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A Bring-Along Breakfast

A Bring-Along Breakfast

November 08, 2010
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Weekend get-aways are so fun, aren’t they? I love the chance to have a change of scenery before going back to my next week of work. Lucky for us, we recently  got to do a really fun cabin weekend with some of our closest friends! In celebration of our good friend Jeff’s golden birthday, five of us couples headed up for a weekend away – to relax and, of course, eat.

Everyone pitched in to bring their specialties – various salsas, cookies, bars and snacks. We also contributed to meal elements as well. Since I love breakfast foods and had been dying to try these Multi-Grain Pancakes with Peanut Butter Maple Spread, the gang agreed that we should make them up at the cabin. So, I prepped what elements I could beforehand, then took the final steps onsite at the cabin.

At home before our weekend, I prepped the peanut butter spread. Just combine the syrup, butter and peanut butter in a medium sized mixing bowl.

Use a hand mixer to beat the ingredients together until they are fluffy and smooth.

Since we were saving the spread for our weekend get-away, I simply used a spatula to scrape the spread from the bowl to a plastic container. I kept the spread in the fridge until it was time to leave.


Next, I prepared all the dry ingredients for the pancakes (I doubled the batch since there would be so many of us eating breakfast). In a plastic container, add flour, oats, yellow cornmeal (which I had never cooked with before, but loved), sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Seal the plastic container up with its lid and set it aside for when you’re ready to make pancakes. This is a good idea for having easy pancakes ready to go on a Saturday morning – it’s like having boxed mix on hand, but a million times better!

Pancake morning at the cabin arrived swiftly. So, I first turned the griddle on to heat up. Then, I prepared my buttermilk using one of the classic substitutes: milk and lemon juice. This is really cool (and a lot easier to keep on hand than tracking down buttermilk). The deal is, the acidity in the lemon juice thickens the milk slightly and makes a great replacement. So, measure out your lemon juice (again, I was making a double batch).

Then add milk to fill your measuring cup up to the appropriate amount of buttermilk. Allow the combination to sit for five minutes so it can thicken a bit.

Combine the buttermilk, butter and eggs in a medium bowl.


I used a whisk to get these ingredients good and mixed, but didn’t worry about making it perfectly smooth. I had some butter lumps, and it still worked out great.

Add the liquid mixture to your dry ingredients.

Mix batter thoroughly.


By now your griddle (or skillet, if you’re working on a stove), should be nice and hot. You can check by flicking a little water on the surface and watching to see if it sizzles. Once it does, you’re ready. Scoop the batter on to the surface (it’s up to you if you want large or small pancakes.


Allow the pancakes to cook until bubbles form. That’s when they are ready to flip with your spatula. When both sides are golden brown, remove the pancakes and serve hot with peanut butter maple spread on top! Our friends preferred not to be photographed in their pajamas with syrup on their faces (I can’t blame them). So I can simply relay that these pancakes got such rave reviews that all of the ladies said that they were through with boxed pancakes forever now that they knew how simple (and how much better) these multi-grain pancakes were! In fact, the pancakes were so well liked that I made the same recipe for my family the following weekend! My dad was especially fond of what he called, the “pancake frosting” peanut butter spread.


Give these delicious Multi-Grain Pancakes With Peanut Butter Maple Spread a try for your next lazy Saturday breakfast – or prep your ingredients in advance like I did and bring them along on your autumn get-away! Then rate and review the recipe online.

Come back in a few days and Becky will be sharing a classic holiday cake recipe.

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I am absolutely in love with this website! I know I will visit here often and cannot thank you enough for putting this together! with that said, there is a cold weather weekend heading my way. I will be giving this recipe for that weekend! Thank you so much!!

Posted November 26, 2011 by Tammy