Lemon Butter Bars (Gluten-Free Recipe)
Lemon Butter Bars  (Gluten-Free Recipe) Image

Lemon Butter Bars (Gluten-Free Recipe)

These gluten-free lemon bars use tangy lemon and creamy butter to create a gluten-free take on classic citrus bars.

30 min
1 hr 20 min



1 cup Gluten-Free Flour Blend (see below)

1/2 cup Land O Lakes® Butter, softened

1/4 cup sugar


3/4 cup sugar

2 large Land O Lakes® Eggs

3 tablespoons lemon juice

2 tablespoons Gluten-Free Flour Blend (see below)

1 teaspoon freshly grated lemon zest

1/4 teaspoon gluten-free baking powder


Powdered sugar

How to make

  1. STEP 1

    Heat oven to 350°F.

  2. STEP 2

    Combine all crust ingredients in bowl. Beat at low speed, scraping bowl often, until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Press onto bottom of ungreased 8-inch square baking pan. Bake 15-20 minutes or until edges are lightly browned.

  3. STEP 3

    Combine all filling ingredients except powdered sugar in bowl. Beat at low speed, scraping bowl often, until well mixed. Pour filling over hot, partially baked crust. Continue baking 18-20 minutes or until filling is set.

  4. STEP 4

    Sprinkle with powdered sugar while still warm and again when cool. Cut into bars.

Tip #1

Gluten-Free Flour Blend: Combine 2 cups rice flour, 2/3 cup potato starch, 1/3 cup tapioca flour and 1 teaspoon xanthan gum. Use appropriate amount for recipe; store remainder in container with tight-fitting lid. Stir before using.

Tip #2

*This recipe was developed using alternative flours and products labeled as “gluten-free.” The best source for additional information is the ingredient listing on product packaging. Learn about gluten-free baking.


6Fat (mg)
40Cholesterol (mg)
65Sodium (mg)
22Carbohydrates (g)
1Protein (g)


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  February 03, 2018

Amazing recipe. My friend is GF and said she'd had a hard time finding good GF lemon bars. So I made some for her birthday. They came out great. They were a huge hit at the party.

— says Rob J

I made two batches. The first I followed the recipe exactly and they were very tasty, but I thought needed more lemon. So for the second batch I doubled the lemon juice and zest, and they were also very good! They don't taste as sweet due to the added tartness of the additional lemon. I honestly can't say which way I like better. If I make them again I'll probably aim for the middle and do 1.5 times the lemon.

ChallengingA breeze
Probably NotAbsolutely!
  September 20, 2015

It was absolutely wonderful. Everyone loves it. My favorite comment from a friend, "I thought you had to eat gluten-free, how can you eat this"?

— says Bonnie S.
  September 14, 2015

This recipe is straight fire like better than my mixtape.

— says Jaxxx
  January 12, 2014

This is an excellent recipe and loved by everyone who tastes it. However, my long experience in making shortbread tells me that the crust should have 1.5 cups of flour for that amount of butter otherwise the crust is too soggy. (shortbread ratios of flour, butter, sugar are 3:2:1) It goes to 5 stars with the crust alteration!

— says Catherine
  March 23, 2013

I loved this recipe, the crust to filling ratio seemed off at first, but once it bakes it turns out perfect. I used about 6 Tbsp lemon juice and 3 Tbsp zest, so I added 3 Tbsp more of sugar and gluten free flour and 1/8 tsp xanthan gum (I used king Arthur gluten free flour instead of doing the blend, so had to add the xanthan gum, 1/2 tsp for the crust), and it was not to sweet at all. Also, I used a pastry blender to mix the crust, works so much better than a mixer, you really get the crumbly texture you want. These turned out better than my normal flour recipe!

— says Lina
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