Sadie Frericks

Dairy Good Life

Sadie knows what it means to find balance and joy in a full—and sometimes chaotic—life. Sadie is a writer, dairy farmer and mom of three—Dan, 7; Monika, 5; and Daphne, 1. She and her husband, Glen, milk cows on a small farm in Minnesota and have been a part of the Land O’Lakes cooperative since they started farming in 2005. 

Sadie is a confident, creative cook and baker who looks for culinary inspiration everywhere from the Internet to old church cookbooks. Once she finds recipes, however, she can’t resist tweaking them—switching up the seasonings, substituting the meat, or even translating stovetop meals to the slow cooker. Fortunately for her family, she keeps careful track of her changes, so she can always replicate a hit. Sadie cooks and bakes almost exclusively with butter because she loves the wonderful flavor it adds. Sadie also blogs at Dairy Good Life.

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