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Big changes are in store for my family: this spring my younger sister will marry her high school sweetheart. Then in the summer, our brother and his girlfriend will tie the knot. Two weddings in four months! Crazy, right? These weeks of preparation have been hectic with planning and jam-packed with parties. We have so much to celebrate!



Big changes are in store for my family: this spring my younger sister will marry her high school sweetheart. Then in the summer, our brother and his girlfriend will tie the knot. Two weddings in four months! Crazy, right? These weeks of preparation have been hectic with planning and jam-packed with parties. We have so much to celebrate!

First up is the wedding of sweet, sunshiny Laura to her longtime love, Andy. Since Laura and Andy first began dating as teenagers, our families have watched them grow up together. And this long history only makes it all the more exciting to see their wedding plans unfold. As a sister of the bride (and the matron of honor, I might add) I am delighted to take part in all of the preparations – from dress hunting to invitation designing, and, of course, participating in a host of bridal showers.


One shower that I was especially excited for was the gathering of my mom’s female relatives. As I’ve mentioned before, I come from a big family, so the parties are always overflowing with laughter and food. In addition, these ladies are serious chocolate lovers! So, it was no surprise that the invitation indicated a menu of chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Since we are a big group, I wanted to contribute a little something to the spread. Naturally, it needed to be chocolatey. So, what to bring? I had been itching to attempt Triple Chocolate Truffle Bars. Do I need to say that again? TRIPLE Chocolate. Aha! The perfect opportunity.

To make Triple Chocolate Truffle Bars, preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. Then, prep an 8” square pan (this may sound small, but the bars are decadent, so a little goes a long way). The directions – which I faithfully followed the first time – advise you to line the pan with foil. However, the second time I made these chocolately bars, I skipped the foil. In my opinion, no foil made for easier bar-removal. Either way, you’ll want to grease the pan (I spritz the edges thoroughly with cooking spray) then flour it, in order to prevent your bars from sticking. I recommend that you hold the pan over your sink for that process to avoid a mess. Just angle the floured pan from side to side as you tap the edges. This will help move the flour around so it coats the entire interior. When the pan is lined with a dusting of flour, simply dump excess flour in the sink and rinse it down the drain.


Set your prepared pan aside and begin making the bar batter. Combine the white sugar and eggs in a medium-size bowl. Beat them together until the mix is thick and smooth.


Use a microwave-safe container to melt together the special dark chocolate chips and butter (much like I did when making Caramel & Chocolate Molten Cakes). I like to use a glass measuring cup both for measuring and microwaving. Dual purpose means fewer dishes to wash! Heat the chips and butter on High for about 30 seconds at a time, removing to stir frequently. I promise, it’s useless working with burned chocolate, so keep an eye on this step. When the chocolate and butter are nice and smooth, add the mixture to the mixing bowl.


Beat the chocolate into the batter until it’s smooth. Then, add your flour.


Lastly, just for that added “oomph”, throw in the remaining dark chocolate chips. I love this trick! (I use it when I’m in a hurry and have to make brownies from a box – shh! don’t tell anyone.) Topping the mix with those extra chocolate chips means they melt into little chocolate pockets for extra gooey, extra delicious bars and brownies.


Spread the batter into your prepared pan and insert it in the preheated oven.


Bake for 18 – 22 minutes or until the edges are set and the center looks soft. I recommend taking them out on the early side. They are best when soft and smooth! Allow the bars to cool completely.


After your bars have cooled, it’s time to prepare your fudgy glaze topping. Heat up the whipping cream in a small sauce pan over medium-heat. Stir regularly, cooking until the cream just comes to a boil. Immediately, pour the warm cream over the chocolate chips.


Stir the cream and chocolate mixture until it’s smooth and even.


Then pour the glaze over the bars.


Use a spatula to evenly spread the glaze. It’s creamy and thin while it’s still warm, which makes it easy to push the glaze into the corners and edges of the pan.


Lastly, place the remaining ounce of white chocolate in a microwave-safe container and warm it in the microwave the same way you did when you prepared the butter and dark chocolate earlier – stirring regularly so the chocolate gets creamy and smooth. Drizzle the white chocolate randomly over the top of the bars.


Lightly pull a in diagonal lines through the glaze and white chocolate. This will create a lovely marbled effect.


When you’re done, you’ll have beautiful Triple Chocolate Truffle Bars ready for serving! I prepared my bars the morning of the bridal shower, covered them with foil and waited until arriving at the party to cut and display them in cute floral muffin cups.


And finally it’s on to the chocolate and celebrating! Here is the bride-to-be, enjoying her triple-chocolate-goodness. Even though the smorgasbord of desserts at the party was immense, my Triple Chocolate Truffle Bars were up to the challenge. In fact, I was so pleased with the outcome (and how easy they were to make) that I threw them together again for a last minute dinner party with friends the following week. That night we ate them warm with a scoop of ice cream on top – de-lish!


Try Triple Chocolate Truffle Bars for the next celebration in your life – be it a major event or Friday night with friends. Then, rate and review this recipe.

Come back in a few days when Becky will be sharing a fun springtime cookie.

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Triple Chocolate Truffle Bars

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