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Adventurous recipe developer and food editor

Ann has a talent for dreaming up simple and flavorful recipes. Her tastes are wide-ranging and she enjoys fine dining as much as discovering and experiencing the best fast food. Over her years of working as a recipe developer and food editor, she has compiled an impressive library of recipes that she continually mines for ideas and inspiration, like her latest obsession with sprouted wheat flour. Ann holds a degree in food science from the University of Minnesota. When not in the kitchen or reading a cookbook or cooking magazine, you’ll find her running, practicing yoga or lifting weights as an active counterbalance to a life that revolves around food.

Meet the Test Kitchen Team


Director of the Land O'Lakes Test Kitchen, a job she loves.


Adventurous recipe developer and food editor


Firm believer in experimenting with food


Busy mom, passion for innovation


Recipe tester, food taster, cuisine explorer


Creative in the kitchen and thrives to inspire


Lover of simple, delicious food & shareable recipes.

Cooking & Baking Techniques

Before you start, get some helpful tips on how to handle, measure and prepare ingredients.