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Halloween Help – Family Pizza Party!

Halloween Help – Family Pizza Party!

By Kim
October 26, 2011
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At our house, kids rule on Halloween. It’s an awesome holiday when kids can be anything they want to be and collect candy from the neighbors. I can’t think of anything better from a child’s perspective.

The challenge for me is getting everyone to eat good food before we start off on our adventure. Having a full tummy will (I hope) slow down the candy tasting and might just prevent a breakdown before the end of the evening. Thankfully, I have a secret weapon – a Family Pizza Party. Pizzas are perfect because they require very little preparation time and kids enjoy making them as much as they do eating them. Having the kids help assemble adds even more fun in the kitchen.

The day before, I can prepare all the ingredients and put them in small bowls.


The photo shows thin sandwich buns, but other crusts work great, too – tortillas, English muffins, Greek flatbreads, focaccia or even crackers will work. Here are some recipes that use these various crusts:

mini veggie pizza
Mini Veggie Pizzas

greek flatbread pizza
Greek Flatbread Pizzas

grilled cracker crust pizzas
Grilled Cracker Crust Pizzas

I like using American cheese for the kids because the cheese is easier to handle than shredded and stays on the bread. On Halloween, the evening starts with everyone helping to make dinner. I toast the thin sandwich buns and heat up the pizza sauce in the microwave. Top the sandwich buns with sauce and cheese.


Now the fun for kids starts! Each person can construct his or her own Funny Face Pizza using the toppings. Get creative and make funny characters.


Place the masterpieces into the microwave for 10 seconds and they are ready to eat.

Fun, quick and, best of all, stress-free. After all, Halloween can wear out even the toughest lion.

kid in costume
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