couldn't believe there are actually GF recipes that taste that good. You should advertise these recipes! I just stumbled upon them. (I do have some of your cook books but never thought LOL would have these kind of recipes). i have always used LOL but never thought to look at your website. I have told my GF friends about it already. I noticed many people change the ingredients, but I followed it exactly and it was wonderful. I will be making these again. Thank
you for your efforts.
Loved it. Used gf king author flour in one batch and rice flour in the second batch. Use amount of flour in recipe. Slight difference kills the cookies. Takes like Betty Crocker box cookies :)
I substituted a prepackaged gf flour blend (that has been successful with other recipes) and used white chocolate chips instead. The dough was runny, and created basically a pan cookie. Then they turned into a massive lump of crumbs as I attempted to get them off the pan. Fail. Tasty, but major fail. Will not be attempting this recipe again.
my first cookies ever and they are gorgeous and chewy. as I have an egg allergy, I used milled flax seeds (1 tablespoon milled flax seeds plus 3 tablespoons warm water per egg). 9 minutes was enough time in my cooker. thanks for the warning not to over-bake.
Caveat: this was my first attempt at gluten free baking. I considered myself a good baker until today. The cookies are just ... funky. I used coconut flour instead of the flour mix in the recipe - I'm not sure if this was a factor in the funk or not. In the first batch, the cookies were just way too dry and I made them far too big, so I added more butter and egg, and that helped. But they are an odd texture, somewhat dry and I found I needed to use teaspoon sized bits of dough (the directions say tablespoon size) and shape and flatten them because they don't melt like I expected them to (esp with the direction to drop by the spoonful which is what I did in the first batch). The flavor of the cookies is good, and the subtle coconut flavor from the flour is lovely (if you like coconut), but I wouldn't make them again.
I am grain free so my baking blend was made up of coconut flour, almond meal, and potato starch. also i didn't have any of the gum so i substituted two tablespoons of flax meal. I also used coconut oil in place of the butter to cut out dairy. not sure if land o lakes would be too happy about that! whoops! anyway they turned out great!
These are fabulous. I made the recipe exactly as stated . I will make these again!
Followed all to a "T", but omitted white sugar (was out!) and used all brown, and the recipe still tuned out amazing. Bookmarking this one for sure. Good job!
This is a very versatile recipe. I didn't have tapioca flour, so substituted coconut flour instead. They turned out moist and chewy. Found a nice link ( for advice about selecting gluten free flour substitutions (light, medium, or heavy flours) based on the type of flour the recipe calls for.
I had to fudge on a few ingredients but they turned out very moist!!
I really enjoyed it as gf recipes are hard to come by that taste good.....:)
I have made this recipe several times and always it was wonderful. I have even added chopped dried cherries -- delicious!
Thank you for this fabulous recipe! We had to hide them from the non-gluten free family members, because they loved them so much! My daughter and I are SO thankful for this simple pleasure in life!
WOW these are the best gluten free cookies I've made to date. They are NOT crumbly, instead they are moist and chewy. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I will use the recipe for the baking flour for other recipes as well, I think that is key. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
YES!!!!! Our entire family loved these. They are almost identical to the beloved "gluten-full" chocolate chip cookies I have been making for many years! My 11 year old celiac is dancing a jig today! Thank you for posting!
I have been looking for a great chocolate chip cookie and I think I finally found it. I made it for my mom and sister who are on gluten-free diets and they absolutely loved them. I left out the xanthan gum as mom cannot have it but it did not affect the cookie quality. You would never know they are gluten-free.Thanks so much.
these are amazing! i hardly got any, before my husband, who can eat anything, got a hold of them. wouldn't know they were gluten free unless someone told you
I've made many gluten free desserts with many different flours & this is the best BY FAR! People definitely can't tell thst they are GF! Thats probaby the best compliment you can give a GF recipe.

For the people said it was too dry - did you use the entire 'batch' of flour mix rather than the 2 1/4 C? I did think it was written confusingly the 1st time I made these.
These cookies were quite good and imperceptibly gluten-free. Two nit-picky things. My cookies really stuck to the pan -- where regular cookies (and other gluten-free cookies) have not. Not sure why, but I would grease the pans next time. Also, I think it makes sense to NOT include the xanthan gum in your GF flour mix and just bump up the amount in the recipe -- I used a premixed GF flour (King Arthur) and almost missed the fact that there was added xanthan gum in the GF flour blend used above.
