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8 Steps to Homemade Freezer Jam

I love summer. I love the long, warm days and the fresh fruit that is abundantly available. I grew up on a farm, and we had a wealth of fruit in our backyard—strawberries, raspberries, cherries and an apple orchard. One of my fondest memories is of making jam with my mom. We would go out in the early morning hours and pick the fruit and then make jam. She often made fresh bread to go with the jam. What a treat!

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Road Trip Food Ideas: Tips For Take Along Food

Whether you plan to travel by car, plane, train or bus, taking along your own meals or snacks makes traveling go more smoothly. This is especially true when you are traveling with children.

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BYO Ice Cream Sundae Social

Ah, summer. The days are long, and the nights can be even longer on weekends. But when you want to hang out with neighbors and friends, chances are you can’t please everyone with the go-to summer dessert of s’mores or root beer floats. Gasp…what?! Believe it or not, I know people who aren’t too fond of either. So…I tried something different at my last get-together.

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Master the Art of Grilling

Do you envy the current Grill Master in your household? Do you wish you could slip into that coveted spot in the yard where you don’t go to people, but people come to you? Why do people come to you? Because you are in charge of the goods on the grates! You need to watch that grill with an eagle eye to turn, baste and reposition the Pinterest-able portions at the tip of your tongs.

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All About Asparagus

The first tender bright green spears of asparagus serve as a welcome sign of spring. Although it’s available year-round, the freshest asparagus can be found from April through June. Asparagus has a delicious taste, is a good source of vitamin A, and is low in calories and sodium.

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Land O'Lakes Test Kitchen Experts

The Test Kitchen creates the Land O'Lakes recipes you trust. Take a look behind the scenes to learn how they do it.

Friends of the Test Kitchen

Get inspired by our favorite bloggers as they invite you in their kitchen to dish on recipes and feeding those they love.

Ree Drumond Special Guest

• Ree Drummond •

As a busy mom who writes about food, family and living on her ranch in Oklahoma, the kitchen is Ree's frontier.

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Sadie Special Guest

• Sadie •

Sadie is a creative cook who looks for culinary inspiration everywhere. Her family's small dairy farm in Minnesota has been a part of the Land O'Lakes cooperative since 2005.

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