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  • Do your deli cheeses contain gluten?

    Land O Lakes® Deli Cheeses do not include ingredients that contain gluten and are manufactured in facilities without gluten. However, the ingredients and products have not been thoroughly evaluated, and manufacturing controls are not in place to assure that they meet the FDA definition of “gluten free."

  • What is the difference between natural and process cheese?

    Natural cheese like Cheddar, Colby and Monterey Jack are made directly from milk. Process cheese is made from natural cheese that is heated and blended with emulsifiers to give it a smooth texture and better meltability. Process cheese flavor remains constant while natural cheese flavor develops with aging.

  • Can I freeze cheese?

    We do not recommend freezing cheese because it changes the texture of the cheese usually resulting in the cheese being crumbly. However, if the cheese has been frozen, thaw the cheese in the refrigerator and use in cooking recipes such as omelets, casseroles, sandwich melts, etc.

  • What are the cheeses in Italian Blend?

    Our Italian Blend combines Asiago with creamy Deli American, bringing a little taste of Italy to your table.

  • Do you have recipe that use your cheeses?

    Yes! We have hundreds of recipes for dips, appetizers, sandwiches and more.

  • How can I help prevent my cheese from getting moldy?

    •    Use clean cutting utensils and work surface.
    •    Seal plastic wrap tightly around the cheese or store in a resealable plastic food storage bag, making sure the air is driven out.
    •    Store between 35 to 40°F. Warmer temperatures accelerate mold growth

  • How long can I keep cheese?

    We recommend that Land O Lakes® pre-sliced cheese products be used by the date on the package if unopened. Once the package is opened, use pre-sliced cheeses within 5-7 days. If you purchase freshly sliced deli cheese, use within 5-7 days of purchase for best quality.

  • How should I store cheese?

    Land O Lakes® cheeses are best stored in the center part of your refrigerator at temperatures between 35° to 40°F. We do not recommend storing the cheese in the door of the refrigerator. Once the package is opened, it is best when used within 5 to 7 days. It is important to rewrap the cheese securely in airtight plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or a resealable plastic food bag.

  • My recipe calls for 4 ounces of shredded cheese?

    4 ounces = 1 cup shredded or about ¼ pound or 6 slices of Deli cheese.

  • What enzymes does Land O’Lakes use when producing cheese?

    At this time, the enzymes used in the production of Land O Lakes® and Alpine Lace® Cheese vary and may be microbial, animal-derived, or both.