Came out great! For flour I used 2 cups Bob Red Mill's GF All Purpose flour, 1/2 cup almond flour, I replaced the brown and white sugars with 1/2 cup evaporated cane juice and 1/2 cup agave nectar and used NO xanthum gum. The rest of the recipe I followed exactly. Important: Ingredients must be room temperature when you combine them. Make sure you beat the sugar and butter until very light and fluffy. Add the combined dry ingredients very carefully to wet. Be sure to cool the dough very well before you shape into balls and bake. Making sure to space the dough balls out 2" between each cookie is really vital (these cookies expand in the oven). These steps are all important in making sure the cookies come out perfectly, but the overall recipe is good in my book!
i am not gluten intolerant but I really enjoy trying different recipes and I have friends who are gluten intolerant. Most gluten-free cakes and cookies are okay that I have tried but not having gluten intolerant I usually have an issue with texture. But these cookies are wonderful! They are just as good if not better than most regular flour recipes. This may replace my Toll House recipe.
These are excellent, we have made them twice now. First time we made them double choc by replacing half a cup of flour with cocoa. Second time we didn't change a thing. Both times, wonderful.
Even the dough is good! I can't tell that these cookies are gluten free. This will definitely be my standby gluten free chocolate chip cookie. THANK YOU LAND O LAKES!!!
I made this recipe with bobs red mill all purpose flour. first batch turned out flat. However, I added more G.F. all purpose flour and 1/2 cup G.F. biscuit and baking mix. The biscuit mix gave it the "fluff" the cookies needed. So I am altering my recipe to use 2 1/2 cups of all purpose gluten free bobs red mill flour
and 1/2 gluten free biscuit and baking mix. Great taste , shape and texture!!! Thank you LOL!!!!
I've been making these cookies for several years. This is the best recipe for gluten free chocolate chip cookies that I have found. When I bake them, I bake them in my oven for about 8 minutes. We like cookies slightly under-baked so that they come out nicely soft and chewy. I've given out this recipe to many others per their request. Thank you Land O Lakes test kitchen for sharing with the public.
made these tasty lil buggers tonite and oh my! really can't tell they're GF except for the powdery feeling of rice flour. i imagine a (more finely milled) different brand mite just fix that! i also switched guar gum for the xanthan gum and used an icecream scoop to drop cookies onto parchment paper instead of a sissy tablespoon. as of time of this post, i'm the only one eating them here that knows they're GF. muahahaha! thanks for the great recipe!
Taste is wonderful. However there was too much flour and I had to add moisture to form into cookies.
I just made these cookies for my newly diagnosed gluten intolerant fiance, and I have to say that we just tried one still warm from the oven and that they are really good. The only change that I made was to add 3/4 cup of cocoa powder to the flour mix to make these into a double chocolate chip cookie. Yum! I think this recipe could be very versatile--I may try adding walnuts or coconut to these in the future; or, some gluten free oats and raisins to make them into an oatmeal raisin cookie. The only issue that I had while making them was that my first "test" batch came out a bit burned when I cooked them for 11 minutes. I adjusted my baking time to 9.5 minutes and they came out perfectly for each batch after the first one. These are great and the white rice flour that I used did NOT make the cookie grainy like I had feared it would. The texture is somewhere between a "normal" cookie and a cake, which both my fiance and I found really appealing. It was not heavy or sticky or crumbly like a lot of gluten free flours can be. Enjoy!
This was pretty good! A little dry, but otherwise I enjoyed them!
This is the best GF recipe I have found for chocolate chip cookies - others tend to crumble but this one was perfect. As I am from Australia I substituted our local Plain Gluten Free Flour as well as a local dairy-free butter. I cooked them for 10 minutes at 180 degrees celsius until they were just firm on top. But I am very grateful to Land O Lakes for sharing this on the web :)
I made this recipe, following the directions exactly, and the cookies got really flat. So the edges overcooked. They are paper thin! Any suggestions? I gave it 3 stars because also they taste awesome and bind well, my end product was flat and crunchy. I would give it a 5 if someone can help me figure out what went wrong.
I've made these for my grandson, he loves them. He also has me use M&M for a little variety.

