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Pan with chicken and chickpeas

One Pan Dinners - A Weeknight Win

Dinner for four? Hardly any clean-up? Not take-out? Sounds like a dream! Lucky for you it’s not, it’s the glorious concept of sheet pan dinners!

blog_image by Samantha

blog_image by Samantha

Dinner for four? Hardly any clean-up? Not take-out? Sounds like a dream! Lucky for you, it’s not. It’s the glorious concept of sheet pan dinners! They have really taken Pinterest by storm - and for good reason. Getting dinner on the table during the week can be a hassle. Sheet pan dinners take a lot of the work and clean-up out of the equation by using only one pan. We love using Butter with Canola Oil for easy dolloping. Here are a few of our favorite recipes for sheet san dinners…and of course one dessert:
Shrimp Boil Sheet Pan Dinner – All the flavors of a northeast classic on one pan. Shrimp and kielbasa are paired with potatoes and corn and seasoned with lemon wedges and Old Bay seasoning. It’s a taste of summer regardless of the weather outside.
Moroccan Inspired Pork Chops Sheet Pan Dinner – Cumin, cinnamon, ginger, and coriander create a flavorful new take on pork chops. Served with chickpeas and cauliflower, it’s a satisfying meal for the whole family.
Cajun Salmon Sheet Pan Dinner – Sweet roasted vegetables perfectly complement the heat on the Cajun seasoned salmon fillets. To avoid overcooking the salmon, start the vegetables first, then add the salmon and finish baking until the fish flakes with a fork.
Apple Pie Bars – Apple pie for a crowd and one of our most popular recipes! These bars are baked in a sheet pan and make 36 servings, much easier than making four pies and it tastes just as good!

Need even more sheet pan ideas? Check out our collection with more dinners and desserts to spark some inspiration!

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