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Creative in the kitchen and thrives to inspire

Susie is excited to be part of the Test Kitchen team. Her editorial and creative writing experience started at HOUR Detroit magazine in Royal Oak, Michigan. Continuing her education, she earned her degree in nutrition and dietetics. Since then, she has worked in R&D, innovation, product development and consumer affairs. All of these areas will serve her well in the role of product specialist for web content and recipe support here at Land O’Lakes.

Susie’s passion for food was inspired by her mother, a dietician, who taught her to enjoy the food you eat, eat what you want but don’t eat too much! Growing up, she enjoyed baking with her mother and grandmother so she cherishes the recipes that have been handed down on 3x5 cards stashed in her grandma’s recipe box. As a teenager, Susie’s brother-in-law introduced her to creative cooking and to the joy that comes from cooking and sharing dishes with the people you care about. He also taught her that sometimes when you improvise, you can accidentally turn a good recipe into a great recipe.

As a working mom with three children, Susie loves to be creative in the kitchen, but also understands the dinnertime drama that occurs when time is limited due to swim lessons, baseball, gymnastics, and so on. That is why she enjoys working with the Test Kitchen team to create website recipe collections for breakfast, lunch, dinner and beyond that families can turn to for inspiration in a pinch or to plan menus for the week.

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Director of the Land O'Lakes Test Kitchen, a job she loves.


Adventurous recipe developer and food editor


Firm believer in experimenting with food


Busy mom, passion for innovation


Recipe tester, food taster, cuisine explorer


Creative in the kitchen and thrives to inspire


Lover of simple, delicious food & shareable recipes.

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