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white chocolate scones

Merry Mornings Made with White Chocolate

Christmas morning...It's probably one of the happiest mornings our family shares every year.  Presents aside, it's always a great feeling to wake up in a warm home filled with people you love.  That's enough for me.  No presents needed.



Christmas morning...It's probably one of the happiest mornings our family shares every year.  Presents aside, it's always a great feeling to wake up in a warm home filled with people you love.  That's enough for me.  No presents needed.

The kids, however, love the presents and goodies they find in their stockings.  What's really funny is in our excitement (and because of all the chocolate in our stockings), we usually don't eat breakfast on Christmas morning.  How weird is that?  Coming from someone who LOVES to cook, you might imagine a special breakfast on Christmas morning.  Not so much...Hot chocolate for the kids and strong coffee for Jeremy and me is usually the extent of our breakfast (along with heaps of chocolate of course).  I'm not complaining.  I love chocolate and coffee, but the girls probably need a little more in their tummies so they can be productive and play with their new toys on this special day.

So to help get a special breakfast on the table for the kids, I decided to make Petite White Chocolate Cranberry Scones.  That way, I know the kids are getting something with substance before they turn to the candy canes and chocolate kisses.  What's even better is that I can make them ahead of time so there will be no cooking on Christmas morning.  They are super easy to make, and they are unbelievably good.  I think we've started a new Christmas tradition!

To begin, I did a rough chop on the cranberries and zested my lemon.  If you've never zested a lemon, no need to worry.  It's as easy as grating cheese.  If you don't have a grater/zester, you can find them at just about any kitchen or grocery store for about $5.  My only advice with regard to zesting is 'watch your fingers'.  It's very easy to lose skin if you're not careful enough with the zester!


Next, whisk together the flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, and lemon zest.  Rather than use a spoon or spatula, I prefer to use a whisk because it helps separate the ingredients.  It's like sifting them, which helps create a lighter/fluffier dough.  When these scones are ready, they will melt in your mouth!  Take it from someone who didn't stop "taste-testing" until seven scones had been eaten...


Next, cut in the softened butter with a pastry blender or fork until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs.


That's probably about right...


Next, stir in the whipping cream.  You'll notice the mixture starting to resemble a dough at this point.


Next comes the fun part!  Gently stir in the white chocolate chips and chopped cranberries until they're incorporated into the dough.


At this point, turn the dough out onto a floured surface for kneading.  My dough didn't need very much kneading, so I kept the dough in the bowl and used the palm of my hand to help bring it together.  Try not to over-handle the dough because if you do, your scones may turn out a little tougher than you like.


Next,  divide the dough into 4 pieces.  I used a knife to score the dough into 4 equal pieces.


That looks like 4 equal pieces...


Gently roll each piece into a log about 8 inches long.  Again, try not to overwork the dough.


After the logs are formed, use a knife to cut each log into four pieces.  As in the previous step, I scored my dough first to be sure the pieces would all be about the same size.


After you've cut each log into 4 squares, cut each square in half diagonally to form triangles.  Now they're starting to look like scones!


Arrange the scones on your baking sheet lined with parchment paper or a baking mat (so they don't stick).  You should also be sure they are at least one inch apart, so they don't overcrowd each other during baking.


Bake the scones until they are fluffy and their edges are a light-brown color (about 9 minutes).  So they cool quickly, I would also recommend removing them from the baking sheet and placing them on a cooling rack for a few minutes.


While the scones cool, microwave the remaining ingredients on medium (50% power) until the white chocolate is smooth and runny.  It took less than a minute for me to achieve this consistency...


When the scones are completely cooled, drizzle each one with the melted white chocolate.  There really is no trick to this.  I used a spoon, but you could also use a pastry bag with a #2 or #3 tip attached.  Bring on the chocolate!


How perfect do these look?  With a glass of milk, we were all set.


Just ask the girls.  They loved every bite! 

See the one in the middle?  That's Taylor.  She looks sweet, but don't let that smile fool you.  She ate most of the scones on the plate in the picture!

From our family to yours, enjoy a magical holiday!


We know the girls are cute!  How about the scones?  We'd love to have you rate and review this recipe.

Coming up next, Amanda shares her experience of making cream puffs which are her family's tradition to make on Christmas Eve.  Next week, I  will show you what is on the menu for our New Year's Day breakfast.

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petite white chocolate cranberry scones
Petite White Chocolate Cranberry Scones