I find that chilling the dough my cookies are easier to handle.
I'm a very experienced gluten-free baker and usually create my own recipes, but these surpassed any chocolate chip cookies I had previously made. Outstanding!
Best gluten free chocolate chip cookie in the world. What a wonderful and compassionate company you are to make these available to us. I cannot wait to try every single GF recipe on this site. Please continue to add more GF recipes and I will be sure to tell all my GF buddies about this wonderful selection of recipes. Thank you so much. BTW - my husband and children inhaled these cookies and begged for more and they don't have to eat gluten free (just mom). :)
I made these cookies for my husband who is allergic to wheat. They are the best gluten free cookies from a recipe that I have found. Udi's gluten free cookies are just so expensive and my husband likes these just as well. I rolled them into balls and flattened them down with a glass. If you don't flatten them, they stay round like a ball. Taste great. My kids even like them. Thank you!!
This recipe worked beautifully. . I used an almong flour, gluten free oat flour mix and traded out half the choc chips for Cacao Nibs. . .WOW!
These are awesome!! If you add a 3 1/5 oz package of instant pudding (vanilla, chocolate, or coconut), they will be even better! (Kraft pudding is gluten-free)
Our favorite recipe for chocolate chip cookies. I would recommend chilling the dough before scooping out and baking.
I made this anti candida friendly- once you are vast the first stage (white rice/potato starch not good)I used half buckwheat and half brown rice flour, replace all the sugar with slightly less xyitol, and used chocolate made with xyitol and NO sugar. They turned out great!!! More cake like than cookie and obviously still with some carb content but all the less damaging one and finally something to sate my sugar cravings, thank you! - Oh I also used a small amount of brown rice milk as my dough seem far to dry. And all my non weird diet friends loved the too.
Wonderful recipe very easy and delicious
I made this recipe and I would rate it 5/5 stars.
This is by far the best gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe I've tried. The cookies are tasty, hold their shape well and the texture is as close to a 'normal' cookie as you can get.
Awesome!! I make them all the time and they never last because everyone gobbles them up.
i varied from the recipe slightly and it turned out kind of dry. I used milled flax seed instead of xantham gum and i did not have any vanilla.- all out! would this be the cause of the crumbliness?
Test Kitchen Comment


Jackie, I think that the variations you made to the base recipe for these GFchcolate chip cookies may have contributed to the crumbliness of the cookies. In there are tolerance proportions that have to be maintained for the cookie to work. Is there a reason you used milled flax seed instead of the xanthan gum?
Posted January 26, 2012
Very good! Doesn't require a lot of additional ingredients like some gf recipes!
Everything other post say and more. This recipe goes to the top of your cookie recipe list. I made 3 1/2 the last six not quite as big as the others.
The best ... takes like 'gluten-full' tollhouse cookies!
I followed the recipe to the letter and LOVED every single thing about these cookies! They texture was perfect and they didn't fall apart when my kids dunked them in milk. Finally, a gluten free cookie recipe worth keeping and sharing!!!
I made these for Christmas and what a hit. Even those without Celiac enjoyed them. Can't wait for more gf recipes.
I made the above listed recipe for chocolate chip cookies ! ABSOLUTLEY WONDERFUL!! Thank you so much for sharing. Ill be chekcing your web site on a regular basis for more gluten free recipes. Thanks so much!
i made these because a friend has would never know they are gluten-free. ;)
Finally a successful cookie! Thank You Soo much Land O Lakes, for this great recipe. I will forever Love you guys!
excellent taste and texture!
I substituted 2 5/8 cups of Pamela's Flour for the GF flour, baking soda, baking powder, xanthan gum and salt.

I also substituted 1 cup of chopped pecans for 1 cup of chocolate chips.

Baked for 8 - 9 min on parchment paper, and let cool on tray for 2 minutes.

The Pamela's Flour substitution makes it quick and easy. DELICIOUS cookies!!!!! I made them for my Celiac family members, so I don't even normally eat gluten free and thought they tasted great =)
Light in texture, excellent taste. I cut down on the white sugar by 1/4 cup, The butter makes this cookie delicious. Glad to have found this recipe, will use it a lot. I added a 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts. Used a convection oven at 350 degrees and baked them for 6 1/2 minutes and they were perfect. This is a wonderful recipe.
