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Whipping Cream

Whipping Cream & Other Delicious Dairy Products for Recipes

Nothing can enrich a recipe more than the delicious addition of a dairy product such as half and half or whipping cream.


blog_image by Land O'Lakes Test Kitchen

blog_image by Land O'Lakes Test Kitchen


Nothing can enrich a recipe more than the delicious addition of a dairy product such as half and half or whipping cream. In some cooking and baking recipes that call for dairy, the addition of a dairy product such as half and half or cream can add delicious enrichment to your dishes. Why not start using these fresh Land O Lakes® cream products in making meals and desserts for your family?

Many recipes call for half & half or whipping cream. With the variety of products available, it can be hard to know which to use. Here is some information on Land O Lakes cream products that will help you choose the right ones to use in your cooking and baking. All of them are made with all natural milk and cream that contain no added preservatives or artificial flavors – good to know when you’re cooking for your family.

You can buy Land O Lakes® Traditional Half & Half, Fat Free Half & Half, Lowfat Half & Half and Heavy Whipping Cream. The primary difference between all of these is the fat content of each. The proportion of fat content determines a cream’s consistency or texture as well as its versatility in cooking and baking.

Traditional Half & Half contains 10% to 18% milkfat. It works well in many cooking recipes, adding a creamy, rich texture to soups, mashed potatoes, beverages, sauces and gravies. It also helps provide a light, tender crumb texture in baked goods such as muffins, scones and desserts. And it is a key ingredient in buttercream cake frosting, dessert toppings and frozen or ice cream desserts.


June is dairy month and the perfect time for a cool treat like our Cold & Creamy Tropical Smoothies made with your choice of Traditional or Fat Free Half & Half. Fat Free Half & Half is a great choice if you’re watching calories. Used in family-friendly recipes like Ham, Mac & Cheese Soup, it delivers all the rich, creamy goodness and flavor without the extra fat.

You can substitute Fat Free Half & Half or Lowfat Half & Half in place of Traditional Half & Half in most cooking and baking applications to reduce the fat content of your dishes. But remember, fat is a key flavor carrier in many recipes, so eliminating it altogether can change the taste profile of a recipe. Also, not all half & half products perform the same in all recipes. There are certain cooking or baking recipes in which Land O Lakes® Fat Free or Low Fat Half & Half do not work well, including: candies made from a boiled syrup, such as caramel and toffee; some baked dishes, such as quiche, casseroles and homemade scalloped potatoes; sauces that do not contain a flour or cornstarch thickener; recipes that contain vinegar; and ice cream recipes that do not contain some other fat.


Here is a good example for you: our Chunky Cherry Pecan Ice Cream is made with Fat Free Half & Half. It works because there is also sour cream in it which provides the needed fat.

As long as you’re having ice cream, why not add a dollop of delicious whipped cream to the top of your sundae? Whipping cream, sometimes labeled heavy whipping cream, is a key ingredient for making rich toppings. Because of its higher fat content, between 36% and 40% milkfat, heavy whipping cream will whip into a beautiful topping for your sweet desserts.


This easy and fresh-tasting Frozen Lemon Raspberry Dessert recipe uses whipping cream in the filling and as a topping.

You can see how easy it can be to incorporate dairy into everyday cooking and baking.

Land O Lakes® cream and half & half products add rich flavor, making even simple recipes taste extra delicious.

This article was written by LoAnn M., consultant in the Land O’Lakes Test Kitchen.

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