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Double Chocolate Gems - Small Bites of Brownies

Double Chocolate Gems - Small Bites of Brownies


If I haven’t made myself clear in past blogs let me be sure to set the record straight – I love chocolate, dark chocolate especially.  I think it must be genetic since my dad and sister have the same passion about this simple yet luxurious treat.

My dad has an official “candy drawer” in their kitchen.  He has had this treasure trove of goodies since I was a small child.  Everyone in the family knows where to go if they want a little treat to tide them over until a meal is served, to satisfy a craving mid-day or to add a special ending to the day.  There is always (yes always) chocolate of some kind in that drawer.


Sometimes all I need is just a little bite of something rich and chocolaty.  Double Chocolate Gems provides just that.  They are simply mini brownies that have a burst of wonderful chocolate flavor.  These bite size brownies do the job of satisfying my chocolate craving.  They also make a great addition to a cookie platter, a wonderful gift or a tasty dessert served with a scoop of ice cream.

To make Double Chocolate Gems heat the oven to 375°F.  While the oven is heating melt 1 cup of the mini chocolate chips and the butter in a 1-quart saucepan over low heat.


Be sure to stir occasionally and watch the mixture so it doesn’t burn.  If you don’t have mini chocolate chips regular size chocolate chips will work they just don’t disperse as nicely when stirred into the batter (this step comes latter in the recipe).


Once the chocolate is melted and the mixture is smooth pour it into a medium bowl and let cool 5 minutes.


Add the sugar and eggs to the cooled chocolate.


Mix well.


Gradually stir in the flour.


Stir in the remaining mini chocolate chips and vanilla.


Place foil or paper mini muffin cups (1 ¼-inch wide at the bottom) into mini muffin pans.

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If you don’t have a mini muffin pan, buy the foil cups (not the paper cups).  You can place the foil cups on an ungreased cookie sheet and they will work just fine although they will bake in a little less time.


Spoon the chocolate mixture into each cup, filling them about 3/4 full.  I used my handy dandy cookie scoop to do this job.  I love this tool.  You can buy one at most kitchen supply stores and some discount or department stores.  Once in awhile I have also seen them at grocery stores.


If you don’t have a cookie scoop, just use two spoons.


Here’s how they will look with the foil cups on a cookie sheet.


Bake for 10 to 13 minutes (9 to 11 if you use the foil cups on the cookie sheet) or until their centers are set.


I prefer these be moist and a little fudgy in the center so I am careful to not over bake.  Here is a photo that attempts to show you their fudgy center.


Although the recipe says to let them cool completely I like to eat a couple when they are still a little warm and the chocolate chips are still gooey – they are sooooo good.  I’ve also been know to heat one up for just a few seconds in the microwave to get that just slightly warm texture (try it, I know you’ll like it).

What’s your favorite way to get a chocolate fix?  Give Double Chocolate Gems a try and then rate and review the recipe.

On Monday Liz shares about a favorite chocolate cake recipe.

Becky Wahlund is the Director of the Test Kitchens for Land O'Lakes and writes for our Recipe Buzz™ Blog.

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Photo shows paper baking cups while recipe specifically calls for metal baking cups?? Sorry, just a comment. Have been using a lot of recipes from website. Thanks.

Posted November 27, 2011 by Mary Sue

Great idea to change the flavoring! It makes the recipe very versatile! Cindy

Posted October 09, 2010 by Cindy

I like to make these, but I try different extracts to change the flavor. Orange, almond, mint, raspberry, and coconut.

Posted October 07, 2010 by Laura H.