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The Right Margarine Matters

The Right Margarine Matters

September 01, 2011
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Nothing is more frustrating than putting time and effort into baking, only to have the recipe fail. Sometimes cookies spread too much or not enough, they may be burned on the bottom, but raw in the center. There are many common reasons cookies fail, but the truth is, it’s not you. It’s often the margarine or spread you use.

Recently, many margarine and spread stick brands have drastically lowered the percentage of oil in their sticks and replaced it with water. In fact, many brands can’t call themselves margarine because they do not meet the legal standard (80% vegetable oil) for margarine. Measuring accurately is one of the keys to baking success. As you can imagine, not having the right amount of oil can affect how your baked goods turn out.

Land O Lakes® Margarine contains 80% vegetable oil, which is vital in making sure you get great results every time you bake. Reducing oil and replacing it with water can cause your baked goods to flatten, go stale faster and not brown.

With Land O Lakes® Margarine, you will get consistent results every time you use it to make your baking the best. Delight your family and friends with quality baked goods, and they’ll be asking for your recipes and your secret ingredient.

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Since you added the 80% notice on thebox, my cookies have been failing with coming out flatter, raw in the middle and brown on the edges and even my spritz are ruined as they spread pout too much. I'm embarrassed of my chocolate chipcookies this year as they are flat and brittle. I figured it was margarine. I put in a lot of effort and expense on Christmas cookies and I'm very disappointed. I have never baked with other margarines because I trust tthe LOL taste but now I'll have to try others.Did you change your recipe?

Posted December 23, 2011 by Mary
Test Kitchen Comment
From: Cindy
We have not changed the recipes and the product has not changed. When cookies are flat or spread out the solution is to chill the dough and make sure it is cold before baking the cookies. I suggest chilling the cookie dough about 30 minutes prior to actually making the cookies and placing onto the cookie sheet to bake.
Posted December 26, 2011