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A Little Syrup and a Whole Lotta Love!

A Little Syrup and a Whole Lotta Love!

September 16, 2010
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With school back in full swing, there’s not a ton of time to cook breakfast in our home.  With Jeremy gone by 4am and three girls to manage on my own every morning, I just don’t have enough time for an elaborate breakfast.  Sadly, it’s usually cold cereal, toast, or toaster pastries for the girls.  For me, it’s oatmeal with whole grain toast and a cup of Joe! 

So what’s a mom to do? I always remember my mother making me something hot every morning, and I loved it!  She was a working mother with three kids too, so how did she do it?  For starters, she was an early bird so I’m sure that helped.  Her alarm used to go off at 4am! Reminiscing now, it was usually scrambled eggs with bacon, breakfast tacos, or pancakes. Yum! I still love it when Mom makes breakfast for me.  Although now, we usually take our breakfast to the back patio and chat about our day over coffee before the bus comes. Such precious memories…and I want my girls to have the same kind of memories when they’re older.

I thought I’d start working a little harder at breakfast time, but what to fix?  The answer I got from the girls was Mom’s French Toast.  I had never made French toast before, so I thought it was a great idea.  It’s quick, yummy, and adds that special touch to breakfast.  It’s an easy way to show the kids you love them…on a plate!

To get started, slice the French bread into 1 inch slices.

Now to prepare the egg mixture…In a small bowl, gently scramble the eggs.

Combine the eggs, vanilla, and half and half in a 9-inch pie plate (or something similar).

Looks perfect! It’s ready for the bread.

Add three or four slices of bread to the mixture and allow them to rest for about one minute.  That way they’ll soak up all of that yummy goodness!

Give them a flip in the mixture so that both sides are evenly coated, and set them aside while the pan heats.

Add the buttery spread to the pan, and wait until it begins to sizzle.

Gently add the bread to the pan; I used tongs, and they worked just fine.  A spatula would probably work too.

Allow them to cook for about 3 minutes, or until the underside is nice and browned.  Give them a flip.

Continue cooking them until both sides are brown and delicious, which is about another three minutes or so.  Remove them from the heat, drizzle some syrup and/or dust them with a little powdered sugar, and voila!  Breakfast is served!

It only took about 10 minutes to prepare, and I know we’re making memories in the kitchen.  These are the moments I’ll remember when my girls are grown and have their own families.  I love them so much!
All three girls are enjoying Mom’s French Toast!  Nothing but smiles from my gang…

Sydney was excited to try something new before hopping on the bus at 8:20 am!

Once you try Mom's French Toast, please leave me a comment and I'd love it if you took a minute to rate and review.

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After seeing my nine year old put on too much extra weight the last year I've been working very hard on improving all our meals. I now make a french toast or waffle (often re-heated to go quicker), fresh cut-up strawberries, two fried egg whites, and a dab of light syrup. We use a spoon to measure out the syrup instead of just letting it pour. I think it is important to feed the kids foods like protein and low-sugar items that help them stay full. The kids say this new breakfast ROCKS.

Posted September 19, 2010 by Gloria A.

Great idea for breakfast & also Saturday Mornings. We always put butter on our French Toast before all the rest. It is yummy & wholesome for everybody. I have a Grill that needs no Butter or Oil to cook on it. Just get it Hot & Cook. A small piece of Fruit cut up on the plate goes great too.

Posted September 18, 2010 by Marilyn