Wow! These cookies taste EXACTLY like the chocolate chip cookies I would enjoy before going gluten - free. AMAZING!!! THANK YOU!!!!
Here is the gluten free recipe. Mike
This recipe is amazing! I've been gluten free for the past year and having to constantly reject delicious cookies and cakes pains me SO much! And sometimes when I try to bake gluten free foods they end up disgusting...this recipe however, was nothing like that! The cookies melted in my mouth and reminded me of the non-gluten free cookies my mom used to make! I definitely recommend this!
I made this into a cookie bar, it was awsome. Its nice to find a cookie that holds together and tastes great. Will be sending my daughter a care package filled with these.
This recipe is easy to double or make into bars with a little added baking soda and xanthan gum. Yummy and E-A-S-Y!!!
Super good! I used 1 cup all purpose gf flour, and 1 1/4 cups brown rice flour. I also used egg replacer instead of eggs... 3/4 cups maple syrup instead of brown sugar, no white sugar, and added another 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt. The cookies were gone in minutes.
I live in Colorado and it's really dry -so were these cookies. I tried adding a little milk to the second batch, but now they turned out even more crumbly. They're tasty, but the texture is off.
These cookies are amazing. I make them at least twice a month. But, I did modify the recipe a bit. I replaced butter with Earth Balance and used EnerG instead of eggs. I also chilled the cookie dough for an hour before baking, makes a BIG difference. My family had no idea they were gluten free, and vegan :).
Amazing. They actually look and taste like what I remember eating when I ate gluten! I think when I store them, I might have to store them between layers of wax paper because there's a little bit sticking between cookies that are piled on top of one another.
Awesome cookies! I've been in search of a good gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe and I've just found it. Thanks!
I like cookies
My son made this recipe and just used buckwheat flour instead of many mixes of flours. These are the best cookies I have ever had! So yummy!
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Wow, these are good cookies. I used the Arrowhead Mills baking mix and they turned out really, really, really good, just ask my muffin top!
These cookies turned out really tasty! I used my own flour blend of sorghum flour, tapioca starch, cornstarch, brown rice and millet flour. I replaced the butter with shortening, to make them dairyfree. I also left out the white sugar, adding 10 drops of vanilla stevia instead. The cookies are soft and chewy with great flavor and no weird texture!
Pretty darn good chocolate chip cookie
These were delicious. Did not taste gluten free and the texture was great not too crumbly like some mixes I haves tried. Thank you for posting these recipes.
I made these and they are DELICIOUS. BUT... I varied from the original recipe just a tad. First I halved the recipe. I used 3/4 cup Gluten free bisquick and a heaping 1/4 cup almond meal/flour as my flour mixture. I omitted the Xanthan gum because there was already some in the baking mix. I added 1/4 tsp baking soda and omitted the baking powder (remember that this is for half of the recipe- not a whole batch). I cooked half and I'm refrigerating the rest of the dough for later use. They are delicious :)
This is second time I've made this recipe-- and it was excellent. It is easy to make and follow, as well as modify: I used buckwheat flour for a more robust and nutty flavor, as well as adding chopped roasted hazelnuts. Simple and perfect.
I made this recipe NOT using a flour blend--I just used GF brown rice flour. I also used egg whites only, and VEGAN chocolate chips. It didn't work so well. The cookies wouldn't stay together and they were SUPER thin. I will try the baking mix next time.
I love baking chocolate chip cookies! I was so sad to think that I couldn't make them anymore and lick up the raw batter. But, this recipe has changed my mind. My 7yo son and myself both LOVE them! THank You Thank You!!!!
I am new to gluten free recipes and this is the first recipe I've attempted to bake. I followed the recipe exactly as it states. I did not have chocolate chips so I added white chocolate chips, chopped craisins and almonds. These are absolutely delicious!! Next time I may add almond extract for a different variation. Thanks so much for all the reviews. They helped when deciding to make these. A definite keeper.
used pamelas baking mix for flour. very perfect cookie recipe! thanks! this is my new go to.
I loved this recipe! It's so hard to find a good basic cookie recipe, but this one works great. I discovered that I needed 8 minutes exactly to cook them, no more, no less. I also added some shredded coconut and used frozen carob chips instead of chocolate. I ate some of these the next morning and they were still soft! I can't believe it! Great recipe. This is a keeper!
