Peaches n' Cream on a Shortbread Crust

Summertime is the perfect time to highlight fruits in baking. Peaches are absolutely perfect right about now, so I searched and found a simple tart recipe, Peach Custard Tart, to take advantage of this juicy fruit.



Summertime is the perfect time to highlight fruits in baking. Peaches are absolutely perfect right about now, so I searched and found a simple tart recipe, Peach Custard Tart, to take advantage of this juicy fruit.

I can’t believe how simple this recipe is, and how beautifully it displays the peaches. You simply mix up the crust ingredients and press them into the tart pan.


I have some flour on hand to dip my fingers into so they don't stick to the crust as I press it in.


You can prick all over the crust with a fork. I also like to use  pie weights to make sure the crust doesn’t bubble up.  Lay the weights, which are like "beads," in the bottom of the pie crust and bake it that way.


While the crust is cooking, I peel and slice the peaches and make the custard. A sharp paring knife works well to peel the fruit, as it can be delicate when ripe.


After peeling, I slice the peach in half around the pit and then gently pry the flesh off the pit. When peaches are ripe, this works well.


If peaches are a little hard, they still make a great tart, but it can be harder to get them off the pit. When this happens, I find it is easier to pry off the peaches in quarters, or even slice by slice. Sometimes I literally need to cut them carefully around the pit. When slicing the peaches, lay them flat or cut -side down and slice.


There is still  time to mix the custard before the crust is finished. Just measure and whisk!


About this time, the crust is done. If using pie crust weights, they’ll be hot, so remove them carefully – I use a fork to lift them off.

Then begin placing the peach slices around the outer edge of the tart. There are many ways to make this beautiful, so there’s no need to obsess about the pattern. The custard fills in the gaps and brings it all together deliciously well.

placing-peaches-on-crust peaches-laid-out

Now,  simply pour on the custard and sprinkle on the almonds.

pouring-custard-2 sprinkling-with-almonds

After the tart is baked and cooled, I remove the outer ring of the tart pan and put the tart (with the pan bottom still underneath) onto a plate for cutting and serving.


This recipe needs to be refrigerated if not being served right away, but eating it warm is simply divine. I served the tart to friends on a recent summer evening, and they savored it slowly. The tang of the fruit and the thin crunch of the crust, plus the rich taste of almond make a perfect combination. I received rave reviews all around, with lots of “mmmmm’s”  and “ahhhhh’s” and big smiles. Who would believe it was so simple?


This recipe is so good and so easy I made it twice in one week! It is peach season, after all.

The recipe calls for a pan with a removable bottom, which is definitely easiest, but when I made it the second time I was in Missouri using a friend’s regular tart pan. The crust is like a buttery shortbread cookie, and when I cut it right in the ceramic pan, it stayed together well and popped right out. Again, the tart was a hit, especially with the younger crowd.


I definitely recommend you try this Peach Custard Tart recipe! It's simply amazing. Let me know if you do, or if you have any questions or comments on my blog. Also, remember you can rate and review this recipe on

You'll want to make sure you check back in a few days to read about my experience making a savory bread that is perfect to serve for a light summer meal.

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Peach Custard Tart

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