Our Brown Egg
Land O Lakes® Brown Eggs
are chef-tested and
naturally delicious.
Ordinary Eggs
Pale in Comparison
Land O Lakes® Brown Eggs are produced by hens fed a simple, premium, all-vegetarian diet that contains no hormones, steroids, antibiotics or animal by-products.
Start Your
Day Fresh
Try a new take on your breakfast favorites with versatile Land O Lakes® Brown Eggs, from hearty scrambles to breakfast pizza and tacos. View our Eggs for Breakfast recipe collection.
Clearly Fresh &
All Land O Lakes® Brown Eggs come in recycled PETE plastic cartons because they offer excellent protection, making it easier for you to inspect our eggs, and are environmentally friendly.

The Test Kitchen shows you how to make perfect eggs
with these six short videos.

Learn how to make Perfect Eggs

Make weekend brunch—or even a weekday breakfast—special with Land O Lakes® Brown Eggs. Fill garlic-seasoned tortilla cups with soft-scrambled eggs and your favorite vegetables.

Get the recipe for Scrambled Egg Tortilla Cups »

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