Fluent in food science and creative cooking

Amber’s interest in food and cooking started at an early age perhaps due to having a mother who disliked cooking- it was a matter of survival!

Childhood days were spent baking with grandmas, high school nights were spent making homemade pasta with friends. And the trend continued into adulthood with degrees in culinary arts, food science, and nutrition.

Building on this foundational food education, Amber has had a number of food-related positions including banquet sous chef, product development scientist, assistant food stylist, and working in a cheese cave.

Food is not just a job for Amber. She is always experimenting in the kitchen, from canning jams and jellies to making bread from a wild sourdough starter and trying out new ethnic cuisines.

After 3 1/2 years working on the Land O’Lakes Test Kitchens retail team, Amber has transitioned to a new role on the Foodservice team. She is now a Culinary Manager, where she is putting both her food science and culinary degrees to good use.