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Lover of simple, delicious food & shareable recipes.

A graduate with a degree in food systems, Samantha is excited to be a member of the Land O’Lakes Test Kitchen team. In fact, she’s been in this position before. Samantha was an intern for the Test Kitchen the summer before her senior year. 

Samantha’s love for cooking and baking is homegrown. Her mom and Nonna taught her the basics of cooking a family meal and that there should always be dessert. But she also gets creative inspiration from her sister, who works as a pastry chef. While it’s always fun experimenting with new types of recipes, Samantha’s overall philosophy on food is simple: it should taste good and make people happy. In fact, feeding those she loves is a big part of why Samantha does what she does. 

Samantha is a Senior Product Specialist in the Land O’Lakes Test Kitchen.

Meet the Test Kitchen Team


Director of the Land O'Lakes Test Kitchen, a job she loves.


Adventurous recipe developer and food editor


Firm believer in experimenting with food


Busy mom, passion for innovation


Recipe tester, food taster, cuisine explorer


Creative in the kitchen and thrives to inspire


Lover of simple, delicious food & shareable recipes.

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