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A Vegetable for Dessert

A Vegetable for Dessert

February 26, 2016
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Cupcakes make people happy. With no actual vegetables in sight, these Carrot Patch Cupcakes are a fun, simple way to celebrate spring and guarantee smiles!

The recipe starts with a basic chocolate cupcake. Having a go-to recipe is perfect for when the decorating will take center stage. I’ve already baked the chocolate cupcakes. The best time to make the frosting is while they cool.

Begin by mixing together a batch of classic buttercream frosting. Softened butter, powdered sugar, half & half and vanilla are combined to create the base. Divide the frosting in half and place into two bowls. Stir melted chocolate into one half of the frosting. Transfer 3 tablespoons of frosting from the second bowl into a third bowl and color it green. This is for the carrot tops, so you won’t need much green frosting. Color the remaining white frosting with orange food coloring.

Scoop the orange frosting into a piping bag fitted with a large round tip. Place the green frosting into a resealable food bag, snip off a very small corner.

By this point, the cupcakes should be completely cooled. I’ve found doing the decorating in an assembly line is the easiest. Start by creating the carrot shape in all of the cupcakes. Use a paring knife to cut a cone shape into the center but save the centers; we’ll crumble these for “dirt”.

Now, make the carrot. Fill the center of the cupcake with orange frosting, piling the frosting to create a rounded top. Again, do this with all of your cupcakes.

Frost around the carrot top using the chocolate frosting, taking care not to smear the orange.

Sprinkle the chocolate frosting with the crumbled centers you saved to mimic dirt.

To complete your carrots use the reserved green frosting to pipe short threads on the orange top.

You can keep the center a surprise and enjoy everyone’s reaction when they take a bite! Or, cut one in half before serving to show the fun carrot shape. These Carrot Patch Cupcakes are sure to make everyone smile and it’s your secret how simple they were to make. Enjoy!



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Agree with Alice & thoughts too!

Posted November 05, 2016 by Marge

Wouldn't it be easier to frost the cupcake after the hole is made and before the carrot infusion? Why work harder, not smarter. You had first prepared the hole. Next pipe on frosting starting around the hole. You could also put some of the dirt on before the orange was poured making a more real garden effect. Pipe in the orange frosting and then add more dirt if needed.

Posted March 27, 2016 by Alice

Make sure you cut out dirt before frosting cupcake. May not be obvious to some.

Posted March 21, 2016 by Cathy

I would frost with the chocolate first, then add the orange . This is easier than trying not to smudge the orange if putting the chocolate on after the orange. Just sayin........

Posted April 14, 2015 by Walda