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Make-Ahead Cookie Baking Tips: Freezing Cookies

Make-Ahead Cookie Baking Tips: Freezing Cookies

freezing cookies

This is the time of year when having plenty of cookies on hand is a good idea. But, you’re also pressed for time. What to do? Look to your freezer. Yes, your freezer. Here in the Test Kitchen, we’re often asked, “Can I freeze my cookie dough?’ or “How do you freeze baked cookies?”

Yes, most cookie dough, with the exception of meringue, can be frozen. Here’s how:
  • Follow the recipe as directed.
  • Freeze cookie dough up to 3 months. Double-wrap the dough in plastic resealable freezer bags for protection.
  • Or, place spoonfuls of dough onto a cookie sheet – as if they were going to be baked – and freeze until firm. Remove the frozen dough from the cookie sheet and place into a plastic food bag.
  • When ready to bake, place the frozen dough onto a cookie sheet and bake as directed.

You may need to bake frozen cookies a little longer than the suggested time. Watch them closely so the cookies do not burn.

For cookies that are already baked, here’s how to freeze them successfully for up to two months.
  • Be sure the cookies are completely cooled before freezing.
  • Place the cookies into an airtight container lined with aluminum foil or plastic food wrap.
  • For best results, wrap the cookies individually in plastic food wrap.
  • If the cookies aren’t wrapped individually, separate them with layers of aluminum foil or plastic food wrap.
  • Do not freeze frosted, glazed or drizzled cookies because they can become too moist under the frosting, glaze or drizzle.
  • Thaw the cookies in the plastic food container at room temperature. Remove from container any cookies that should be crisp when thawed.
  • After thawing, frost, glaze or drizzle as recipe directs.

Freezing cookie dough or baked cookies can be a real time-saver. And, as your family and friends will readily tell you, it’s always a good idea to have some home-baked cookies on hand for when you have visitors.

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after freezing for three day i defrosted the cookies and they were freezer burned i raped them and everything i hate them

Posted March 15, 2012 by sarah
Test Kitchen Comment
From: Cindy
Sarah, I'm so sorry that your cookies were freezer burned. Usually this happens if the cookies have not been properly wrapped or when the cookies have been in the freezer for a very long time. What did you wrap the cookies in? A double layer of resealable plastic food bags works well.
Posted March 15, 2012

I also freeze my citrus glazes when I have the best oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines on hand I will whip up a little powdered sugar glaze and freeze with the zested citus peel, after thawing will add more fresh made glaze to the thawed frozen. Has worked well for the mini blossoms my kids have come to expect over the holidays. Having a bit of glaze, or frosting to thaw with the frozen cookies or cookie dough has really come in handy for my household. Having multiple sclerosis for the past 21 years have left most of the holiday preperations to Dad.So whenever I'm having a good day and can prep any items ahead of time it makes me feel like I did help in someway, and I get to hear the gigles and "get your finger out of that" from the other room while they are baking and decorating cookies. This seems to makes everyone happy. Just becareful the older ones will start looking for the frozen dough in October and it might be missing when you tell the family you have Mom's cookie dough in the freezer.

Posted November 13, 2010 by Beverly R.