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Cookie display

Building the Perfect Cookie Tray

By now, you may have seen our latest downloadable holiday brochure, and if so, it may be getting you in the holiday spirit.

blog_image by Mallory

blog_image by Mallory


By now, you may have seen our latest downloadable holiday brochure, and if so, it may be getting you in the holiday spirit. This year’s brochure revolves around recipes to use when putting together the perfect cookie tray. With that in mind, here are a few tips that will make your cookie tray one to remember.


Pick a theme that will run through your cookie tray to tie it all together. Unifying themes can include flavors, colors, or shapes. This helps give your cookie tray a more polished look


Be sure to include a cookie for everyone. Strike the perfect balance by always including something that is ultra kid-friendly and something that is a little more specialty or unexpected. Top it off with a holiday classic and everyone is sure to find something they’ll love.

Adding a quick drizzle of icing or chocolate, dash of edible glitter or sprinkles can dress up the simplest cookie to something special. NO LIMITS:

Don’t limit yourself just to cookies. Include other treats like nut clusters or homemade candies for a special tray. Try putting treats in mini cupcake liners or in a festive serving dish in the center of your tray for extra wow factor.


What you build your cookie tray on makes all the difference! Try something unique like a beveled mirror, a silver tray, a cake stand, or tiered platters. Make use of holiday supplies like ribbon, wrapping paper, and doilies to dress it up for the season.


Wrap up small versions of your tray to take to neighbors, friends, and teachers. Use bold ribbon and clear cellophane or colored seasonal plastic wrap. Look for inexpensive dessert plates or reusable metal tins for a platter that doubles as a gift.


Keep your tray visually interesting by varying the size, height, color and texture of your treats. Try stacking some of the cookies for visual interest or varying the size of the cookies, jumbo or mini’s. Add some texture by having something soft and chewy along with something a little crunchy.


Make your cookie tray come together in a snap by baking ahead as many items as possible. Combine them on the platter together just before serving. Store each in separate containers for the freshest taste. That way, you can store each as needed, have the freshest taste as possible and keep flavors from transferring between treats.

Whether your holiday cookie tray is a gift for someone or the centerpiece on your holiday table, I hope these tips will help you as you put together your special holiday cookie tray. Remember a special cookie tray is great to make at any time of year!

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