This was my first time trying a gluten-free recipe for my kids. I was a little worried as rice flour tends to be highly grainy. But I just watched my first pan come out of the oven. The cookies have that old fashioned cracked appearance. My son enjoyed the flavor right off the bat!

For me, I will portion the dough using a large cookie scoop. It still gets some crunch, but still has a nice center gooiness. I will use this recipe again.
the absolute BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe for people with Celiac's Disease, hands down!
I made this recipe today using Pamela's Flour Blend and added nuts...and I must say these were absolutely delicious. It had been 8 years since I've had a homemade chocolate chip cookie due to a Celiac diagnosis, and they were not a disappointment. My husband loved them as well. They were easy, and I cooked them for the 12 minutes and they were absolutely perfect. Thank you LOL for providing this recipe I plan to use again and again!!!!
I baked them for 10 minutes. I used 1/2 cup butter and 1/4 cup good margerine. They are yummy.
This my fall back for quick cookies right now. Yummy and chewy-er than others. Having to substitute some ingredients a bit--e.g., brown rice syrup instead of sugar (and less of it)--the recipe is pretty forgiving, too. I also used coconut oil instead of butter (sorry L.O.L's--I'll still use your eggs if you want), adding a pinch more salt. And guar gum instead of xanthan (and a little extra at that). Some ground flax just for fun and we have a cookie I can justify any day of the week.
This recipe is awesome. I have made it numerous times and it always turns out. Instead of the two eggs, I use 2 tbsp ground flaxseed + 6 tbsp warm water. I used Enjoy Life Choco Chips. I also use 1 cup rice flour and 1 cup sorghum flour.
Quite yummy. I used better batter flour blend. Delicious.
From the Test Kitchens...
This recipe was tested using the flour blend we suggest. I have tested many GF recipes and I think you would be successful using a purchased all purpose GF flour blend you can buy at the grocery or health foods store. I suggest you give it a try and let us know how you liked it. Happy baking!
I was wondering if anyone has yet tried this recipe using simply all-purpose gluten free flour instead of the flour mix and how it turned out?
Made these and they came out just perfect! Substituted the butter for vegetable shortening straight across. Sooooo good, my 6 yr old told me my cooking skills are PRO!! lol Thanks for the recipe, This is a keeper!
I found & made this recipe today & I can't begin to tell you how happy I am! Thank you so much for giving me back a small piece of my childhood.
This is the best gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe I have found! YUM!
This is an amazing recipe! I made the cookies for girlfriend because she is gluten free and she loved them!
My son is allergic to dairy and eggs and is also on an elimination diet to uncover additional allergies, and I wanted to reward him with a treat that actually tasted good. These fit the bill. I made many substitutions and they still came out chewy and delicious. I used 1 c. rice flour and 1 c. sorghum flour, plus about 1/4 c. barley flour, Earth Balance dairy & soy-free margarine, plus the egg replacement mentioned by Sheila on 9/9/10. I subbed tapioca for the xanthan gum ( it's made from corn) and made my own baking powder to avoid the cornstarch. I used Enjoy Life dairy & soy free chocolate chips. The flours I used tasted slightly gritty, but overall it was very much like a Toll-House cookie! He loved them! Thank you.
Love this recipe! It gives me hope. After a couple of tries, I've adjusted the flour mixture to 2 1/3 cups and lowered the baking soda to 1/2 a teaspoon. I also cook them at 350 for 7-9 minutes. They come out fluffier and are still nice and chewy in the middle. I've never had my cookies gobbled up as quickly as these are, even when I was using regular flour.
These are wonderful and delicious, my family doesn't even know they are gluten free!!
This recipe helped ease my children into their diagnosis. Thanks for an easy and yummy recipe!
These cookies were delicious! My husband even liked them better than regular (wheat flour) cookies. Thanks for a great recipe!
Lovely! Recipes like this make being gluten free so much easier. I used a mix of coconut, tapioca, Oak and brown rice flours as I find too much rice flour can make for a gritty or grainy product. The family loves them! Thanks!
