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Bacon, Tomato & Avocado Quesadilla

Bacon, Tomato & Avocado Quesadillas

butter, quesadilla, bacon

I’m running so late today! Will my day ever end? I couldn’t even make it home in time to get dinner started. So I called Adam and asked him to start dinner. I heard the pause in his voice as he said "We can wait for you to get here. Don’t worry about it."

Right. With my kids, we have the gremlin effect if they don’t eat before a certain time. Adam really doesn’t believe me until the boys are in full blown tantrum with reasoning thrown out the window.

Me: "Did you feed them?" Adam: "Well, I thought they could go an extra 15 minutes." Serious lack of judgment. Sort of like buying the commemorative Louisville Slugger bats with their names on them when the boys were 2 and 4 years old- Really? You didn’t think they were going to hit each other with them?

So... tangent aside, his next question was "what should I make?" Needed to be quick, easy and something that everyone would like - So my answer was quesadillas! Bacon, Tomato & Avocado Quesadillas is the answer. If everything else fails, I know my kids will eat a quesadilla! If it has bacon, tomato and avocado - how could the rest of us resist? This recipe was a total lifesaver! Even my husband was able to put dinner together quickly - check out how easy this was to make:

We had bacon for breakfast earlier in the day. On weekends, I like to make a big breakfast with bacon. I usually make the entire package so that I can have bacon on hand the rest of the week for recipes, sides, etc. Greatest accomplishment of my adult life has been cooking bacon in the oven. No messy flipping the bacon, it cooks flat and evenly and it drastically reduced the mess in my kitchen.

bacon, oven, raw

So simple, I encourage you to try it. For this quesadilla recipe, I use 8 slices of crisply cooked bacon. There’s always room for more bacon if you want to make more!

bacon, cooked, oven

For each quesadilla spread 1 1/2 teaspoons softened butter onto one-side of a medium-sized flour tortilla.

tortilla, butter, quesadilla

Place the tortilla buttered-side down onto a large cutting board and place 2 slices of cheese onto half of each tortilla, like this….

quesadilla, cheese, tortilla

Prepare 1 cup seeded and finely chopped tomato on top of the cheese.

quesadilla, tomato, cheese

Cut a medium-sized avocado into slices or 1-inch pieces. Place the avocado over the tomatoes.

avocado, tomato, quesadilla

The best part! Top evenly with bacon. As you can see, I probably put a little more bacon on! Everything is better with bacon!

bacon, quesadilla, avocado

The quesadilla begins to take its shape by folding each tortilla in half over the filling like this:

fold, quesadilla, butter

Next, heat a 12-inch skillet over medium heat. Then place 2 folded over quesadillas into the skillet. I chose to cook the quesadillas one at a time. It would save time if I did cook 2 of them at the same time in the skillet.

quesadilla, skillet, butter

Cook the quesadilla, turning once, until it is golden brown on each side and cheese is melted. It will take about 5 to 6 minutes.

browned, quesadilla, skillet

Cut the quesadilla into 4 wedges with a pizza wheel. Then continue making quesadillas with the remaining ingredients.

cut, quesadilla, wedges

We like to serve our quesadillas with salsa and sour cream, but these Bacon Tomato Avocado Quesadillas were amazing even by themselves. Dinner is served!

bacon, tomato, quesadilla

I am very fortunate to have a husband who likes to cook and is comfortable in the kitchen - whew! What a great, simple recipe perfect for a quick dinner, appetizer or snack that any family member can make quickly and easy. So if you are achin’ for some bacon - this quesadilla is the perfect tasty meal! Give them a try, and when you do, rate and review the recipe online.

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I was curious as to why you fold, cook and cut the quesadilla rather than doing as we do in the Southwest which is to Layer one whole large tortilla with the cheese and other ingredients of choice and top with a second tortilla, cook, then cut into wedges?

Posted August 06, 2013 by Diana
Test Kitchen Comment
From: Cindy
The way you suggest will work well, too! This recipe was developed with one method for making the quesadillas and the way you put it together is another way.
Posted August 08, 2013

can't wait to make some so when i'm watching TV or a movie we can pig out on some great food :)

Posted May 12, 2013 by Miguel G.

This sounds delicious; I can't wait to make it. Thank yoou.

Posted May 12, 2013 by Betty

looks yummy

Posted May 11, 2013 by missy

I use Plain Greek Yogurt in place of my sour cream. There's almost no difference in the taste, but all the difference in the calories and fat.

Posted May 10, 2013 by Nancy

YUMMM! These were deilicious, a great combination of flavors.I served them with a side salad. I also cooked the bacon the way you suggested, awesome idea, no turning the bacon and I didn't burn it for once!

Posted July 18, 2012 by L

I didn't have time to make the bacon so I just used leftover turkey lunchmeat and the kids were thrilled. Quick, easy and yummy.

Posted June 08, 2012 by Lisa

I like the way you show step by step how to make these..they look so appetizing and "yummy"..

Posted May 10, 2012 by jonimacaroni

I am making these for lunch! What a great idea. I also like making bacon in the oven using my Pampered Chef Bar stone. It turns out wonderful. Thanks for the recipe!

Posted May 10, 2012 by Lauri

This sounds quick and delicious. Until reading these pages, I had no idea Land O' Lakes had so many varietes of spreads or was so good for you. WIll definitely be buying it on my next shopping trip. Can't wait to try these quesadillas!!!

Posted May 10, 2012 by Pam

This is a great recipe. My friends and I are always looking for recipes with 4 ingredients or less. This is also a good recipe to get my 9 and 11 year old cooking. Thank you.

Posted May 09, 2012 by P

What oven temperature do you cook your bacon?

Posted May 09, 2012 by Darla
Test Kitchen Comment
From: Alex
I bake the bacon in the oven at 400 degrees F. for about 10 - 12 minutes.
Posted May 17, 2012

This could be lighten up with a lo-carb tortilla, drop the sour cream, easy on the avocado and bacon. We need to think about the calories of everything with today's obesity epidemic affecting even young children.

Posted May 08, 2012 by Cheryl
Test Kitchen Comment
From: Alex
Thank you! What a great comment! The great thing about quesadillas is the flexibility of ingredients and options to customize them to fit our lifestyles and dietary needs. I know these are a great fit for my family on the go - quesadilla's are usually a favorite after an afternoon of sports. I like them because they are easy to make and quick to serve. I like to add in a lean protein such as chicken or fish too for variety.
Posted May 13, 2012