Hot Cocoa Cup Cookies
2 hrs
4 hrs



2 cups all-purpose flour

1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 cup sugar

1 cup Land O Lakes® Butter, softened

1 large Land O Lakes® Egg

1 teaspoon vanila


4 cups powdered sugar

1/2 cup Land O Lakes® Butter, softened

3 to 4 tablespoons Land O Lakes® Half & Half

2 teaspoons almond extract


Miniature marshmallows

Decorator candies, as desired

Miniature candy canes, as desired

How to make

  1. STEP 1

    Combine flour, cocoa, baking soda and salt in bowl; set aside.

  2. STEP 2

    Beat sugar and 1 cup butter in bowl at medium speed until creamy. Add egg and vanilla, beating until well mixed. Gradually add flour mixture, beating at low speed after each addition.

  3. STEP 3

    Divide dough in half.  Shape each half into a ball; flatten slightly. Wrap each in plastic food wrap. Refrigerate at least 2 hours or until firm.

  4. STEP 4

    Heat oven to 375°F. Line cookie sheets with parchment paper; set aside.

  5. STEP 5

    Roll out dough, one-half at a time, on lightly floured surface (keeping remaining dough refrigerated), to 1/8- to 1/4-inch thickness. Cut dough into 2 1/2-inch wide strips. Working with 1 strip at a time, cut cup shapes that are 3 inches on the top edge and 1 1/2 inches on bottom edge (see diagram). Save scraps.

  6. STEP 6

    Place onto prepared cookie sheets. Roll out dough scraps to same thickness. Cut out using circle cookie cutter; cut each circle in half. Attach, pressing slightly, to sides of cups for handles.

  7. STEP 7

    Bake 8-10 minutes or until cookies are set. Remove sheet of parchment to cooling rack. Cool completely.

  8. STEP 8

    Beat powdered sugar and 1/2 cup butter in bowl at medium speed until creamy. Add almond extract and enough half & half for desired consistency. Place 1 cup frosting into resealable plastic food bag; snip off small corner of bag.

  9. STEP 9

    Decorate cups by squeezing frosting bag to outline cup handle and curve at top of cup. Spread frosting onto cookie below curved line. Add 3 miniature marshmallows above the curve, using a dot of frosting to attach each marshmallow. Add additional decorations, as desired.

  10. STEP 10

    Hot Cocoa Cups Diagram


10Fat (mg)
30Cholesterol (mg)
140Sodium (mg)
30Carbohydrates (g)
1Dietary Fiber
1Protein (g)


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  December 10, 2012

Made these for the kids to decorate-they loved them and were very inventive in decorating. The cookies were sturdy enough for small hands to work with them. I added ginger and cinnamon about 1 tsp each and 1/2 tsp of nutmeg and they were good. Not died and gone to heaven good; but good enough to decorate and eat! Would play with the recipe before making again.

— says Emily
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