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New Year's Resolutions from the Test Kitchen: To Bring World Flavors Home to Her Kitchen

New Year's Resolutions from the Test Kitchen: To Bring World Flavors Home to Her Kitchen

Our Test Kitchen experts are looking forward to a great new year, including making some changes—both big and small—in the kitchen.

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Amber, Senior Product Specialist

Amber's Resolution: To bring world flavors home to her kitchen

Amber is looking forward to exploring the wealth of ethnic restaurants in her area in 2013—from Indian to Southeast Asian to Latin American. And she says she’s definitely going to bring some of those flavors into her own home and into her work in the test kitchen.

“I’ve been doing some research on Asian, Mediterranean and Latin American cuisines for work,” she says. “Now it is time to bring those flavors to life through food.”

Sometimes bringing those cuisines home will mean learning some new techniques. For example, in Indian cooking, spices are often toasted in a dry pan before being added to a dish. Try this technique to boost the flavors in your favorite chili.

“One thing I’ve found interesting is the same ingredients are used in many areas of the world, but combined in different ways,” she says. “It’s made me think about what I buy and how I use it.” If you use cilantro at home for salsas and tacos, try adding it to quick Asian noodles: Combine peanut butter, soy sauce and vinegar. Toss sauce with cooked linguine and vegetables like carrots and scallions. Sprinkle with chopped cilantro and enjoy.

Or, if you have cinnamon and cardamom left over from holiday baking, mix some into plain yogurt along with ginger, cumin and pepper. Use the yogurt mixture to marinate chicken for an easy Indian-inspired meal.

Find the full recipe for Warm Thai Basil Noodles here. And Pumpkin Curry Soup gets a hit of Indian spices.

What’s your 2013 kitchen resolution?

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