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Lucille Asks:

November 09, 2010
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QI am soon to be married 65 years. I still remember the first pie I baked for my new husband. It was pumpkin pie, and I put a crust on the top as well as the bottom. He still teases me to this day. In your opinion, is there anything wrong with a two-crust pumpkin pie?

- Lucille


Well, I must admit we all chuckled at first, but ended up emphatically and unanimously in agreement that a double crust pumpkin pie was just fine! Why not? Maybe it holds some special kind of magic that might work for other marriages, too? Sixty-five years is quite an accomplishment!

Here are a couple other non-traditional pumpkin pie recipes you might want to try this Thanksgiving season such as Pumpkin Squares or Maple Pecan Pumpkin Pie. Or, try our Classic Pumpkin Pie. You could even add a top crust, just for fun!

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Just a comment back to Lucille. I hopy you are still making the double crust pumpkin pie for your husband. I am sure it was really good and every effort, even a non-traditional effort, especially when we're learning, is better appreciated than mocked. In fact, I want to make a double crusted pumpkin pie right now because I think it would really compliment the pumpkin filling flavour and texture. Only I was hoping to find a recipe that might show me if there is something that I might do a bit differently than when I cook the single layer pie.

Posted January 21, 2014 by Michael

Thanks, Richard. This is very interesting!

Posted November 28, 2011 by Cindy

Well, it might be a secret I am about to reveal but the Spanish colonial population of New Mexico have always made "pastelitos" - two crust pies of apple, apricot, peach, and, yes, pumpkin. Prune and raisin pastelitos are also very good. Dry fruit is especially tasty. They are made in a square pan and cut and served in squares. The crust is not "american" flaky crust but rather tortilla dough. The pumkin is cooked on the stove top with all the spices and some butter, but no milk or egg. and spread like a paste on the bottom crust. For all of these, the top crust has an egg wash and sugar sprinkled. Takes about 20 minutes to cook. These are a favorite at weddings and other gatherings.

Posted November 23, 2011 by Richard
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From: Cindy
Thanks, Richard. This is very interesting!
Posted November 28, 2011

Congratulations on 65 years of marriage. I am 27 years lod and I am getting married this year. I hope we have a very long marriage too. I did the same thing with my first pumpkin pie when I was 10. I tried to be nice and make pumpkin pie for my dad and brother because that was their favorite. I dont like it so I couldnt remember if that one had the crust on time. I went to baking school 8 years ago and they still tease me about the 2 crust pumpkin pie.

Posted November 15, 2010 by Sylvia