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Art of Grilling

Master the Art of Grilling

May 01, 2017
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Do you envy the current Grill Master in your household? Do you wish you could slip into that coveted spot in the yard where you don’t go to people, but people come to you? Why do people come to you? Because you are in charge of the goods on the grates! You need to watch that grill with an eagle eye to turn, baste and reposition the Pinterest-able portions at the tip of your tongs. Now, if you have not earned that title yet, or if you are still trying to elbow your way in, we have some helpful articles with tips and recipes that may get you to the Grill Master spot sooner than later. Let’s be honest, even the current Grill Master did not earn that title without many a summer of experimenting and, alas, perhaps even having to hold a stiff upper lip through some colossal failures.

First things first, you need to be prepared with both knowledge and supplies. Did you know grilling and barbecuing are not one-in-the-same? The difference is cook time and heat zones. What are heat zones and how do you make the most of them? To find out more read How to Create Direct and Indirect Heat Zones for Multitasking on the Grill.  As far as being prepared with everything from sauces to spatulas, you should read our Get Ready to Grill article.

Now that you know the tools you need to succeeded, let’s talk about the basics. Read Grilling 101: Chicken, Beef and More to get grounded on the proper techniques to prepare grilling staples. Once you have the grilling fundamentals down, it is time to introduce your trusty tongs other friendly grilling recipes. Read our article Grilling: Beyond Burgers to find tips and recipes that will broaden your grilling horizons from breakfast to dessert.

After all, grilling and barbecuing does not have to be reserved for your main meat.
You can have fun and try anything from Appetizers on the Grill to Grilled Pizza Recipes. Click on the links to find an assortment of amazing recipes in those collections.

Once you are feeling more confidant in your grilling skills you should branch out and try recipes that use innovative grilling accessories. Read our New Techniques for Grilling Fish to find out how to make our Halibut with Wasabi Butter using a salt block or Salmon Fillets with Orange Basil Butter on a cedar plank.

Now you know how to grill and what to grill, so let’s talk about adding some finishing touches a-la you. If you want to secure your spot as Grill Master, you should try making things from scratch. It is not as hard as it sounds! To see for yourself read Build Your Own BBQ Sauce with Global Flavor. Also, adding spices to the meat and/or adding cheese are more great ways to impart complementing flavors to your recipes. Check out how to make Taco Burgers in Summertime Taco Transformation. Or see for yourself how the melty-deliciousness of our Land O Lakes® 4 Cheese Italian Blend completes the dish for Spicy Italian Sausage Zucchini Boats.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, a note on food safety. After all, you will not remain Grill Master for very long if your friends leave your party with more than burgers in their bellies. There are a lot of tricks to test if your meat is cooked to your liking, but the most accurate way is to use a thermometer. Cutting the meat to check the color is not only inaccurate; it also releases the juices and dries out the meat. An instant-read thermometer is a worthwhile purchase and will tell you if protein is safe to eat. Use this chart to ensure your meat is ready to serve once they reach these minimum temperatures:

Meat Cook To:
All Poultry 165°F
Ground Beef 160°F
Beef, Veal, Lamb & Pork –Steaks, Chops & Roasts 145°F (post-grill: allow to rest at least 3  
Fish & Shellfish 145°F

There you have it! You are now armed to challenge the current Grill Master and secure your spot in the yard. Have fun practicing your new techniques and impressing your friends and family with some delicious recipes.

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