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Cheesy Bacon Movie Night Treat

Cheesy Bacon Movie Night Treat

By Liz
September 07, 2009
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When I saw the Land O'Lakes recipe for Cheesy Bacon Snack Bread, I thought it would be a perfect family movie night treat! My younger daughter started reading the Harry Potter series a couple weeks ago, and just finished the third book. As soon as she finishes a book, we rent the corresponding movie and the whole family watches together.

This recipe uses frozen bread dough, so the crust is incredibly easy. You do need to let the dough thaw for a while, though, so check your package directions for thawing time. No work required, just a little foresight! Once the dough is thawed, simply press it into your greased pan. I like to have a little oil nearby for my fingers, so they don't stick to the dough.spreading-dough-in-pan

Work with the dough a bit to stretch it to the edges of your pan. The dough might fight a bit, so be patient. If it gets rascally and won't stay stretched out, just cover your pan loosely with plastic wrap to keep the dough from drying out, then wait 5 minutes and try again. It should "relax" and be more pliable.

crust-pressed-inOnce it's stretched out to the edges of you pan (or close), spread the butter mixture on top.

spreading-butterPrepare the dough for rising by first covering the pan loosely with plastic wrap, and then covering with a cloth. This keeps the cloth from sticking to the dough, which can be a mess.

cover-w-plasticcover-w-clothWhile the dough is rising, crisp your bacon. I like to cook my bacon in the oven, so it doesn't curl all up or spit all over my stovetop. Oven directions should be on the bacon package -- I cook mine at 400° F for about 15-20 minutes in a cast iron pan. You can also use a cookie sheet if it has edges.

bacon-ready-for-ovenAfter about 10 minutes in the oven, take the bacon out and blot most of the grease off with paper towels. Then put it back into the oven to get it nice and crispy!

bacon-crispyDo a final blotting of excess grease with paper towels. If your bacon is well-cooked but isn't crumbling easily, just chop it with a knife. I actually prefer my bacon a little chewy.

chop-baconAfter the dough has doubled in size, prick it all over with a fork.


Then, sprinkle on the cheese and bacon. (Now you see why this bread is going to be so good!)

ready-for-the-ovenAfter baking, sprinkle with parsley and -- this is the hard part -- wait for 10 minutes! This might be a good time to get out some root beer or cold milk or some cherry tomatoes from the garden to enjoy with the bread.

add-the-parsleyThis bread is indeed a great movie treat, and the kids heated up snacks for the next couple days!

snackin-next-dayMy daughter needed a little something to help her get through the 4th Harry Potter book...

zoey-snackingThe last thing I want to say about this great bread is that if you keep frozen bread dough on hand, the other ingredients are likely to be in your kitchen, too. I want to try this recipe and vary it a bit -- I bet it's great with pepperoni instead of bacon, or with thinly sliced tomatoes or chopped olives layered under the cheese. Mmmmm. So many possibilities...

I hope you try this Cheesy Bacon Snack Bread soon. Send me a note below if you have questions or comments. Be sure to rate and review this recipe.  It's a true crowd pleaser!

Stop back again in a few days to hear all about Amanda's delicious apple crisp -- a perfect dessert for fall...

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