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Director of the Land O'Lakes Test Kitchen, a job she loves.

Many of you may recognize Becky from the Measuring Cup® newsletter or She’s the Director of the Land O’Lakes Test Kitchens – a job she loves. What could be better than being around delicious food and wonderful people every day? 

Becky has spent her entire career in the world of food. Her favorite activities are cooking and baking. Not only are they a stress reliever, but she finds them to be lots of fun as well. Becky began baking as a child, standing on a chair next to her mom helping her add ingredients and mix up dough. Her mom was a wonderful teacher and she wasn’t afraid to try just about anything. Not only did they make made-from-scratch breads, cookies, cakes and more, they also prepared quick, easy meals starting with fresh garden produce and a wide variety of meats, fish and shellfish. Becky’s grandmother also loved to cook and bake and was more than happy to share her special recipes. Her grandparents loved to travel and would bring back cookbooks and recipes from their many adventures, inspiring Becky’s love for regional and ethnic foods. 

It’s a good thing she has family and friends who love to eat all of her creations. Her oldest son, Ryan, is married to Amanda. His favorite recipe is Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. Becky enjoys watching them learn to cook and bake, and is always happy to provide guidance. It’s been fun to see how Ryan and Amanda like to share the cooking duties and love to entertain. And, since becoming parents to Clark and Hadley, they have been focusing their cooking efforts on wholesome everyday meals. Her youngest son, Kyle, is a high school math teacher and football coach. He enjoys anything with pasta. Kyle is married to Steph. They also share the cooking duties and like to prepare anything grilled paired with fresh vegetables.  But, both love a sweet treat occasionally too.  When they got married Becky gave them lots of kitchen essentials including their pots and pans, and her favorite knife set. 
Becky looks forward to sharing some of her favorite recipes, along with tips she’s learned along the way.

Meet the Test Kitchen Team


Director of the Land O'Lakes Test Kitchen, a job she loves.


Adventurous recipe developer and food editor


Firm believer in experimenting with food


Busy mom, passion for innovation


Recipe tester, food taster, cuisine explorer


Creative in the kitchen and thrives to inspire


Lover of simple, delicious food & shareable recipes.

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