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Since 1921

When you purchase Land O Lakes® Products, you support American farmers and their communities nation-wide. Learn more about our farmer-owners, their families and our cooperative system that helps bring some of the most beloved dairy products to your table.

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Get to Know Our Farmers-Owners

We’d like to introduce you to the people behind your food. Meet the farm families. Swing by their kitchen and then head outside to learn more about their operation and the smart farming practices they’re using to help ensure the food you eat is just as delicious as it is sustainable.

In Their Own Words

Growing up on a farm, in my opinion, is the best place to be raised." In the "In their Own Words" series, you hear directly from one of our farmer-owner families. In this video, we highlight their hard work across all generations, to build and maintain their legacy.

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Recipes from The Farmhouse Table

Check out our farmer-owners favorites and enjoy these buttery, sweet and oh-so-shareable recipes (and stories) from their families' kitchens.

Westra Dairy's

Oatmeal Turtle Bars

The Westra family has sold these bars at many a bake sale to help raise money for charitable efforts and are rightfully proud of this family recipe.

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Learn More About Our Cooperative Model

The co-op model is known for its economic resilience through good times and in bad, because its members stick together. Our farmer-owned roots inform our work in every step -- from the farm to fork and everything in between, check out the stories below to better understand our cooperative model.

What makes us proud to be a co-op?

Glad you asked! We know cooperatives create more resilient communities -- we’ve seen it firsthand.

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What is farmer-to-fork?

It starts with how we were founded -- as a farmer-owned cooperative

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How we're getting butter to your shelves

This is how our farmer-to-fork co-op model is meeting this moment

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10,000 acres, net zero emissions

Farm-to-Fork partnership introduces more sustainable practices for wheat farmers in Chesapeake Bay

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Poop power: Manure is not a waste anymore

Today's farmers (and our co-op) are working together to transform the ancient practice of upcycling manure

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Thank You. Two little words that mean so much yet are not said nearly enough. And even though it might seem like our farmer-owners are far off in the distance, they’re always just a quick social post away. So if you’ve enjoyed a rich, buttery and delicious meal today, #ThankAFarmer.