Writer for the Land O'Lakes Blog

A self-proclaimed girl-on-the-go, Amanda is a full-time graphic designer by day, and an aspiring chef by night. She and her husband, Ryan, also love to entertain. As a result, they've learned to explore quick, delicious recipes that can be made in larger quantities, allowing them to make the most of their limited extra time.

Although she didn't cook much growing up, Amanda learned some very valuable lessons from her mom: Don't ever be afraid to try; Recipes are guidelines, not rules! Cooking is an adventure when you are comfortable testing new things. As a result, she believes that there is no "failure" when you cook or bake - you just learn tips to improve your dish (or recipe selection) for the next time. Good advice.

Amanda is just learning how exciting cooking and baking can be, and wants to try new recipes with you —and share in your successes. She is also the daughter-in-law of our very own Becky, from Ask Becky.

Amanda is paid to write for the Land O'Lakes Recipe Buzz® Blog.