This is a GREAT gluten free cookie! I used brown rice flour, arrowroot starch, and corn starch for the flour and a combination of different sweeteners (light brown sugar, turbinado, xylitol, date sugar). I also used dark chocolate chips rather than milk chocolate. And, I used a bit more of the vanilla extract. This is the first gluten free cookie that my son likes!
These cookies were really good. Crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. I used 1 cup sorghum flour and 1 cup white rice flour in place of the 2 cups of brown rice flour. I kept everything else the same and they came out great!
By far the best gluten free chocolate chip recipe. I however left out the baking soda so the cookies didn't spread as much. This way they were thick and moist. Delicious!!
Thank you for the recipe! I only reduced sugar and used 2/3 cup of German Hammermuehle GF mixture (based on corn starch) instead of potato starch, and the cookies turned great! Very simple to make, I just put the ungreased baking paper directly on what do you call it, this grate in the oven, made the piles and no problem whatsoever with removing the cookies when they chilled off a bit. I did refrigerate between the batches, but found no big difference. Happy New Year from Europe to everybody!
Just to add to all the positive comments...this was AMAZING!!!! I even made it dairy free (substituting earth balance butter) and egg free (with Ener-G egg replacer...adding a little extra water for moisture). I was so thrilled to be able to taste real chocolate chip cookies on Christmas this year! Thanks!
These are the best GF chocolate chip cookies I have ever made - from scratch or a pre-made mix. I am so happy with these cookies! I did use the Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Flour Mix and followed instructions on that packaging for how much xanthan gum to add. Also used parchment paper on cookie sheets (after reading previous reviews).
These cookies turned out great. My husband didn't know they were GF - he thought I made a regular batch of Nestle's Toll House!
These are awesome!!! I followed the recipe exactly (notice you need to add xantham gum twice) and they came out delicious. The only variation was that I froze the batter for 1/2 hour prior to baking. I baked them for nine minutes on parchment paper. They rose beautifully!
These cookies have a wonderful taste and texture. Our entire family loved them! Thank you for a wonderful gluten-free recipe!
They have a good flavor, but the texture is not chewy, it is cake like. I was really looking forward to cookies like the good old days of gluten laden food, but these didn;t fit it.
This is a great recipe!! Great texture, great taste, real easy. My whole family loved it, even the gluten ones.
Just wanted to say the recipe worked out pretty well, but be sure to grease the sheet and put the mix in the fridge for 30-45 minutes.
my boyfriend is allergic to gluten and so I have been trying many new recipies and just making things up to make things that we have both always eaten into a gluten free version. so i have tried many many chocolate chip cookie recipies almost all of them have ended up having an awkward flavor and spreading out everywhere. the first batch of these cookies i made spread everywhere as well adn got very brown so the second batch i added another 1/2 teaspoon of xanthan gum and reduced the cooking time to 7 mins and they turned out great! they didnt not spread as much but they do spread a little, i found that the less spread out the piles of dough are the less they spread out and i used small piles but this recipe is awsome!!!!!
I am so happy that Land O Lakes has posted a gluten free recipe section. I have a cousin who has celiac and it's so nice to see more and more places releasing gluten free information. I always try to make food she can eat when she comes over, as I know it's hard to come to a party and not be able to eat anything. These recipes will help me do that for her!

I made these cookies and they are excellent. They taste just like the non-allergy chocolate chip cookies. To make it easy on myself I used King Arthur's gluten free flour mix instead of mixing it myself. They are so good! This will be my new recipe for cookies when my cousin comes over!

Thank you!
I made the recipe exact except using only 1/2 cup butter. They turned out perfect - best gluten free recipe I have tried to date.
I am so happy to be able to bake again. I thought this might be lost when I could not eat wheat any more. My kids and husband wolfed them down like the olden days. Thank you! Also, in appreciation for you doing these gluten free recipes, I am using your Land O Lakes products in them.
FINALLY!!!!!!! It's been one year since being diagnosed with a gluten allergy. ONE YEAR without homemade chocolate chip cookies. Today, I couldn't stand anymore and had to have a cookie made in my own kitchen. I searched around and found this recipe. I was worried after reading the comments, with all the comments about runny dough. But, 3 dozen cookies later - OH MY GOSH!!!!! HEAVEN!! Thank you so much Land 'O Lakes! I am happily munching on delicious gluten-free homemade chocolate chip cookies that are marvelous. Thank you!
