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Nick Evans

Nick is a writer, blogger, passionate home cook, and recent dad. He has been writing on his popular food blog, Macheesmo, for over eight years. He has posted over 1,000 tested recipes on Macheesmo encouraging people to feel more confident in their kitchens. In 2014, he published a cookbook about using leftovers effectively (Love Your Leftovers) and was on the NBC game show Food Fighters where he cooked against some of the nation’s best chefs.

Slow Cooker Butter Marinara Sauce

As the weather cools off I really crave Italian food. Specifically, pasta and slow simmered sauces. One of my favorite tomato sauces to make I first learned from a Marcella Hazan recipe. She’s basically the...

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Special Guest

• Ree Drummond •

As a busy mom who writes about food, family and living on her ranch in Oklahoma, the kitchen is Ree's frontier.

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Special Guest

• Sadie •

Sadie is a creative cook who looks for culinary inspiration everywhere. Her family's small dairy farm in Minnesota has been a part of the Land O'Lakes cooperative since 2005.

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