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Busy mom, passion for innovation

Kim’s passion for food started off as a genuine childhood curiosity while experimenting in her mom’s kitchen. The first recipe she developed? Ketchup Cake. She’s pretty sure it was the first and last Ketchup Cake in existence!

Eventually, her kitchen curiosity grew into a big, thriving career in food. After graduating from college with a degree in Consumer Food Science, she started a successful career developing recipes for cookbooks, styling food for photography and commercials and developing new food products for large food companies. She is currently working on her MBA to further her passion in the business of food. 

Now Kim finds herself trying to please some really tough critics at home – her two young children. How does she balance the desire to feed her kids the trendy, healthy foods she loves while pleasing their finicky palates? Flexibility is the name of the game for her, and nothing is off limits at her house. Canned pasta meals are served sometimes to please the kids, but an artisan cheese with freshly baked bread and fresh-picked veggies from her garden also make frequent appearances at the dinner table. As an avid gardener, she is into canning anything from tomatoes to plum butter, and her freezer is usually pretty full of home-grown produce her family enjoys year-round. 

As the Test Kitchen Team Lead for Retail products and Innovations, she is constantly on the lookout for ways to help moms and kids explore food through new products and recipes she develops using fresh, wholesome ingredients. Need new recipe ideas? Kim can help!

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Director of the Land O'Lakes Test Kitchen, a job she loves.


Adventurous recipe developer and food editor


Firm believer in experimenting with food


Busy mom, passion for innovation


Recipe tester, food taster, cuisine explorer


Creative in the kitchen and thrives to inspire


Lover of simple, delicious food & shareable recipes.

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