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Hot-Off-the-Grill Fish Tacos

Hot-Off-the-Grill Fish Tacos

By Liz
July 06, 2009
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When summer hits, grilling becomes our family's favorite cooking method, and everything -- from burgers and steaks to chicken and shrimp -- is fired up on the grill.  We eat outside on the deck almost every night.  Hey, it's Minnesota so we need to take advantage of these gorgeous summer nights! I'd never made fish tacos before, so when I saw an incredibly easy recipe, Grilled Fish Tacos,  on the web site, I decided to try it.

Once the grill is on and heating up, I melt some butter, get out my fish fillets, and begin.  I often melt small amounts of butter in my metal 1 cup measuring cup -- it works like a tiny pan and is perfect for butter.


Before buttering the fillets, I dry them with paper towels.


Drying the fish helps the butter spread more easily, and the spices adhere better, too.


Using the taco spice packet makes this recipe a breeze.  In a few minutes, the fish is dried, buttered, coated with spices and ready for the grill!


I know it only cooks for 10 to 12 minutes, so before I put it on the grill, I get all my topping ingredients ready so I can serve my tacos while the fish is piping hot!  I use the fresh summer ingredients I have on hand – tomato, green onion, some fresh corn and, of course, Cheddar cheese.  Once the ingredients are washed and on the cutting board, I throw the fish on the grill and get to chopping, slicing and shredding.  Corn is easy to cut right off the cobb with a sharp knife, and adds great color, flavor and crunch!


I mix up the sauce and it’s a breeze – only three ingredients.


I have all my toppings ready and it’s been about 10 minutes.  I head to the grill to check the fish.  I pull it off and it looks done – I test it by making sure it flakes easily with a fork.


Assembling the tacos is fun and easy, too.  I break the fish into bite-sized chunks with my fork and place several on a tortilla.


Then I top with my ingredients and drizzle on some of the spicy sauce.  It looks so colorful and delicious!


I load up my tray with tacos and limeade, and another perfect summer evening has begun!


Try this great recipe for Grilled Fish Tacos and search on "grilled" for all sorts of great summer recipe ideas.  Olé!

Do you have other great grilling recipes?  I encourage you to try  this recipe and then rate and review it on

On Thursday we are featuring a flavorful grilled vegetable salad to serve at a backyard barbecue.  The recipe is  a great complement to grilled chicken or another main dish.

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