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Pear Perfection

When the air turns crisp and leaves start changing colors, everyone talks about apples. Don’t get me wrong; I love apples, too, but pears are an unsung hero that deserve a little attention as well! Deliciously sweet, juicy, and versatile in the kitchen, pears are a wonderful way to welcome fall. Here are a few sweet and savory ways to feature pears on your menu this season.

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Kitchen Tricks We're Loving

We love learning new ways of doing things that make life in the kitchen a little easier. And when we learn them we like to share. Here are a few of our new favorite techniques and some recipes to go along with them!

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Compound Butter Combos

I recently bought 8 pounds of butter at our company store. Believe it or not, this is normal behavior for me. I use it fairly quickly, but I thought I should maybe mix it up a little bit – you can only make cookies and popcorn so often. So, I took to the kitchen determined to find something fun to do with my butter.

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S'more Ways Than One

It’s one of my favorite times of the year. Summer is great, of course. But I’m talking about s’mores season. Thinking about the trifecta of crisp graham crackers, melty chocolate, and sticky, golden marshmallows almost makes me tear up

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Perfecting the Cheeseburger

Cheeseburgers, especially ones topped with melty American cheese are having a moment. Even fancy restaurants are highlighting the American classic – some have people waiting hours for table to try a cheeseburger. In the Test Kitchens, we’re thrilled people are craving something we’ve loved for years! So rather than wait hours for a table, we set out to recreate a delicious, restaurant- style cheeseburger at home.

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Land O'Lakes Test Kitchen Experts

The Test Kitchen creates the Land O'Lakes recipes you trust. Take a look behind the scenes to learn how they do it.

Friends of the Test Kitchen

Get inspired by our favorite bloggers as they invite you in their kitchen to dish on recipes and feeding those they love.

Ree Drumond Special Guest

• Ree Drummond •

As a busy mom who writes about food, family and living on her ranch in Oklahoma, the kitchen is Ree's frontier.

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Sadie Special Guest

• Sadie •

Sadie is a creative cook who looks for culinary inspiration everywhere. Her family's small dairy farm in Minnesota has been a part of the Land O'Lakes cooperative since 2005.

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