Best Gluten-Free Cookies Ever! I have tried several GF cookie recipes and this one tops them all. The taste ,texture and flavor is just like the real thing. Just use fresh B.soda and B.powder,also real vanilla only the good stuff. Thanks L.O.L These R my new Christmas Gifts.
Actually, I don't leave out the dairy. I use a dairy substitute. To add to the comment below.
I have made this recipe so many times and also have left out the dairy. The only thing that I do different is I use Parchment Paper for all my gluten free baking. I don't have to worry about anything sticking, and they always turn out beautifully.
Amazing cookies. Easy to make, easy to find ingredients and great results!!! They don't even taste gluten free!!! I"m waiting to see how long they stay good for.. if they last that long in this house.
I've been craving chocolate chip cookies, and decided to try this recipe. I haven't made GF cookies yet, so this was my first attempt. My first batch spread everywhere and were very brown. For my second batch, I increased the xanthum gum (I added another 1/4 tsp) and reduced the baking time. They started out looking great, but then still spread everywhere by the time they were done. I also forgot to re-grease the cookie sheet the second time, so I am scraping them off the pan. (oops!) They do taste good! I am refrigerating the rest of the dough, as I've heard recommended, so I'll see if that does anything. If not, I'll probably find a different recipe. (I should mention that I am cooking at high altitude - 6500 feet, so I am sure that is making an impact. I didn't see any high altitude alterations, but I'd be interested to see some!)
I'm a personal assistant and the woman I work for has many food allergies. She is also allergic to eggs, so in this recipe I used an egg substitute mixture (1/4 cup milk, 1 tsp oil, 1 tsp baking powder). This recipe called for 2 eggs so I did double that. The cookies turned out amazing! The best she has had and I've been trying many recipes!
This recipe is amazing!!! These cookies taste closer to regular choco chip cookies than any gluten free recipe I've ever tried.
After being diagnosed with Celiac disease, the three things I've missed the most are white sandwich bread, hamburger rolls and chocolate chip cookies. I read all the reviews and I cried. I made them right away and as soon as I tasted the dough, I knew they were going to be great. They are wonderful and the closest thing to the real thing. My family didn't even know they were gluten free! I can't tell you how happy I am to have found this recipe. I did use Better Batter Flour Mix from Whole Foods which is almost the same as the recipe's mix. I also refrigerated the dough as others suggested. They baked perfectly. Thank you Land O'Lakes for giving me back chocolate chip cookies!
So delicious you wouldn't even know they're gluten-free! Better than regular chocolate chip cookies.
As good as a Tollhouse, Nobody could believe it was gluten free
I tried this recipe and it turn out very good. I would recommend it to any one that needs to have a Gluten - free diet.
I've added a few 'wrinkles': flax meal for 1/8 c. 'flour', plus chopped walnuts and cranberries. This time, with 'iffy' results - they flowed out too much - I substituted raw agave syrup for part of the white sugar.

BUT, it's wonderful to be able ot have cookies again [it's been 12 years since I was diagnosed.
These turned out beautifully. I was nervous after reading reviews but I refrigerated the dough before and during batches. My kids are going to be so excited when they come home from school!
These were very nice cookies. Having seen someone complain about sticking, I put cooking spray on the sheet, and they slid right off with out needing a spatula. Why in the world any recipe says non greased cookie sheet is beyond me.I added some oatmeal and it added texture. Will make again.
The recipe is easy to follow and was very delicious. I learned that when baking gluten free it helps to refrigerate the dough for a period of time before trying to bake. I prepared the dough on Sunday, placed in an airtight containter in the fridge, & baked on Monday evening. My co-workers & I devoured them today and we had no clue that they were gluten-free. I used an All-Purpose Gluten Free baking flour from Whole Foods. And following the recipe EXACTLY, I cannot taste the difference. These cookies help me to miss gluten a lot less. Thanks so much!!!
I am steaming hot right now. I followed the recipe as is, except that I used Smart Balance instead of butter. My daughter is GFCF. So, these cookies are melting in the oven and you cannot pry them off of the cookie sheet. I tried again, adding enough flour to make the mixture more cookie battery, and they "melted", too. What I finally wound up doing was dumping it all on a cookie sheet, and when it was "done", I scraped it off and crumbled it. We'll use it on top of yogurt. They taste great...I just don't know what I did wrong.
great medicinal cookies - my piggy of a boyfriend couldn't even tell they were gluten free!!
