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Ask Becky

When you need help in the kitchen, ask Becky.

I love baking pies and cakes with apples, but there are so many types to choose from in the grocery store now. Which apples are best for baking?

The array of apples in stores and markets these days is dizzying, isn’t it? I certainly remember the days when the produce section offered Red Delicious and not much else, and I love the new variety we now get every fall.

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I am pretty new to baking, but I want to learn. I’ve noticed some recipes call for baking soda, some for baking powder, and some for both. Are baking soda and baking powder the same thing? Can I use one instead of the other?

Your question is a very common one. Lots of people wonder about the difference between baking powder and baking soda, and lots of people get them mixed up when they’re baking — with some decidedly disappointing results...

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I love to spend time doing something hands-on with my kids after school, but I’m not really into crafts. Do you have some kid-friendly cooking projects we could try?

That’s a great idea, Rene. The kitchen is a great place to connect with kids. I remember having some important heart-to-heart talks with my boys while we were in the kitchen together, with our sleeves rolled up and our aprons on.

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I know its important to use the right size pan for baking and cooking, but does it really matter what material the pan is made out of? Is it better to use glass or metal?

Paying close attention to the size of the pans specified in recipe is so important. It can have a big effect on the cooking time and texture of some recipes.

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Land O'Lakes Test Kitchen Experts

The Test Kitchen creates the Land O'Lakes recipes you trust. Take a look behind the scenes to learn how they do it.

Friends of the Test Kitchen

Get inspired by our favorite bloggers as they invite you in their kitchen to dish on recipes and feeding those they love.

Ree Drummond Special Guest

• Ree Drummond •

As a busy mom who writes about food, family and living on her ranch in Oklahoma, the kitchen is Ree's frontier.

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Sadie Special Guest

• Sadie •

Sadie is a creative cook who looks for culinary inspiration everywhere. Her family's small dairy farm in Minnesota has been a part of the Land O'Lakes cooperative since 2005.

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