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Potato Obsession: Cajun Style

Potato Obsession: Cajun Style

January 26, 2012
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My mom is Irish and LOVES her potatoes. You wouldn’t believe it by looking at her – she’s a thin little momma! – but potatoes are her weakness. Hash browns, French fries, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, cheesy potatoes, potato chips. You name it, she loves it. Seriously, this is the woman who constantly trys to cut fat from her cooking, yet, will occasionally treat herself to a bag of potato wedges from the deli counter to eat while she’s grocery shopping. She orders entrees from restaurants based on what the potato side dish is. She gets French fry Christmas ornaments from friends. Potatoes are kind of her thing.

Naturally, I grew up eating a lot of potatoes. I thought everyone did! I brought fresh potato wedge fries into my husband’s life and he introduced his co-workers to them (we like to take credit, even though they are totally my mom’s staples). It’s surprisingly easy to chop up some potatoes and season them to bake. But variety is nice, right?

Recently we spotted this recipe for Cajun Potato Wedges and thought they would be a great way to put a new spin on our classic side dish. The handy thing about this recipe is that the seasoning could really work on raw potatoes (you would just need to increase your baking time so the potatoes cook until they are soft and beginning to brown), but it’s outlined for frozen potatoes from the freezer section of your grocery store. Bagged potatoes are an awesome back-up because they are already partially baked, so they take about half the time in the oven.
To make Cajun Potato Wedges, preheat your oven according to the frozen potato wedge bag’s instructions. Prep your potatoes by lining a baking sheet with aluminum foil (it will make for much easier clean up!).

Place the butter and Cajun seasoning in a small sauce pan and heat until the butter is sizzling. Stir so the seasoning gets mixed in.

Once the butter is sizzling, pour it over the potatoes. I did mine right on the baking sheet and used my spatula to spread it. But, it would probably coat the potatoes even better if you put the wedges in a bowl before you poured the Cajun mix over top, so you could easily toss them to coat evenly.

Once they are nice and drizzled, place the pan of potatoes in the oven and bake according to the package’s instructions.

Meanwhile, prep the dipping sauce. Mix together sour cream, cheese, garlic salt, milk, green onion and Tabasco hot pepper sauce (if desired for a little kick).

You’ll get a nice creamy, flavorful mix to off-set the spice of the potatoes. This is the sort of thing that my dad loves – it’s like "loaded baked potato dip," so you have everything a potato could ever want, right here.

Refrigerate the dip until you’re ready to serve.

When the potatoes are done, they should be getting golden and the Cajun butter mix will be sizzling a bit. Remove the fries from the oven.

Garnish the dip with some extra cheese or a sprig of green onion. Then, serve your kickin’ Cajun Potato Wedges and dip along with a full meal, or prepare them as an appetizer for watching the big game. Either way, you’ll be glad to have these tasty seasoned fries to munch on!

Try this spin on classic potato wedges, then rate and review the recipe.

Come back in a few days when Liz will share a quick make-ahead meal idea.

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These look absolutely delicious and I'd LOVE to be eating them right now, for breakfast! :) And yes, I'm the Irish Potato Girl - Amanda's momma!

Posted January 27, 2012 by Kathy O'Morgan