THis is a great tasting cookie I tried it on my staff and they did not know it was gluten free.
I have to agree with someone else that you can taste the potato starch. I have found that cooking with potato starch at all adds a flavor that has to be countered by something else. I added twice the amount of sugar for both the brown and regular sugar and twice as much vanilla. I also added two tablespoons of organic honey. You can still taste the potato starch flavor, but less so with the extra sugar and vanilla. With the additions I would make it again but otherwise it would not be worth it.
These are awesome! My son was diagnosed with celiac disease a year ago and he was 19 and in college. I have 2 babies at home that will be tested for celiac disease when they turn 2 years old. He missed 4 things desperately pop tarts, pizza, calzones and nestles chocolate chip cookies. I had been searching for a gluten free cookie recipe that tastes like nestles toll house chocolate chip cookies and I FOUND IT!!!!!!!! I have made these cookies several times and I can tell you they go quick by everybody gluten free eaters or not. Friends and family can't tell the difference. They go quick. I have searched and done trial and error with other gluten free cookie recipes and this one IS A HIT! The secret is to follow the recipe exactly the first time you make it so you can get the true feel for them. Then the second time you make them you can play around with it if you want, and see what you like. Like sometimes I add chopped walnuts and at Christmas I played around with it and divided the dough 3 ways and added all different types of things even marshmellows and it turned out like a thin crisp chocolate and marshmellow crisp with nuts. I think making gluten free chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches will be my next venture and I can wrap and freeze them individually. If somebody had a problem with this recipe and it doesn't work out rite then they should try to make them again maybe you miss measured somewhere. Because they are sinfully delicious and just rite chewy just like Nestle toll house cookies! Thank you Land O Lakes for these gluten free cookies. You probably have figured out that people who can't have gluten are so appreciative and desperate of every bit of help they can get because it is so hard to find great tasting flour foods and recipes that are gluten free that don't have an after taste. THANK YOU THANK YOU!
I have quite a bit of experience with gluten-free baking, and this... well, it was awful. The cookies were not chewy, and the potato starch in the flour mix gave them a really off flavor. I would not make these again.
In my oven these were perfect after 9 minutes. My picky kids couldn't tell they didn't have wheat. This recipe is AWESOME!
Excellent texture and flavor from flour blend!! Thank you!
Wonderful recipe. Everyone loves the cookies (even those who don't know the cookies are gluten-free). Be sure to cream the butter really well and add the gluten-free flour slowly beating very well. I do add extra choc chips too.
I added raisins, pecans, and gluten free chocolate chips.
My son absolutely loves these cookies! When we make the recipe, we get 36 cookies which we bake for 12 minutes. They come out perfectly every time. Also, we prefer using dark brown sugar instead of light brown.
Best cookies. Hand down. No one will know they are gluten free. We used Enjoy Life Foods chocolate chips. Don't miss out on this recipe.
These cookies are the best Gluten free cookies, they taste just like chocolate chip cookies that I made before being diagnosed with celiac.
These chewy chocolate chip cookies were awesome! This was the first time I had baked with gluten-free flour. I was afraid they would not taste good but they were great! I doubled the vanilla in the recipe as I usually do when I make chocolate chip cookies. I also had to reduce the bake time to 8-9 minutes.
My daughter is Celiac, I double the batch bake off one batch , roll into logs and wrap to freeze if she wants a treat she can slice and bake, she uses the toaster oven for her 1/2 dozen snack attacks. My husband who is a non celiac wants me to triple the batch, so are never with out.
These are really great - taste just like regular chocolate chip cookies. Even my non-gluten free husband loves these and claims no one could tell the difference. I like to add chopped walnuts or pecans for extra taste and texture. I also like using parchment paper so the cookies never stick to the pan.
I absolutely love chocolate chip cookies and since my fam is trying not to consume a lot of gluten this is a big hit! The first thing my Mom said when she tried one was a unbelieving "gluten-free?" haha...I love it! I love using unsweetened or semi-sweet coarsely chopped baking chocolate along with the chocolate variety!! Or nuts or raisins or whatever!Definitely a family favorite!! Thanks!!!

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