Writer for the Land O'Lakes Blog

With two young boys, a busy work schedule and trying to find time to run or work out, Alexandra’s household is always on the move with soccer, baseball, swimming and school activities! Having such a busy lifestyle and a hectic work schedule, Alexandra lives and dies by technology. She is an Internet queen using her phone and tablet to organize quick, healthy meals for the week and to find time saving tips so her family can eat together as much as possible.

Growing up, Alexandra’s mom was not much of a baker, however as a registered nurse, she encouraged trying different foods and was adventurous in providing alternative healthy snack choices (frozen mixed veggies anyone?) Alexandra is passionate about ensuring her boys are in the kitchen to help make meals and snacks to encourage their interest in food and create crazy memories together in the kitchen.

Having lived in various parts of the country, Alexandra enjoys finding local cuisine and restaurants to share her love of food with her family and friends. She is a self -proclaimed ‘Southern Girl’, loves the ‘east coast Italian’ meals and has of course, experienced the Midwest ‘hot dish’. Her boys have special dietary needs due to food allergies & food sensitivities, so Alexandra knows about substitutions and creating a meal everyone can eat together. With baseball teams, swim practice and carpooling, their household is known for impromptu team meals and is often the gathering place to entertain friends on a moment’s notice!

Alexandra is a volunteer at school, busy mom, marketing consultant and an instructor for therapeutic horseback riding, teaching children and adults with special needs. She is paid to write for the Land O’Lakes Recipe Buzz® Blog.