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Embracing Breakfast for Dinner

Embracing Breakfast for Dinner

August 06, 2015
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We’re in the throes of the terrible two’s in our household. Everyone warned me about this when he was little, and of course I thought, “Oh, my child will NEVER be like THAT….” Fast forward a year or so, and here we are. Temper tantrums are pretty common, and usually right before dinnertime. I always joke that he gets it from me. I get “hangry” (hungry and angry) at about 5pm, too, and if I don’t get fed, it only gets worse! So, we get dinner on the table as quickly as possible.


Monday nights are usually the hardest. Sometimes grocery shopping doesn’t get done during the week, so we’re forced to use what we have on hand. And that’s usually breakfast food. Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day, so I’m all about embracing it for dinner. My current favorite, that our son will eat, too, are Bacon Pancake Sticks. They’re ingenious, really. Portable and easy for small hands to eat. Plus, who doesn’t love the combo of bacon + pancakes + syrup? And they’re a cinch to make, too.


Pancake Ingredients


Start with cooking up 10 slices of bacon. If my husband could use the smell of sizzling bacon as an air freshener, he probably would.


Now, to make the pancake batter. It’s as simple as making a from-scratch pancake mix. Sounds fancy, but really it doesn’t take much longer than using a boxed version! Just dump and stir. The batter will be fairly thick, but that’s normal.


Mixing Pancake Batter


Cut the bacon pieces in half and place them on the hot griddle.


Pour about 2 tablespoons of batter over each piece. I like using a squeeze bottle to make it easier, but a measuring cup works just fine, too!


Pouring Batter over Bacon


When bubbles form on the surface, you know it’s time to flip.


How cute are they?


Plated Pancake for Dinner


Serve warm with syrup and a side of scrambled eggs. Kids and adults will love it. Breakfast isn’t just for the morning anymore!



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