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Jessica, Kentucky Asks:

July 21, 2014
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QMy friends and family love to load me down with the fresh produce they grow. However, I don’t always know what to do with it all, particularly the tomatoes. Do you have any tasty, easy tomato recipes?

- Jessica, Kentucky


Oh, Jessica, you and me both! My parents have always been avid gardeners and grow far more than they can use on their own. Bringing home armloads of vegetables from their house is such a pleasure; the fresh flavors bring me right back to my childhood. But it does mean that I have to get creative to use it all up.

There’s nothing better than a sun-warmed tomato, right off the vine. And I love to eat them on their own with just a little bit of salt, but sometimes I’ve got so many tomatoes on my counter that I just can’t keep up.

Sandwiches are a terrific solution. Fresh, ripe, juicy tomatoes can be the star of a summer sandwich. We all love BLTs (Right? Well, I know I do.), but what if we turned the classic sandwich up a notch, with a melted slice of our bold-flavored Sharp Cheddar American and a fried egg? Then you’d have our Cheesy BLT & E. I can imagine this as a hearty breakfast, with a salad for a light dinner, or even wrapped up for a picnic.

My favorite way to use up anything in the kitchen is to invite friends over — any excuse to entertain! These creamy, bite-sized Tomato Tartlets call for a full pound of tomatoes. I can imagine serving them as the appetizer at the start of a tomato-themed meal.

Or, how about a salad that not only uses a full tomato per person, but shows off the natural good looks of these ripe red beauties? To make Tomato Salad Stackers, you slice tomatoes and reassemble them vertically, with basil leaves and 4 Cheese Italian Blend in between. A drizzle of balsamic finishes it all off.

However you choose to use your tomatoes, make sure you savor them. We’ll certainly think back wistfully on this abundance in a few months.



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